Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to look gorgeous in red fashion

Red is a sexy color. Think of the lady in red who turns the heads of every red blooded man around her. Think of the Hollywood starlet in her beautiful red gown. Or Julia Roberts, so radiant, so beautiful in her red gown in Pretty Woman.
The irony is that red is one color that few women dare wear.
Some women feel that red is too glaring. Some tried wearing red dresses and felt they looked like fire engines instead. Granted, red is an attention grabbing color. Not for someone who wants to disappear in the crowd. But if you want to be a star, if you are sick of being the perpetual wallflower red is the color to wear.
Red is a fiery color associated with love, passion, ambition.. with living.
A woman who wears the right shade of red looks stunning. She garners admiring glances all around.
Every woman can look really stunning in red.. if she knows what colors in general suit her.
You see, there are warm reds and cool reds.
Know yourself.
Do you look good in black and royal blue? Then you would look best in the cool reds and the true reds. That means choose a pure red or strong red with a bluish tinge. You can wear burgundy well too.
If you look better in pale blues and grays, then a softer, but cool red would be more flattering. Cut a watermelon open and look at that shade of red. This watermelon red is a soft cool red that suits you. Pick reds like these.
If you look better in peach or orange than you do in black and royal blue, then you would look fabulous in a warm red. A red with warmer tones. Look at a ripe tomato. That is the shade of red that suits you best.
If you look best in browns, then go for a brownish red. A red with brownish tones. A brick red would suit you well too. As would the color of red earth.

Once you know your red, you can start building a red wardrobe. You can base your wardrobe on red. Doesn't have to be that exact shade of red but somewhere like it.
A cooler pinkier red for those with cool skin tones. The ones who look good in blue and black.
A warmer, orangier red for those with warm skin tones, who look good in peach, brown or orange.
Now that you have your red, pick some other colors that would go with red and with your skin tone.
If you have warm skin tones, consider getting gold, beige and browns as neutrals to go with your red clothing. Some black would work too as black and red go beautifully together. An example would be this glamorous red wardrobe which is basically a selection of clothes in red and gold with indigo which all suit warm skin tones beautifully. These colors complement one another beautifuly.
If you have cool skin tones, consider getting blue, black and grey as neutrals to go with your red clothes. An example would be career wardrobe in red which focuses on office wear in red with black, blue and gray to offset the red, for a balanced look in the office. The casual red wardrobe is a more casual version of a wardrobe built on these colors, for leisure or for a student.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

How you wear your hair will have a huge impact on your wedding day look. It can be elegant and romantic, or it can be something you will regret in later years ('80s bang ball, anyone?). To make sure that your wedding day hairstyle is a "do", check out the latest trends.
Romance is the key for all of today's most popular hairstyles. Your hairdo should look fresh and easy, not overly styled or contrived. You definitely do not want your hair to look stiff or heavily sprayed. It should look as though you could remove a few pins and let it tumble over your shoulders in a sexy cascade (even if it is really held together by fifty pins and a whole can of hairspray!).
These soft styles are often gathered back away from the face. One thing that you do not see in the wedding magazines these days is bangs, especially the kind that are cut straight across the forehead. If your wedding is at least a few months away, that should be enough time to grow out your bangs long enough so that your stylist can sweep them off to one side for a fresh and current look.
Relaxed waves are the order of the day; pin straight hair is not what brides are wearing now. If you would like to wear your hair down for your wedding day, loose waves can be done in a few different ways. They can be beachy and a little messy, or they can be smooth and elegant, with just the right amount of movement. Picture Veronica Lake's iconic hairstyle, only not so perfect. For cascading waves, a pretty pearl comb will be the ideal type of bridal jewelry for your hair.
Most of the trendiest wedding hairstyles involve pulling the hair back into some sort of knot or bun. It is from there that you see many variations. As with the natural waves, these are loose knots, not tight ballerina buns or pristine chignons. They should look a little like you just pulled the hair back yourself in a hurry (only in the hands of a good stylist, the knot will still look artfully done). Allow a few tendrils of hair to spring free around your face.
Braids are being used to create some very romantic hairstyles for brides with long hair. We are not talking about two perfect braids, nor the ubiquitous French braids of the 1980s. These braids are not prim or schoolgirlish; they are flirty, soft, and vintage inspired. One long loose braid in the back is one pretty option for wedding hair. Even more interesting are the intricate knots and buns that stylists are creating by twisting braids together at the nape of the neck. For your hair bridal jewelry, finish off the look with a scattering of beautiful crystal or pearl pins tucked into the knot.
The current trends in bridal hairstyles are a perfect pairing with the romantic and eclectic gowns that are in vogue. A soft chiffon wedding dress will look even better when the bride's hair is gathered up into a loose vintagey pouf in the back. Your wedding day hairdo should definitely complement your gown, as well as bring out the natural beauty of your face.

Monday, April 27, 2009

All About the Gangster Tattoos

Gangster and prison tattoos are very popular recently. You will see lots of different types of gangster tattoos inked on the gangster's bodies as you walk along the street.
Among the members of gangs, the gangster tattoo is considered as the symbol of strong bond. It's the fact that gang members are devoted to their fellows even more than their immediate family members. Gangster tattoos symbolize the same devotion and loyalty towards the gang.
On the other hand, prison tattoos came to light after Japanese started use of them in order to differentiate prisoners from general public after they were freed. Prison tattoo is also frequently used by groups such as bikers, gypsies, bandits, and circus artists.
However, more and more people considered prison and gangster tattoos as nuisances nowadays. Despite growing popularity and more and more people are having tattoos, there are certain tattoos such as gangster tattoos and prison tattoos that are considered disgraceful.
In comparison to other tattoos, a prison tattoo or a gangster tattoo is far more eye-catching. Usually people wear these tattoos on more visible body parts such as faces, hands, and necks. Most of people who get these tattoos use them in order to convey their anguish against societies' restrictions. Unlike other tattoos that are usually worn as accessories, the prison and the gangster tattoo is used as an expression of pride.
Gangs distinguish their members by the help of the gangster tattoo. These tattoos are also used as status symbol. On the other hand, a prison tattoo is used to identify prisoners. Most of prisoners use them in order to survive in prison culture. As they symbolize their toughness. That's why people avoid arguments and fighting with a person who flaunts prison or gangster tattoos.
How a gangster tattoo or a prison tattoo does differ from other tattoos? Some of the gangster tattoo design even adds the Pachuco cross into their main design. Hispanic gangs often use this tattoo. There are three small dots on it. Most of the gang members have gangster tattoos on their hands. In its design you can see 'mi vida loco' in Spanish that means "my crazy life". These three dots are most frequently used by Southeast Asian gang members. The three dots mean "I care for nothing".
Unlike in the past, nowadays tattoos are used as an art. In today's world, having a gangster tattoo is not a symbol of bad characters anymore. These are used for fun and style as well. So, you need not to afraid with people who have a gangster or prison tattoos. They could be as acceptable as other people.

World's sexiest women

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ star Freida Pinto made waves as her name did the rounds as probable topper for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women Of 2009 list. She may not have made it to top spot, but she’s still sizzling at number 10. Psst…here’s a new one…Frieda Pinto's surname, in Portuguese, literally means "Chick".So who beat her to the crown? Check out the hot list!

Top 10 Worst Kisses

Ahhh, the first kiss. What a wonderful moment! Something to fantasize about when you are deeply in like with someone. I sit and daydream about him slowly moving in and smiling, and I close my eyes and imagine him gently pushing his lips against mine. Then rewind and replay, until I have thoroughly plotted out the entire event. And, when the moment arrives, and he slowly moves in and smiles, I start to close my eyes, then pause, because I want to see this movie moment in action, and find myself …. ducking and screaming because I’m being attacked by dragon face, he’s coming straight at me, lips curled and tongue protruding, and I wasn’t even prepared.
Could there be anything worse than a bad kisser? At my age this is completely unacceptable! Hasn’t there been a partner, sometime in their dating history, who liked them enough to say, “Hey, you’re not so good at the whole kissing thing, let me teach you how”? I have come across a number of bad kissers; it’s not an isolated incident, and what do you do; besides politely wipe the slobber from your face and excuse yourself, escape route in mind? I think it’s time to start talking about it, if I was a bad kisser I’d want help improving, so lets discuss the top 10 kissing offenses we are guilty of, in no particular order:
Offense #1:
Dragon Face. I start with the dragon face, because it is a newly acquired kissing mishap in my life. And the mental image still gives me the heebie jeebies! This poor man went in for this kiss, at a particularly awkward moment, with his lips curled back in a lizard-esque smile, his tongue pointing out of his mouth, the tip wiggling at me as if to say, “Hello baby, here I come.” I didn’t want to be rude, so I pulled away, smiled, and said I needed to go home. I couldn’t kiss Dragon Face guy, I just couldn’t! This inept style of kissing was frightening, and kissing should never invoke fear.
Offense #2:
The slobberobbergus. You know the guy who manages to hit every spot on your face with his tongue other than your lips. It’s like he closes his eyes and his directionally challenged tongue is going on an expedition of your face, destination: mouth, never to be found. And when you pull away, wondering if there is any reminisce of makeup left, he is slyly grinning at you, as if he has just opened you up to a new experience. And he has, you now know what a small child feels like when the big St. Bernard won’t quit licking its face, and you get the urge to cry as well.
Offense #3:
The Bird Beak. This is characterized by a hard tongue shape, moving in a rapid manner inside of the mouth of kissing partner, usually in a back and fourth motion. The tongue is not meant to be a ridged body part. Its purpose is soft, and gentle and probing. Not stiff, and abrasive, and thrusting. There are other body parts which can be appropriately used for those activities, don’t let your tongue steal their thunder. (Thanks Suzy!)
Offense #4:
Just eaten/bad breath. Now this is just rude! Behavior of this nature is not due to bad technique or nervousness; this is simply bad manners at their finest. You NEVER put food in your mouth, chew, and then move in for a kiss (I added chew as my disclaimer for the ever-so-seductive sharing of the food maneuver, which is totally acceptable when done correctly). But partially masticated food should not be shared between partners, it’s just gross! Garlic, onions and cigerettes, oh my! Remember, if it tastes funky to you, it will to your kissing accomplice as well.
Offense #5:
The black hole. This is another universally experienced bad kiss. When you look up and see a wide open mouth coming at you, a spacious span between top teeth and bottom teeth, and the fear of being consumed by this approaching black hole mixed with a sadistic curiosity of what you’d find if you stuck your head in there and explored overwhelms you; you know you’ve been a victim of the black hole. The only hope you have to turn and run before you’re devoured.
Offense #6:
The soul sucker. He slowly moves in and smiles, and he gently presses his lips to yours, and then you suddenly feel as if you’ve entered a void and all air is being extracted from your body at a rate faster than you can replace it. And as you fight to retain ownership of your soul, which is slowly being removed from your body, you struggle to detach from this vacummous power. Take a deep breath, and possibly refrain from the second kiss.
Offense #7:
The teeth fighter. Yes, teeth are in the mouth, and sometimes we all get a little excited and there is a minor fender-bender. When this is a constant occurrence, there is a definite problem! The teeth fighter feels their deadly weapon is actually a turn on, and proceeds to hit you with their teeth numerous times in varied ways. Eventually, you find yourself bleeding with a fat lip, and a not so great memory of the kiss. (Thanks Liz!)
Offense #8:
Scab chin. This is the guy who kisses with such ferocity of chin movement, mixed with the small grouping of pubic hair on his face, that minor chafage occurs. The next day you have a dry spot resembling a scab on your chin which hurts when you talk. Girls, it’s ok, we’ve all been there. Wear your scab proudly, especially if he was cute, but remember this make-out-war-wound, and try to steer clear of the chin action in your next canoodling session.
Offense #9:
The Marathon Kisser. Kissing is a wonderful and fun activity, and I understand the desire to never want to stop; but reality check, breathing is an essential part to sustaining life! We all need to do it. WARNING: occupation in lip locking for over 20 minutes can cause minor birth defects, brain damage from lack of oxygen, and a really sore tongue. Give it a break, take a breath, start off slow, and leave your smooching rival wanting more. This is not a race to the finish, unless you want to be finished. (Thanks Tammi!)
Offense #10:
Tonsil Hockey. No, this is not a real sport, and your tongue does not belong down my throat! This type of behavior is most often distinguished by a feeling of your stomach contents being searched, and nervousness over the onions you ate for dinner the night before… you never know, they could be discovered. On a serious note: there is an imaginary line drawn between the last molars in any persons mouth with a little sign that says, “Do not cross go, do not collect another kiss from me.” So if last kiss is the goal, by all means, forge ahead; otherwise politely backup and continue you exploration.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

闻香识女人 香水的爱情故事

一万瓶香水,讲述了一万种爱情故事,每瓶香水意欲传达的Love story,都在香气的缱绻中娓娓道来。在情人节即将到来的日子里,你是否已经选择好了那瓶属于你的爱情的香水?
品牌:Chanel  香水:COCO小姐香精(1090元/7.5ml)  
Love Story:  温暖倔强,美好坚定,仿佛简·奥斯汀笔下的女主角,向往爱情但是决不轻易付出自己的爱情。那样一个女子,拥有华丽的外表、动人的才华,可是心底却纯净如处子,对待爱情传统而保守。  香调解析:  柑橘与葡萄柚融合成全新的柑橘香调,清新而生动。荔枝果香调和玫瑰与茉莉,犹如华丽的都市女子。而最后的香草以及白麝香让人获得相信爱情的勇气,让幸福来得不再有任何的犹豫和怀疑。

品牌:Armani  香水:Diamond珍钻女香(610元)  
Love Story:  钻石是女人最好的朋友,爱情是女人一生的宿命。女人爱钻石,不是因为它昂贵,而是因为它坚定但柔和。女人憧憬的无非就是像钻石那般独一无二,专注的爱。我们的爱情不仅华丽,还会如钻石般永恒。  香调解析:  四重香调完美演绎女人和爱情。易逝如昙花的覆盆子结合荔枝,遥远而又亲近,忽明忽暗的甜蜜,如钻石的闪烁。山谷百合的清新和傲然,搭配保加利亚玫瑰的温柔,宛如独立刚强的女人,却又柔情似水。香根草与雪松,不经意地流露出时尚。琥珀与香草,诠释自信的味道。

品牌:SalvatoreFerragamo  香水:FforFascinating菲比寻常女士淡香水(590元/50ml)  Love Story:  爱情,因为面临选择而独一无二。你拥有所有的F特质,风格优雅、欢乐活泼、现代时尚、品位独具,亦随时为生活释放激情。可是,爱上你,只是因为你是你,唯一的一个你,无法替代的你。这就是我们一见钟情的爱情。  香调解析:  柑橘冰糕独特而鲜明的多彩芳香瞬间带来明亮、清凉、欢乐和现代的开端,仿佛人群中蓦然发现你的愉悦。伸手可及却又无法触摸的爱情,在徐徐绽放的大茉莉花馥郁的芳香中独自美丽。广藿香悠悠散发出的微苦、微甜,仿若午夜的一场思念无处可逃,所幸,最后融入花香中,让女子在爱情中成长。

品牌:Guerlain  香水:L'instant瞬间女香(680元/50ml)  Love Story:  爱情,其实就是两个人之间的化学反应。恋人的某个不经意的举动,也在不动声色的某个瞬间触碰到你内心深处的柔软。爱情开始的瞬间,爱情中俏皮的瞬间,爱情让女人性感的瞬间……无数的瞬间造就爱情,所有的瞬间都融于瞬间之中。  香调解析:  不同于以往的前中后味的散发和过度,独特的双金字塔方式呈现香氛。三款核心的花材各自神秘,但是又互相辉映。千年沉淀的琥珀,在玉兰里融化和重生。而首次用于香水中的玉兰,浓郁却空灵。还有那并非罕见的橙,却第一次不掺杂丝毫的酸,只有纯粹的甜。那瞬间的激情,却又恍若恒久;味道传达的厚重感,却又有飘逸和稍纵即逝的性感,矛盾而又统一,丰富却又单纯。

品牌  香水:Magnifique璀璨女香(780元/50ml)  Love Story:  究竟是爱情成全了女人,还是女人成就了爱情?一万个女人,就会有一万种爱情。同样用玫瑰作为原料的香水,却没有定式。玫瑰遇见栀子花,可以爱得青春激荡;玫瑰遇见鸢尾花,可以爱得羞涩优雅,而玫瑰遇见藏红花,它可以爱得激情也可以爱得勇敢,更可以爱得璀璨。  香调解析:  玫瑰的每一次出场,都毫无疑问地成为香水无可争议的主角。只是,这一次,藏红花香精与印度香附子的碰撞,让玫瑰第一次被惊艳而奔放地点亮起灵魂。最炙热的爱情,犹如艳丽的红色瓶身,让女人在其中蜕变;最丰富的爱情,让女人尽情的释放自己;最璀璨的爱情,让女人达到极致。

品牌:Loewe  香水:ILoeweU心意女士浓香水(530元/50ml)  
Love Story:  随着香味的轨迹,仿佛回到了他们相恋的十七岁。没有经历,没有伤痛,没有故事的女孩,一心等待爱情降临的味道。时间游走,爱情持续加温和成长,可是最初那种酸甜而忐忑的滋味仍是回忆里最美好的怀恋。  香调解析:  粉红色的瓶子搭配白色的LOGO,女孩式梦幻的表达。但是只需一眼,它便能唤醒你心底久违的单纯的快乐和美好。葡萄柚和佛手柑传递的轻快中,还有淡淡的慌乱,你可以嗅到初次面对爱情手足无措的慌乱。虽然青涩,但是玫瑰和茉莉依旧甜蜜而清雅。初涩爱情的起伏,最后温暖融化在白麝香和香子兰中。那究竟是不是爱情,已经不重要,但是你记得那是初恋的味道。

品牌:EsteeLauder   香水:Pleasure欢沁艺术家限量版淡香氛(750元/75ml)  
Love Story:  女人在爱中学会宽容,学会平和。这样的女人,能收获幸福的家庭。将更多的时间留给家人、朋友,不再炫耀自已的优势,而是渴望精致纯朴的生活质量,将这种返璞归真的精神理念和快乐心情与他人分享。  香调解析:不同的感觉,但是却过度得平缓而流畅。芒果和百香果的酸酸甜甜给人单纯的欢沁感,花香一点一点释放,在透明、清澈中让欢沁到达巅峰。最后却笔锋一转,回入木质感的花香,沉稳和谐。没有使用麝香来定香,少了一点厚重感,但是却优雅而纯净。

品牌:IsseyMiyake  香水:L'eauDksev一生之水(620元/50ml)  
Love Story:  无论爱情经历了怎样的波澜,婚姻的主线始终要像水一般归于平静。感受过了无数种爱情,你也经历了爱情的悲欢离和,体味了爱情的酸甜苦辣,可是最后一生的爱情不过是执子之手,与子偕老。你曾想过永远的味道么?  香调解析:  雨滴落在巴黎铁塔的塔尖上,成为一生之水瓶子的灵感来源。清新的花香调,则是一生之水的味道。前调、中调至尾调,是如何过度的已经模糊,你所能铭记的只是从始至终的清浅明净,干净清澈犹如泉水。

Top 10 Prom Dresses For 2009

Prom Dresses For 2009

When it comes to prom night, the preparations get started quiet earlier especially among girls. Prom night is a special occasion held in schools and high schools usually at the end of year. So a prom night is not complete with a complete dress up and full fledges personality that night. One knows very well that how much importance does a prom dress have, not only on for the prom night but also for other occasional where there is need to carve the personality prints. Now that the prom dresses of 2009 are getting prepared after the prom dress 2008 made a remarkable mark in the market.
These are all valued for being available to every one and to any kind of customer. Prom dress selection is really a concerned matter and now Internet have made it easier to get it according to your pocket and mind from different online shops. You can get suggestions from the designers as well and those who are trendsetters can make their own choice. Prom dresses are of different types and categories. These all vary according to the occasion and the girls mind what they wish to wear. Its now easy to get your prom dress through Internet, and of your type by checking catalogues and putting your budget in front. If you think that to order it online-its safe and you will be counted among those who are experienced of buying online.
A lot of things matter before buying prom dresses. Not only budget matters but also personal points are to be kept in front. The prom dress looks good only what you view, that is if you see any dress and say that it will also look the same if you wear is not correct. One keeps in mind that prom dress is dress that is worn for once but has an everlasting impression. The collection of prom dress 2009 has such proven looks that it will bring eyes back to the dress. Before you get to buy a dress you need to know what your body type is. Then comes the quality of the dress, its fabric material, design style and also the appearance it will create on you. Then not the least comes the budget, it depends on what type of customer you are, whether you are savvy buyer or spend a lot of money on your dress. The color of the dress is also important that is it must suit your skin tone. Your inner is brought out by the selection of the dress you choose for yourself. Whether you are graceful girl, a seductive sense or a pretty pink girl. It all speaks out just by your dress selection. Body measurements are important and should be accurate before getting a prom dress, if you are bulky don't think that you will lose weight quick till the prom night and you get a thin dress for yourself, this will crush your personality rather you should boldly go for what is your body type and try it on yourself so that you can make your mind according to the dress.
Help yourself with the walking practice in the prom dress, though the prom dress of 2009 are convincing, it has a range that will reach majority of women's selection for the prom night, but still you must be completely ready for every thing along with the final dress. Through Internet you can get the branded and the local shops of prom dresses like that of Tiffany and can get different categories dress like formal dresses, a party type or any occasional prom dress at variety of prices from expensive to cheap rates for all types of customers. Prom dresses mean a lot to the wearer, it is dress that makes you feel different from daily life, so it is to be chosen carefully and with whole heart. Prom dresses range of 2009 is heart throbbing after the successful utility of prom dresses 2008.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Top 10 Tattoo Designs For 2009

If you are considering getting a tattoo, have you considered what design you are going to get? There are so many options out there that you may be overwhelmed by all of them. Here's a look at the top 10 designs for 2009, so you can choose a design that you and everyone else will love.
1. Sanskrit - Anything in Sanskrit writing is in. Sanskrit is a language from India that is popular for religious ceremonies in most cases, but as of late having bands or phrases in Sanskrit are very popular.
2. Ambigram - An ambigram is a word that is not only read one way, but also can be read another way (backwards, upside down, etc) often these are written in very artistic and decorative writing styles.
3. Tribal - Tribal designs are very popular these days so if you were thinking of going tribal, go for it.
4. Stars - Stars are in. Whether it is a single star to signify something in life or a design of a series of stars, they will all be popular.
5. Celtic - Celtic knot work designs are very popular and not just for people who are interest in history and Irish lore. Knot work designs are very in this year.
6. Fairies - Fairies are big this. From Tinkerbell to a fairy out of a fantasy novel, they are all popular.
7. Dragons - Dragons have always been popular and that has not changed inrecent years. They're still popular.
8. Flowers - For girls, a nicely placed flower is a very popular tattoo design. Even men can choose a rose or other simple flower design.
9. Anchors and Swallows - These old school designs are back in style this year, revived from the 60s.
10. Bursts of Color - Color has come a long way in tattoos in recent years and that is something many tattoos are bragging. If you were thinking of going for color, go bright!

Big Breasts in Sexy Bikinis

Big breasts in bikinis can be stunningly sexy on the beach, at the pool, or really anywhere. But what is the best swimsuit for the woman with big breasts? It pays to shop around a bit, because the results of your choice can either be stunning, or ho-hum. If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with big breasts, take care in your shopping for the appropriate bikini.

You should be approaching your swimwear search from two perspectives. A sexy bikini can be both sexy as well as comfortable, so you really ought to shop for both. Some swimwear, while blatantly sexy, can be terribly uncomfortable and result in a quick trip home to change into something less flattering but more comfortable. At the same time, comfort does not need to be traded in favor of sexiness.

For women with big breasts one key factor for comfort is support. There is nothing better today on the market than underwire bras in bikinis. If you are looking for great comfort, find an underwire bikini that supports your breasts with strong underwires. A floating underwire is the best option. When trying the top on, be aware of anything that digs into you so as to avoid an unsightly welt at the end of the day! Just as with underwire bras, do not load your underwire bikini top into the washing machine and dryer. It is terrible for the material and can cause the underwire to come loose.

After finding the style that gives you great support, it is time to refine the choices to something sexy and flattering. If you want to be a bit more daring, look for a top in a demi cut. A demi cut is a bra without a full cup. The great thing about a demi cut, that if the top offers a bit of padding, it can really go a long way to enhancing your cleavage. A demi cut in a bright color with an underwire can emphasize the cleavage for big breasts.

You might even try some silicone breast enhancers to push up your breasts for maximum cleavage. While a padded bra can accomplish something similar, nothing pushes up like a good half-cup or full cup breast enhancer. One note of caution, however: if you are going to be getting wet in your swimsuit, the breast enhancer can become a bit obvious. The problem is that they will dry at a different rate than the rest of the cup. A breast enhancer is ideal in an underwire cup when you are not going to be swimming.

In the end, you do not have sacrifice comfort or sexiness when searching for an underwire bikini.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Single

In the recent years, there is an increased awareness about fashion in the common man. The increasing role of media, movies, magazines and television has made the common man pretty fashion conscious. People are aware of what looks good on them and what doesn't. Though the fashion trends and styles keep changing, there are certain fashion mistakes that fit nowhere. These fashion mistakes are unforgivable and hence should be avoided like plague. The singles need to be extra careful in avoiding these mistakes since committing them may give a wrong impression:
• Don't go over board with revealing clothes: When we are single, we like to look "hot". Who doesn't want to attract some one cool? However sometimes too much of heat can be really dangerous and attract cheap rather than cool attention. If you want to wear revealing clothes make sure that you do a balancing act. For example if you want to wear a mini skirt, the team it up with a middle-of-the-road top. If your top shows your cleavage, then balance the look with some traditional pants. Remember, the midriff display needs to be reserved purely for the beach.
• Color Therapy: If you are a wee bit too thin, then you may be wearing more whites and if you are endowed then black may be your preferred color. However, wearing these colors on your face may make you look quite a "plain Jane". Black can make your face look color less and white can make your teeth appear yellow. Hence you need to search for colors which make your face look fresh. Blacks should be reserved for lower body garments. Try wearing colors with match your eyes or your hair.
• Keep away from clothes that don't fit well: Many people try to cover up one ungainly part and end up covering the good looking parts too. It's often seen that people who are plump tend to wear baggy tops which give them a rounded appearance and make them look fatter. You need to check out the cuts which suit you. Wear the size that suits you so that you don't look drowned or overflowing in your clothes.
• Don't look sloppy; be presentable everywhere: It's sad but true that the first impression is the last impression! What if you are in the super market looking sloppy and you encounter a person you like but he doesn't give you a second glance since your real self is covered with sloppy clothes? You don't have to dress like a bomb either. All you need to do is wear a decent looking and well fitting shirt and some trendy jeans!
• Wear clothes that suit your persona: We all know what we really are. For example some people just can't wear a tube top no matter what. You may buy something trendy at the store but end up never wearing it since its not "you". Remember, only when you feel comfortable in your skin can you look really good!

Fashion is all about what suits you more than what's in vogue. You can try various styles and clothes to see what looks good on you. You may even get discounts or coupons on the net which may allow you to save money while indulging in some great clothes!

How to Wear Orange

For a lot of people, orange is a hard color to pull off. Surprisingly though, orange is a very flattering color since it instantly adds a natural glow to your skin tone. This spring, designers lit up the runways with a range of vibrant tangerines, neon oranges and amped-up corals that looked yummy and wearable all at once. But if you’re not used to wearing orange, it can seem a little tricky. So here’s how to make sure you’re wearing the right hues at the right time.
If you decide to wear orange near your face, such as a top, a hat or accessories, pick vibrant shades of mango for olive-to-dark skin tone. If you’re a little paler, opt for more muted orange shades such as a sunset color. When trying on garments at the store, just hold up the item near your face; if it makes your eyes pop and brightens up your face, you’ve got a winner. But if it makes you look pale or drab, put it back!

Also, when you’re wearing statement colors such as orange, you have to be able to stand out, and not your clothing. Don’t let the garment take over you, YOU should take over the garment and wear it confidently.

If you want to sport a crazy neon orange but you’re afraid it will look bad against your skin tone, grab something that is away from the face such as a belt or a pair of shoes. Also, rememeber that you can transition slowly into a new color by taking on a few pieces that have just a hint of orange. After which, you can gradually progress.

Slim Your Legs, Tummy & Arms Without the Exercise

Exercise isn’t the only thing you have to do to get a great figure. Of course, you should always keep up with a regular exercise routine, at least for health’s sake, but there are a few fashion tricks you can pull off to make your legs appear taller and slimmer, your tummy flatter and your arms more toned.
1. Body Shapers
No mistery here…body shapers will obviously shape your body to look slimmer and more toned. The best brand out there is SPANX and although they cost a little more (about $100), they do the job like nothing else. Even celebs wear SPANX to tuck in their tummies.
2. Lengthen Your Legs
If you’re on the short side and want to add a little height, there is nothing better than pairing wide-leg pants with a pair of heels. Just make sure you pick a pair of pants that doesn’t accentuate your waist.
3. Fake a Small Waist
If you’re looking to shrink your waist, or at least look like you have a smaller waist, just wear a belt right above your hips when wearing longer tops and dresses. This will give the illusion of a smaller waist since the belt cinches it at the right spot.
4. Slim Your Legs
Putting on a pair of black tights or any dark colored tights for that matter will draw the attention away from your legs, as to make them look a lot slimmer. Pair them with boots and a skirt/dress.
5. Hide Your Tummy Bulge
This season you’re in luck because a lot of the tops in stores are the kind that will be banded at the waist which will hide your bulge and make it look like you have absolutely nothing! Pair it up with high-waisted pants.
6. Fake Slim Calves
If you’ve been out of the gym for a while, your calves might look a little out of shape. Thankfully, you can fake slim calves by slipping on a pair of heels. You don’t have to wear super high heels to achieve this - pretty much any heel will do!
7. SlimYour Arms
Believe it or not, arm shapers exist! This quarter-sleeve arm shaper will fit smoothly and discretely under your clothes to give your arms a slim, polished look.
8. Slim Upper Body
If you’re worried about a larger upper body or broad shoulders, a scarf or a shawl can help you minimize your problem area. Just wrap it around your neck whichever way you like and opt for lighter fabrics in the summer.

Top 7 Household Beauty Products

You don’t have to shell out a ton of dough for effective beauty products, especially when they can be found in your own home. Things that we keep in our kitchen cupboards, in the fridge or in the medicine cabinet can benefit our day-to-day beauty routines. Keep reading to find the top 7 household beauty products you can use now!
#1 The Almighty Vaseline
Vaseline is as plain and simple as it gets. Not only has it been around for ages, but it’s been a major beauty product staple since I can remember. Use Vaseline for softening your skin, instead of a lip balm, to soften cuticles, remove makeup and use it as a makeup primer to ensure a long lasting wear.
#2 Magical Witch Hazel
Again, Witch Hazel is another famous beauty staple that you must have! Although it is mainly used for scrapes and cuts, Witch Hazel can also be used as foot softener when added to a warm bowl of water, as well as a toner for oily prone skin.
#3 Baby Powder
This stuff isn’t just for babies anymore. Not only does baby powder smell incredibly fresh, but it also leaves your skin super soft and touchable. Baby powder also works great as a dry shampoo. Just sprinkle a little bit into your palms and rub against your scalp. The powder helps to absorb oil, making your hair look soft and shiny for those days when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
#4 Amazing Yogurt
You should know by now that yougurt has amazing properties which not only help your immune system but also prevents osteoporosis and keeps the digestive track running smoothly. But yougurt can also do wonders for your skin. You can use it on sunburns, which will help soothe the burn or use it as a face mask. Just slather it onto your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.
#5 Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets aren’t also good for your clothes, they serve other purposes as well. Rub a dryer sheet onto staticky clothes or even onto your hair to tame flyaways. Dryer sheets are also great for removing pet hair off your clothing.
#6 Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are one of those multi-tasking things that you need to have everywhere including at home, in the car and at the office. They’re great for removing makeup, deodorant streaks and pretty much anything else you need erased.
#7 The Power of Mayo
Mayonnaise isn’t just good in food, it’s also good for your hair! Before shampooing, massage throughout wet hair and put on a shower cap for 15 minutes (or a bit longer if your hair is on the dry side). When time’s up, take off the cap, rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo as usual. Your hair should look and feel super hydrated, soft and shiny.
Mayo is also great as a facial moisturizer when used at room temperature. You can also use mayo as a mask. Just apply to the face, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off. The oils moisturize and the salt removes impurities.
Lastly, mayo is also a great skin softener. Rub it on rough spots such as knees, elbows and feet and leave on for 10 minutes. This will help remove dead skin. While you’re doing that, the mayo also helps strengthen the nails so you get 2-in-1!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Find a Bikini Diet to Get You Ready For That Summer Sun

Before you know it Summer will be here and you are going to want to show off that tan. But you realize to your horror that you aren't going to fit into that bikini hauling around that winter bulge. You can find lots of programs that are called "bikini diet", but the truth is you just need to use some common sense and reasonable eating habits.
Don't go on some drastic crash bikini diet program that will only help you realize a temporary weight loss but is only bad for your system and will not keep the weight off. You could try one of the many plans that provide you with meals and they probably will work, but they are very expensive and since they don't really provide you with any weight managment other than purchasing their meals, your only choice to keep the weight off is to continue buying the food. But of course that is the whole idea behind the program isn't it.

So here are a few ideas to get you into that bikini before the warm weather hits:
--Get on an exercise program right now. Nothing drastic! A light daily workout with some small weights and a brisk walk will work wonders with those unsightly bulges. Do something after meals besides flopping on the couch.
--Get off the soda pop and stay off it! Drinks like Mountain Dew and Coke are a bodies worst enemy. You can lose 10 pounds if you do nothing else than stop drinking sugary drinks. Substitute water or iced tea when you think about having a pop.
--Reduce portion sizes at meal time and do not go back for seconds. It may be difficult at first, but your body will adjust in time and it will become second nature. This is also a step in the process of long term weight management to keep it off.
--Change what you eat between meals. Snack on healthy whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits. Although fruit has sugar in them it is a healthy, natural sugar that your body will turn into energy.
--Lastly, find a quality weight management program that will keep you in bikini shape all year long. There are many good programs out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg, i.e. Jennie Craig, and will help you set up habits that you can control. I would suggest that you review as many of these programs as you can until you feel comfortable with one , and then get on it!

Try these suggestions before you jump into some drastic bikini diet and see if they don't help you get that body you want for the summer. Using these to get started and a good, quality maintenance program you will fit into that bikini again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do A Simple Hatha Yoga Exercise to Calm Down

Need to relax? This Hatha yoga exercise can help to reduce tension. If you're studying for a big test, waiting for an interview, feeling uptight in the office, worrying about an audition or you just need to be calm, try this simple technique:
1--Inhale deeply. Count to five. Exhale and relax.
2--Inhale a second time. Breathe in a third of your lung capacity. Expand your abdomen so that it blows up like a balloon. Exhale and relax.
3--Inhale a third time. Breathe in two-thirds of your lung capacity. Expand your ribs and abdomen. Exhale and relax.
4--Inhale a fourth time. Breathe in your full lung capacity. Expand your ribs and abdomen. Elevate your shoulders towards your ears. Exhale and relax.
5--Repeat. Continue with this technique until calm.
6--Hatha Yoga is mainly involved with breathing and relaxation.
7--Find a quiet place without distraction. Excuse yourself to do this exercise in a bathroom, if needed.
8--Don't worry!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning for Your Nose

The times definitely are changing. I went to visit our family pediatrician recently and he asked if I wanted to see something special. Reaching into a cabinet in his exam room, he revealed a cache of more than 100 nasal rinsing (also called neti) pots, still in their boxes. Why would this conventional medical doctor have a cabinet chock-a-block with little pots from India? Because they work, he told me. After two decades of seeing stuffed-up kids on an apparently endless round of antibiotics, he decided there must be a better way.
He found it. Instead of balloons, he now gives his young patients neti pots. And the kids are getting well.

An Effective, Ancient Technique
Call it spring cleaning for your nose. Nasal rinsing — or sinus irrigation — is a simple, ancient technique. A warm saltwater rinse of the nasal passages takes a tiny amount of time and pays off big. When we are exposed to irritants, such as allergens, pollution, debris, microbes and smoke, the mucus membranes of our sinuses swell, leading to an increase in mucus production; thicker, stickier mucus; clogged mucus flow; and decrease in nose hair function. Next comes congestion, infection and medication use. (Mucus that stagnates is a primary cause of sinus infections.)
A nasal rinse washes out accumulated mucus and debris before they can cause trouble. This simple maneuver washes particles out, shrinks nasal membranes, increases the nose hair function, thins secretions and opens the tiny sinus openings. The salt reduces swelling and the gentle blast of warm water works like a hose rinsing debris off a sidewalk.
The result? Reduced allergy misery, decreased congestion, healthier sinuses and less money spent on drugs.
It may not be pretty, but nasal rinsing opens up the head. Safe and natural, nasal rinsing often does what sinus surgery, antibiotics, decongestants and antihistamines don’t.
Yoga breathing practices require a clear nose, so yoga and its sister medical science, Ayurveda, refined the procedure. Ayurvedic practitioners have utilized the nasal rinse for thousands of years. The Ayurvedic version uses a neti pot. A small pot with a spout, it is designed for efficient, easy cleansing of nasal passages — an Aladdin’s lamp for the sinuses. It will hold around 10 ounces of water to cleanse both nasal passages. Traditionally made of copper or silver, or clay, modern designs are usually made of stainless steel, ceramic or plastic.
The usual solution used in neti pots, called isotonic, is close to the salinity of human tissues. Use 1/2 teaspoon salt for each cup of warm water. Ayurvedic practitioners suggest you may use many types of natural medicines in the neti water, including gentle decocted and strained herbal teas, such as gotu kola (use herbal teas under the advice of a qualified practitioner, as some herbs can be irritating). Or add a teaspoon of anti-inflammatory ghee (clarified butter) to the liquid and stir to dissolve. Commercial herbal liquids for neti pots are also available at health-food stores or from websites .
To rinse your sinuses, bend forward over the sink with the neti pot in your right hand. Tilt your head to the left and insert the pot’s spout into the right nostril, sealing it. Tip up the pot slightly. Breathe smoothly through your mouth. The water should flow gently into the right nostril, out of the left nostril and into the sink. Experiment with the tilt of your head to avoid having the water soak your pajamas! Gently blow your nose when you’re finished.
At the halfway point, switch sides. The routine looks and feels a little odd, but it is simple and painless. Use the nasal rinse daily, just like brushing your teeth. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend rinsing once daily when you’re well. If you’re congested, you can rinse more often — up to several times daily, as desired.
As an alternative to the traditional neti pot, modern devices include various electrical machines that adjust the water pressure. A WaterPik special rubber attachment is available. Some modern procedures recommend using Locke-Ringer’s solution (containing sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, dextrose and water), which may be a little easier on the health of the nasal hairs.
Nasal Rinsing Tips to Try
--Boil the water (ideally purified, or distilled) first.
--Let the water cool to body temperature. It should feel neutral in the nose.
--Use unprocessed, non-iodized salt, if available. Optional: add baking soda, which in- creases the mucus-thinning properties of the rinsing solution. Use 1/2 teaspoon baking soda per cup of water in addition to the salt.
--Use a heaping 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of salt per neti pot.
--Increasing the salt content creates a slight stinging sensation but cuts mucus better.
--Thoroughly wash the pot before and after each use.
--Neti use might not be advised for those with nosebleeds, a strong gag reflex, or who have had recent surgery.
--Warm milk— soothing (use straight or in any percentage of the solution)
--Glycerin — soothing (add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon to the solution)Ghee — anti-inflammatory (1 teaspoon)
--Triphala decoction — astringent, anti-inflammatory (make a tea using 1 teaspoon herb powder per cup of water; steep and strain)
--Goldenseal decoction — astringent, antimicrobial (same as above)

Science Supports Nasal Rinsing
Several scientific studies have found benefit in nasal rinsing. One study published in the Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal in 1999 showed that nasal rinsing does a better job of reaching the sinuses than standard nebulizers. Numerous studies conducted over the past 20 years have shown that nasal rinsing improves hay fever symptoms and chronic sinusitis. A 2001 study performed at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine determined that daily nasal irrigation using a bulb syringe or neti pot resulted in improvement in the symptoms of chronic sinusitis in more than 70 percent of subjects. Medication usage was decreased in approximately one-third of subjects.
A German study of 134 patients found that most patients responded positively to rinsing their noses and integrated the practice easily into their daily routines. (Half were still rinsing 36 months after the study.) This research recommends warm salt water in the nasal rinse.
A 2004 study published in The Laryngoscope compared nasal rinsing with metered nasal spray and nebulization, and it determined rinsing was significantly more effective in penetrating the maxillary sinus and frontal recess and should be the method of choice. Another new study (2004) found that nasal irrigation could provide a reasonable and effective alternative to sinus surgery.
A recent Italian study of 20 children with hay fever found that nasal rinsing with a hypertonic saline (high salt) solution was tolerable, inexpensive and effective. The kids had fewer symptoms and required lower doses of antihistamines.
A 2003 review study, published in Canadian Family Physician, concluded that “Nasal irrigation is a simple, inexpensive treatment that relieves the symptoms of a variety of sinus and nasal conditions, reduces use of medical resources, and could help minimize antibiotic resistance.”
And a review paper from the Department of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, summed it up. “Nasal irrigations should no longer be considered merely adjunctive measures in managing sinonasal conditions. They are effective and underutilized,” said the scientists.

Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Oprah Winfrey's show on how to look 10 years younger in 10 days was an unprecedented success. The show focused on how eating the right foods called "super foods" could make a remarkable difference in your appearance. Oprah introduced the super foods maverick, Dr. Nicholas Perricone to the world. According to Dr. Perricone, certain foods will make you look 10 years younger in 10 days or in other words can help you reduce the effects of aging!
According to Dr. Perricone eating the anti-wrinkle super foods isn't very arduous and the foods are moderately priced and easy to find.

The following is a list of the super foods that are supposed to reduce the signs of aging and help you look 10 years younger in 10 days.
Acai Berry
The acai berry from the Amazon is one of the most nutritious and health-packed foods in the world. Acai berry can be found in a juice form or in tablets at health food stores. Rachel Ray loves acai berry.
Green Foods
Green foods like wheat grasses can be bought in powder, tablet or juice form, and offer higher levels of nutrients than green leafy vegetables such as spinach. They also help with blood pressure, cholesterol and immune response. Wheat and barley grasses can be more difficult to find. However, the tablets would be easy to add to your diet.
Allium Family
Leeks, garlic, chives, onions, scallions, and shallots assist your liver in eliminating toxins. As a food group, allium is very affordable and easy to find.
Sprouts are great with any meal. The most common ones are alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts. Sprouts are a great source of protein and Vitamin C. Sprouts are inexpensive and easy to find although they need to be cleaned very well.
Buckwheat: Seed & Grain
Buckwheat is high in protein and amino acids. It can also stabilize your blood sugars and reduce hypertension. Buckwheat is very inexpensive and commonly found.
Beans & Lentils
Lentils and beans help reduce cholesterol while adding a punch of folic acid and antioxidants. There are many different types of beans to experiment with. This is the most common of all of the super foods discussed on Oprah Winfrey's show on how to look 10 years younger in 10 days.
Hot Peppers
Bell peppers and chili peppers both contain antioxidants and have double the Vitamin C that is found in citrus fruit.
Seeds and Nuts
Seeds and nuts contain Omega 3 fats, which are great for your heart. Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds are considered the healthiest. Seeds and nuts are easy to find and are relatively inexpensive. Walnuts and almonds are among the healthiest nuts.
Yogurt and Kefir
Yogurt and Kefir both contain healthy bacteria that help immune function, and calcium that helps burn fat. Kefir is more nutritious than yogurt, as it supplies a complete protein, essential minerals, and B vitamins. Yogurt is commonly found and cheap. Kefir is less easy to find.
Barley is used as a breakfast cereal or can be added to stews or soups. It is also used as a rice substitute. Barley is rich in fiber which helps metabolize fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. Barley is inexpensive and commonly found in grocery stores.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashion with Contact Lenses

For years contact lenses were designed with only function in mind. Anyone with vision problems who didn't want to wear glasses could consult their eye care professional and make the change. Contact lenses were an unnoticeable and convenient way to correct vision.Now even people with 20/20 vision are lining up for contact lenses. Why?
The latest, greatest fashion trend: colored contact lenses.
What Are Colored Contact Lenses?Colored contact lenses have a tint, color or design embedded right on the contact lens itself. The center portion that fits over your pupil remains clear to allow your vision to be unimpeded.The tints can enhance your natural eye color, completely change your eye color or for a really wild look, imprint crazy designs or logos right on the iris.
For example: you could have blue eyes one day, brown eyes the next and cat eyes on the weekend. They are versatile, flexible and fun!
When buying colored contact lenses there are two main categories of contact lenses to choose from: Enhancer Contact Lenses and Opaque Contact Lenses.
What Is The Difference Between Enhancer and Opaque Colored Lenses?Enhancer colored contacts use translucent tints that allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through while absorbing others. This results in a vivid enhancement of your natural eye color. It can also change the way the iris looks underneath making your eyes clearly stand out.
Enhancer colored contact lenses cannot change your eye color; only enhance what you already have. They work particularly well for people with green, blue or light colored eyes, creating dramatic and intense looks.
Opaque colored contact lenses use opaque tints that completely mask your underlying iris. No light can pass through the opaque tint, which means your natural eye color is no longer visible. Regular opaque lenses are carefully designed to mimic the natural look of the eye while completely altering eye color. You can go from brown-eyes to green, blue-eyes to purple, there is no limit to the color changes available.
Natural looking opaque contact lenses are also used for cosmetic purposes to cover up any eye disfigurements a person has that would usually be visible.
For a more fun appearance you can use costume or theatrical lenses. These opaque colored contact lenses are used all the time to create special effects in the movies and for Halloween. They can turn you from human to vampire, give you alien eyes, or allow you to have your favorite logo visible in your eye. They can also be ordered with customized iris flecks for a unique appearance.
There is also a new development in colored contact lenses designed especially for the sports enthusiast. They have what are called light-filtering tints. These tints enhance the visibility of certain colors for the wearer and enable them to more easily see objects such as tennis balls. The tints effectively separate the object from the background giving you an advantage during play. There are a number of light-filtering contact lenses being designed for a variety of sports.
Who Can Wear Colored Contact Lenses?Many colored contacts can be ordered in 'plano' form for people who do not need vision correction. There are also designs for people who require bifocal correction and for those with astigmatism.
For anyone wishing to use colored contact lenses you do require an appointment with an eye care professional and a prescription, even if you have 20/20 vision. Contact lenses need to be fitted properly to the curvature of your eye for a safe and comfortable fit.
Premiere online retailer of contacts including theatrical contact lenses and colored lenses. Offers the widest selection of contact lenses for huge savings online.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Staying beautiful when you can't afford cosmetics

With everyone tightening their belts to wait out a slow economy, some items once considered to be essential are now being relegated to the luxury category. For some of us that even translates to our makeup, skin and hair care. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up our natural beauty. There are plenty of ingredients commonly found in the home that can help us stay beautiful even when we can’t afford cosmetics.
Tip #1 – Make your own microderm abrasion productMix a few grains of sugar crystals in with your favorite skin cream and apply to freshly washed skin. Gently massage the cream in small circular motions around the face and neck area. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Your skin will look almost as good as an expensive spa treatment.
Tip #2 - Extend existing foundationInstead of using foundation straight out of the bottle, mix it with moisturizer. That way you take care of two birds with one stone. You continue to moisturize the skin - the most important treatment of all - and still add a touch of healthy-looking color. You may want to play with the mixture to get the ratio the way you want it; however, two parts moisturizer to one part foundation works well for most women.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flowers Can Relieve Skin Stress

Acne, hair fall, and other related skin diseases appear when a person is stressed out.
That is what Psychodermatology tries to figure out. When it comes to serious skin care, many people believe that a person’s skin appearance has something to do with human emotions. When a person is in a state of fatigue or is apprehensive, the skin produces more oil, thus the person will experience sudden pimple breakout.
When skin problems such as acne happen, one way to deal with it is to relieve stress. In a fast-paced world, it’s difficult not to feel preoccupied with so many things. But giving yourself a time to relax and be pampered with nature’s elements is effective in controlling your emotions, and at the same time controlling stress-related concerns that may impact the skin directly.
So how can nature work its wonder to the skin? Simple – using flowers in skin care recipes soothes a person’s mind, body, and hair. For instance, chamomile is known to be a natural tranquilizer that relaxes and cleans the body. Similarly, lavender flowers refresh and energize the body, making a person’s skin glow. If you need flowers with healing properties, marigold is the best option as it regenerates skin tissues, especially when the irritation is due to the sun’s rays.
The ability of flowers in skin care to improve skin condition and relieve stress has been evolving. From aromatherapy baths and therapeutic candles, to soaps and bathroom scents, nature has always helped people to relax themselves in the simplest ways. Saying goodbye to acne and skin irritation has never been much easier and more natural.

You Can take care of skin with Proper Diet

You shell out hundreds or thousands of bucks every month for buying expensive skin-care products to treat your skin externally. You forget that for a routine skin care to be effective, you need to pay close attention to both external and internal needs of your skin. After all, your costly creams and vitamin supplements cannot cure all your skin problems. Let's see some of the top skin food that heals and treats your skin internally.

Top Skin Food: The food that you eat plays an important role in determining the skin that you get.You eat nutritious food, you get healthy skin. You eat junk or prepackaged foods, you get ageing or dull skin. Your skin requires essential nutrients to protect itself from wear and tear. Lynn Goldsteinn, a dietician at Weill Cornell Medical College puts "Your skin is a sign of what is going on inside your body. You need to put good, healthy things inside to get the healthy look on the outside." Here are some of the top skin food that you can include in your diet for a glowing skin:

--Salmon: Eating fatty fishes like salmon provide essential fatty acids which are rich in Omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acid is important for healthy youthful look of the skin.
--Carrots: Carrots also known as 'herbal healer' contain vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, help fighting free radicals and protect, moisturize and nourish our skin. In addition, Vitamin C prevents aging of skin prematurely and serve as a natural sunscreen giving SPF of 2 to 4.
--Tea: Green tea contains antioxidants and prevents skin inflammation. It also prevents skin cancer by reducing skin burn from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia have recently found green tea as the major source of polyphenol. Polyphenol is responsible for making dying cells active. In addition, green tea is also high in vitamin C, D, and K.
--Water: Drinking plenty of water is the most effective way to keep your total system clean. Water helps to release harmful toxins out of our body and keep your skin hydrated and supple.
--Berries: Eating blackcurrants, blackberries, blueberries keep your skin smooth and supple because of high collagen content. Berries are good source of vitamin E, C, riboflavin etc. Cheese, Cereals,
--Meat: These are important sources of selenium that help in treating dry skin.
--Tomato: Tomatoes help in controlling aging. Eating tomatoes can help you fight harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevent sun damage.
--Lettuce: Lettuce acts as an astrigent in soothing and healing pimply skins and skins that are exposed to extreme temperatures.

A healthy and glowing skin reflects a healthy body. Covering your skin with cream or lotion externally won't make your skin glow, if it is undernourished. Eating healthy food along with a regular skin care can give you a healthy look.

Reduce Brown Age Spots

Brown age spots can occur at any age. They are not associated with older people only. The main cause of these posts is the over production of melanin. Women of childbearing age are quite susceptible to this condition.
The suns UV rays stimulate melanin production. It is effective at protecting the skin from damage caused by the UV rays. Regular exposure to the sun will cause a tan; this is also due to melanin. Women may also experience an increase in melanin production during pregnancy due to increased estrogen production. Another thing that can increase the production of melanin is thyroid disease. In some cases, stress can also cause it.
Now, how to effectively get rid of brown age spots. There are creams on the market that will help to reduce the discoloration of the skin. However, not all the products are effective. One particular ingredient to avoid is hydroquinone. Even though several countries have banned its use, it is still allowed in the United States. The reason it is banned is due to a potential cancer risk involved with this ingredient.
To effectively reduce brown age spots, natural ingredients are more effective and safer than synthetic ones. Therefore, choose a product that contains natural ingredients. Specifically, look for a product that contains Extra-pone nut grass. This natural substance inhibits the production of melanin and in doing so, will reduce the age spots on your skin.
Other natural substances that help to reduce brown age spots include Shea butter and Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is rich in functional keratin, which is a complex protein that helps to stimulate the re-growth of vital skin proteins. These substances will also help to reduce the age spots on your skin.
Some very effective night creams contain the specific natural ingredients that will help to reduce the brown age spots on your skin. In addition, these creams do not leave your skin feeling greasy, which is a sign of a good product.
If you would like more information on how to remove brown age spots with natural night creams then please visit my website today.

How to get rid of Blackheads, Remove Blackheads

Even people who do not have the misfortune of getting acne or pimples sometimes had to deal with black heads. How to get rid of black heads is a question that gets asked a lot. Depending on your skin tone and your situation there can be a lot of different answers but generally there are a few tips you can follow regardless of your skin condition that will help you eliminate black heads.

Your facial skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body, which explains why even the slightest form of irritation could result to devastating blackheads. If you want to know how to get rid of blackheads, the best way to start is to determine its cause. Blackheads usually happens when excess oil are stuck in your pores. Oftentimes, the use of skin care products could also contribute to the formation of such skin blemishes.
Pore strips. This is the simplest and easy method. Just paste it over the skin, wait awhile for it to dry and pull away the pore strip to remove the blackheads. However, a word of caution, overusing pore strips can aggravate your skin condition and can cause spider veins if it is pulled too hard.

But what about once you have them? Worried about how to get rid of blackheads then? One of the best ways to get rid of a blackhead is to squeeze it out. Make sure you are not squeezing too hard because this can do more harm to your skin than good. Gentle squeezing is actually good for your skin. It relieves the pressure, preventing further damage to your skin. If you are over squeezing, pinching, scraping the skin with your nails, or pressing too hard you are doing great damage to your skin.

One of the best type of natural remedies for acne is by washing the face tenderly with a mild soap or sulfur soap at least two times a day. This can help prevent the onset and spread of whiteheads and blackheads. This is one of the best ways on how to get rid of blackheads because it’s so simple to do once you get into the habit.
It is not clearly understood why the sebaceous glands begin to become overactive. It is often noted that this situation begins at puberty, and may stop at the end of puberty leading to the conclusion that it is hormonally controlled. For some people this is not the case however, and they may continue to experience blackheads and whiteheads well past puberty and into adulthood. Whiteheads are formed the same way as blackheads with the exception that the pore is closed and the oxidation does not occur.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Dye Hair With Coffee

Coffee is not just good for waking you up in the morning, it can provide a much-needed wake up call for your hair as well. Coffee brings out the red and brown highlights in dark hair and can even cover and blend in gray. You can add shine, facets and dimension to your hair using a simple coffee mix that does not contain any chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Step1--Pour the coffee into the basin. If you have not let the coffee cool, do so now. You may wish to place the basin in a sink in case of sloshing.
Step2--Brush your hair thoroughly. A rinse like this one is easiest to apply to clean, tangle-free hair.
Step3--Dip your head in the basin.Use the cup to thoroughly saturate your hair with the coffee. Work the coffee through your hair from the roots to the tips using your fingers or the hairbrush. Step4--Rinse your hair with the coffee fifteen times. Use the cup to scoop the coffee out of the basin and pour it through your hair. This will take about fifteen minutes.
Step5--Wring out your hair. Make sure you do this over the sink so that you do not stain your carpet or tile floor.
Step6--Allow the rinse to set for fifteen minutes. If you wish, you can clip your hair up to prevent dripping. Do not wrap it in a turban or the towel will absorb the coffee.
Step7--Rinse your hair. You can dry and style it as usual. You will notice that grays have disappeared and that any reddish tints you had before are brighter and more vibrant.

Tips & Warnings
If you do not see as marked a difference as you hoped for with your coffee rinse, repeat the rinse process for several days in a row. Sometimes natural dyes have a more subtle effect and can take multiple applications to achieve the desired look.
If you are a platinum blond, the effect of a coffee rinse can be instant and dramatic. Test the rinse on a clipping of your hair before treating your entire head.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

There Actually Are More Eyeliner Colors Than Black

Three months ago, if you had asked me which eyeliner colors to buy (or read my article about eye makeup) I would have told you to buy a black and maybe a brown and be done with it. That's all changed though, with my recent discovery about all the great colors that don't look unnatural.

Deep Purple
Applied just right, it can really make your eyes stand out without making you look like one of those bizarre "I'm wearing a million colors that don't match" types. Subtlety, as always, is key here.
In addition to being worn subtly during the day, this works great with the deeper colored lipstick choices, making for an all around sultry look. Combine with well-applied highlighting and contouring, and you'll look amazing.

More of a nighttime look, teal can add a nice splash of color to complement more colorful lip and eyeshadow colors. Since it's a night-time look, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with your color choices here.

Tired? Up late the night before (from the great date where you, say, wore the teal eyeliner)? White brightens your eyes and makes you seem more alert. Perfect for hiding the fact that, if nobody was around, you'd probably just plop your head down and pass out on the spot.
So, yeah, I suppose I've caved a bit. You can actually have fun with colors a bit without looking bizarre. Maybe I'm just getting older. That, or I'm just going color-blind.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tips to choose perfect Yoga Clothing for you

Yoga clothing is important for you since you need loose clothes,not your regular top, tight T-shirt or Jeans. In this article we are going to talk about what kind of yoga clothes you should look for - Here are some points.
1. Before you decide on the yoga clothing, you should figure out what is your clothing need for yoga.
2. Commonly you can wear tee shirts, sweaters, pants, tracksuit etc.
3. Go for the “must have yoga wears”You should keep a few point in mind while deciding your yoga clothing
1). The dress should be comfortable
2). It should not be tight
3). Clothes should not be loose
4). It should not disturb you while practicing yoga
Fitting – The yoga clothing should have a perfect fit for you. Loose clothes will create problem for you. Again too tight clothes will again make your movement impossible. So, when you select the clothes for yoga exercise, you should select them carefully.
Comfort – The comfort of the yoga clothing is very important. You should wear those clothes which are really comfortable. See the weather. If the weather is hot you will something short and which does not cover your whole body. If the weather is cool, then you may need to cover your whole body with clothes.
Depending on the yoga you are practicing your yoga clothing may vary. When you practice Bikram Yoga, which is a “hot yoga”, then you should wear shorts so as to allow the air pass through.
The condition of the place should be kept in mind while selecting he yoga clothing. If you practice yoga under the sun, then you will need something that let the air pass. If you practice it in an air-conditioned room, then you will need a full covering clothing.
Price- The price is another factor while selecting yoga clothing. Good quality stuff generally comes at a cost. But see what your requirement is. Buying a brand may not be always necessary. See your budget and then decide what you want.
Look- The look should be good, because it offers better outlook an confidence. Good looking clothes boost your confidence while you make different poses of yoga. It keeps your mind happy. It also helps you to feel better and important when you practice yoga. Specially good looking clothes during yoga will attract teenagers and youth.

Women Hair Loss Treatment

A woman with a hair loss is the most acute form of baldness and awfully troublesome criterion especially for woman as spraying gels and styles aren’t adequate for fashion ability to flaunt the personality so easily in the society where sometimes certain reactions caused by chemically infused cosmetic products gradually let the woman to suffer from sensitive baldness.

Women Hair Loss Treatment
A soon as the hair are brushed thoroughly there is ample amount of hair loss in a single comb and problems of losing the hair while bathing in the powder room furthermore makes the problem go bad to worst. The first treatment of baldness for women starts with the consultation process of the dermatologist that examines the root cause and then suggests necessary treatment for the women scalp as their scalp in comparison to men are extra delicate and complicated due to long hair criterion. Men do not have to take extra care for their scalp but for added shining and fluffiness women forecast their scalp with very different perception.
Rogaine is an FDA-approved medicine available over-the-counter easily. It consists of minoxidil that help expand and lengthen the soft hair follicles of the head scalp. The another form of women hair loss is the utilization of estrogen that is especially prescribed by the physicians and now-a-days by dermatologists to treat the hair loss of the women because it not only controls the baldness of the scalp but is yet helpful for controlling the excessive dandruff from the root of the scalp.
Some of the women take oral contraceptives to control fall of hair but physicians believe that the prescription for an oral contraceptives should be limited to a particular stage or else it has the opposite repercussions over the health of the women and sudden fall of hair is acknowledged. The androgen precursor such as DHEA in a form of testosterone is taken with specific warning. The medical treatment for Alopecia Arête is that therapeutically advanced version for the scalp in which the hair are focused in the round form of growth to successfully fill up the patches of the scalp of the women head as the huge outcome of the baldness to have a fall of the hair is troubling to women when they do not instantly fall if they have to rather making a round open patch all over the head at every section which looks awkward to hide the section in the marriage processions, restaurants and other respected public places.
The third hair fall type therapy is called as immune-modulating therapy in which gluco-corticoids or bio-response modifiers are utilized for the hair loss of the scalp. The treatment for a probable hair fall loses depends upon its nature which is either mild by nature or severe case of enduring hair loss by the patient. Tricomin as known under the clinical trials is only helpful in stimulating the growth of the hair follicle. Laser-comb is the laser-guided treatment therapy where laser beam is concentrated at a specific target spot of baldness and then the procedure involves the re-growth of the hair at the same point where once there was healthy hair but if laser therapy is utilized or undergone many a time then it can even result in inflammation of the scalp. Women are passionate for Laser beam therapy because the cosmetic laser device thickens the appearance of the shining hair and works as a bona-fide (authentic) stimulant for a hair growth of the scalp.
Propecia is taken as a pill under physician’s guidelines and care and as the results are effective but medicinal treatments are discontinued then the results shall never be healthily maintained thereupon. Some treatments come along in a form of lotions for the women hair types and can be applied directly to the scalp after munching it into the palm. Such nature of application reaches to the root of the head scalp. Diffuse hair of the woman is sure-shot treated by the respected therapies. There isn’t any doubt about it.

Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

How you wear your hair will have a huge impact on your wedding day look. It can be elegant and romantic, or it can be something you will regret in later years ('80s bang ball, anyone?). To make sure that your wedding day hairstyle is a "do", check out the latest trends.
Romance is the key for all of today's most popular hairstyles. Your hairdo should look fresh and easy, not overly styled or contrived. You definitely do not want your hair to look stiff or heavily sprayed. It should look as though you could remove a few pins and let it tumble over your shoulders in a sexy cascade (even if it is really held together by fifty pins and a whole can of hairspray!).
These soft styles are often gathered back away from the face. One thing that you do not see in the wedding magazines these days is bangs, especially the kind that are cut straight across the forehead. If your wedding is at least a few months away, that should be enough time to grow out your bangs long enough so that your stylist can sweep them off to one side for a fresh and current look.
Relaxed waves are the order of the day; pin straight hair is not what brides are wearing now. If you would like to wear your hair down for your wedding day, loose waves can be done in a few different ways. They can be beachy and a little messy, or they can be smooth and elegant, with just the right amount of movement. Picture Veronica Lake's iconic hairstyle, only not so perfect. For cascading waves, a pretty pearl comb will be the ideal type of bridal jewelry for your hair.
Most of the trendiest wedding hairstyles involve pulling the hair back into some sort of knot or bun. It is from there that you see many variations. As with the natural waves, these are loose knots, not tight ballerina buns or pristine chignons. They should look a little like you just pulled the hair back yourself in a hurry (only in the hands of a good stylist, the knot will still look artfully done). Allow a few tendrils of hair to spring free around your face.
Braids are being used to create some very romantic hairstyles for brides with long hair. We are not talking about two perfect braids, nor the ubiquitous French braids of the 1980s. These braids are not prim or schoolgirlish; they are flirty, soft, and vintage inspired. One long loose braid in the back is one pretty option for wedding hair. Even more interesting are the intricate knots and buns that stylists are creating by twisting braids together at the nape of the neck. For your hair bridal jewelry, finish off the look with a scattering of beautiful crystal or pearl pins tucked into the knot.
The current trends in bridal hairstyles are a perfect pairing with the romantic and eclectic gowns that are in vogue. A soft chiffon wedding dress will look even better when the bride's hair is gathered up into a loose vintagey pouf in the back. Your wedding day hairdo should definitely complement your gown, as well as bring out the natural beauty of your face.

Fabulous Wedding Colors For 2009

What's your favorite wedding color choice? Is it one of the hot trends for wedding colors in 2009? Let's take a look at what the experts say is hot for 2009!
In both 2007 and 2008, brides tended to select soft greens and white, lilac and even Black and white. So popular were these colors in fact, you may well find them leading the way in 2009 wedding colors as well. You will also likely see brighter colors begin to emerge as well.
Fashion experts agree that there will be an influx of bright colors, leaning toward the exotic. While you certainly wouldn't want to go overboard, a bride that wants to strut her style with her 2009 wedding colors will want to make a bold splash of color if she wants to keep in with the current style trends.
How, you may be wondering, can you add this splash of bold color without going overboard? One thing you will want to definitely do is to keep the primary areas traditional. This includes keeping the bridal gown classic. Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen clothing should be color coordinated as well. From there, you can make a statement with the flower arrangements, table centerpieces and the trim on the cake.
Tropical colors that feature bright yellows and turquoise will likely be popular, and when mixed with a tropical wedding theme can be quite a beautiful site to behold. Favor boxes can be decorated with ribbons of blue and yellow along with place settings that are color coordinated will give off the illusion of the tropics.
You'll also likely see orange color schemes making its way back into popularity. These oranges work well when you coordinate them with peach tones and an occasional very bright orange splash. In this case, you could use peach colored favor boxes tied with bright orange ribbons and you could include Tiger lilies in bridal bouquets.
While pinks are always in style, 2009 is about new beginnings, and 2009 wedding colors are about making a statement of these new beginnings, so in the case of pinks being the color of choice, you will see strong pink shades as opposed to the paler shades. As with the other bright colors, this should go over well if you follow the same techniques mentioned previously, and keep traditional things as traditional, then make your color statement with the decor.

Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Grow Hair Longer & Lustrous

Healthy hair is achieved through many sources. Diet plays an important part in the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Hair growth is slowed by factors such as a heavy intake of refined foods or smoking. Improve diet and habits and then move to some homemade hair recipes consisting of items found in the cabinet, the grocery store and even the liquor store. Make a few natural solutions to stimulate growth and increase luster.

Step1Finely chop jalapeno peppers and place in a glass bowl or pot. These peppers prevent hair loss and stimulate growth and strength.

Step2Pour ¾ of a cup of vodka over the peppers and let sit for a couple of days. Strain vodka to remove peppers and pour 3 tablespoons of caster oil into a clean bottle and add tonic.

Step3Before bed, pour a small amount into palms and massage into scalp. Caster oil adds luster and shine and vodka increases circulation.

Step4Another moisturizing hair mask is 1 cup of mayonnaise mixed with 1 egg. Saturate hair and wrap with plastic.

Step5Leave this mixture in hair for 15 minutes and shampoo as usual. Use when hair feels dry and brittle.

Tips & Warnings
Remember to wash hands immediately after use. A slight tingle will occur with first hair mask. Vodka is a trick that the Russians use to increase circulation and help hair regrow in bald areas. Protein found in eggs boosts body and shine. Mayonnaise restores moisture lost in hair by coloring and/or styling.
Avoid contact with eyes. Do not substitute oil in first mask as castor oil is alcohol soluble. Do not rinse egg and mayonnaise mask with hot water or the egg will scramble.

Improve Hair and Nails Through Your Diet

Our physical traits are mostly determined by genetics, but you can help nature along with changes in your diet. To get your hair and nails in the best shape possible from the inside out, read on.

Step1--Eat high-quality protein foods. Eggs are a good source as long as you don't have cholesterol problems.

Step2--Eat grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Step3--Make sure your diet is composed of 50 percent fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step4--Add sulfur- and silicon-rich foods to diet. Onions, broccoli, fish and sea vegetables are all good sources.

Step5--Eat food rich in biotin, such as brewer's yeast, brown rice and soybeans.

Step6--Sprinkle ground flaxseed on your cereal. It provides essential fatty acids.

Step7--Eat foods high in B vitamins.

Step8--Drink tea made from alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion, and yellow dock.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

8 Tips to Help From Smudged Your Nails

Imagine you just had your fingernails done or you just applied a fresh brand new trendy nail polish you been dying to wear. Then it happens you hit your freshly polished nails on something and now have a very unsightly smudge. What do you do?
Well the best thing to do is to prevent it from happening in the first place. So what can you do to prevent smudging your nails? Read on
Here are a few tips to help you from smudging your nails again.
If you are paying someone else to do your nails, get out your keys, payment choice and if bought a coat with you, put it on. This way you have no reason to smudge your nails digging in your purse.
Best number one tip is to own the nail polish of your choice so if you do smudge them by accident getting into your car and driving home you can fix the smudge at home.
As hard as it maybe to wait at least 5 minutes with your nails in the nail dryer before leaving the nail salon. That will at least give your nails a chance to set before you go.
Your nails will dry faster if you when you polish your own nails if you wait at least 2 to 3 minutes between coats. That gives the first coat of nail polish applied a chance to set.
After you have applied 2 to 3 coats of your new favorite trendy nail polish apply a fast drying Top Coat. We totally recommend Top Rock by BB Couture and it even smells good! It comes Raspberry scent and in regular style and extreme.
Try to use newer nail polish, base coat and top coat because older nail polish just tends to dry slower.
When you apply your coat of nail polish try to apply even coats not too thick as they will also cause a longer drying time.
If pampering yourself to a pedicure and manicure at the same visit to your favorite nail salon ask to have your pedicure first. That will give your toes a chance to dry while you are getting your nails done.
Not all of us are brave enough to wear flip-flops in the wintertime after getting a pedicure done so look into those really cute open toed boots or shoes.
No matter what sometimes we can but smudge our freshly polish nails. By trying to follow these simple prevented tips you maybe able to have nails next time you do them or have them done without a smudge!
The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes. The information contained herein is not intended to be used in place of, or in conjunction with your nail care professional's advice.