Thursday, November 27, 2008

10 Ways to Find Your Own Style

Many people want to know how to develop their own style. Style is individual and reflects a persons lifestyle and personality but here are my top 10 ways to find a style that makes you look and feel great.

  • 1. Think about how you want to look and feel and what you want to hear others say about your style.
  • 2. Picture yourself in everyday life and get a mental picture of the style you have and the type of clothes that you would like to wear.
  • 3. Think about whether you want to fit in or be individual, wear clothes that associate you with a particular group e.g. Goths or stick to main stream clothing styles.
  • 4. Look at people around you and what they are wearing, look at celebrities and what they wear. Pick and choose bits that you like then add your own ideas and experiment with different accessories.
  • 5. Find out which colours really suit your complexion and hair colour and incorporate these into your style.
  • 6. Find some key basic items that fit in with your style, fit you really well and look great on you. These can then be teamed with different items and accessories for variations of your style.
  • 7. Research which styles of clothes suit your body shape and base your style around these.
  • 8. Use your style to enhance you best assets and minimise your worst. If you hate your legs wear dresses with leggings or trousers. If you love your face wear jewellery to draw attention to it.
  • 9. Try on lots of different clothes and accessories in different combinations. Its not just about what you wear but the way that you wear it.
  • 10. What ever style you choose - make sure you feel comfortable and confident with it.

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