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Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

As a kid, each one of you must have heard the story of Rapunzel, the fairytale character, who was famous for her thick long hair. While some of you must have just heard it, others would have dreamt of having such fabulous hair, while the remaining are the lucky ones that have been blessed with the prized possession. Yes, thick hair is always considered beautiful and healthy, even finding place in people’s fantasies. However, the summer months do compel you to change your perception as the scorching heat not only makes it difficult to manage such long hair, but the hair itself loses its innate charm. So, for those with thick long hair, given below are some short haircuts, which will provide the much needed respite this summer.

Shag Hairstyle
Shags look good on practically all the people. Short shag is an ideal choice for those with thick hair. For inspiration, you can consider Hollywood actress Meg Ryan, who looks sexy in her carefree shag hairstyle. To define the face, jagged layers are cut throughout the hair and side bangs are used to provide height and extra definition.

Razor Cut
For thick hair, you can even consider the razor cut. Unlike the long razor, which is recommended for long and straight hair, short razor is suggested for thick hair. The short razor cut provides several defined layers, which provide movement as well as control to your hair. This enables you to manage your hair easily, without being messy.

As everyone envies thick hair, the ones who are gifted with them should be proud. Maintaining this feeling, you can simply make a ponytail and still look stylish. Your hair might be long or short, a ponytail looks trendy anytime. For special occasions, you can experiment by making dual ponytails or tie them sideways for a flirtatious look. Another teasing hairstyle is the partial ponytail, which leaves some of the hair out.

The Pixie
The Pixie haircut also looks good on thick hair. It not only frames your face but also accentuates your features. The hairstyle comprises of short yet different length bangs. It is quite choppy in appearance and provides a messy look at times. However, it requires less maintenance and provides you a naughty, girly look.

How to Fix a Bad Hair Color

Hair color is one of the best instruments that can help you transform your look completely. It can turn you into a bold brunette from a gentle blonde or change your tame brown hair color into fiery red. Though hair color can make you look extremely good, frequent using can stress your hair and at times, also dry them out. The worst part comes when somehow; the hair color goes wrong and gives a hue that is completely different from the one you expected. Whether done by a professional stylist or caused by a person experimenting at home, a bad hair color can definitely make people look funny and affect their self esteem. In such a case, it is better to go to a professional and seek his help. In the following lines, we have provided some tips for fixing bad hair color.

How to Fix a Bad Hair Color

Professional Solution

If you got your hair colored from a professional stylist, it is better to go back to him immediately. The sooner he starts treating your hair, the better it will be for you.
After you contact the stylist, it is better not to indulge in blame game. Anger or emotional outbursts will not get you anywhere. It is better to focus on finding a solution for your problem.
Have faith on your stylist and let him try and fix the color to your satisfaction. Most of the professional stylists will promptly try to find a solution and ask you for no extra charges.
If the bad hair color is a result of your mistake, in most probability, the stylist will ask you to pay up. In such a case, ask him about the treatment and its cost beforehand, so you have an idea about your liability.

Some More Tips

It is always better to go to professional stylist to get your hair colored as well as to get your bad hair color corrected.
Try to stick to the stylist who colored your hair. Since he colored the hair, he will definitely have at least some idea about the solution too.
Do not try to fix the problem yourself, by resorting to bleach, other colors or color removal products. This can damage your hair beyond repair.
Getting your bad color treated from a professional may take more than one visit. So, please be patient.
In case it is totally impossible for you to go to a professional, contact the customer care of the hair color company. They will be in a better position to help you with the problem.

Other Solutions
At times, it might be that there is no solution to your problem and you have to bear with a bad hair color for some time. In such a case, you can follow the tips given below, to minimize the problem.

Go to a professional stylist and ask him to give you a short haircut, which does not accentuate your hair color.
Applying hot extra virgin olive oil and washing your hair with hot water will help the color fade away quickly.
Have a diet rich in proteins and pop some hair vitamins to help enhance hair growth.
At places where you have uneven hair color, using accessories like hair clips, barrettes and jeweled hairpins, is a very good option.
Finally, do not let a bad hair color prevent you from going out. Be confident of your looks and step out boldly. Most of the times, people will not even notice your bad hair color.

Different Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrows are a vital part of the face as they contribute a great deal in framing it. With the help of eyebrows one can draw attention towards the eyes and can even accentuate the features. Though nowadays both men and women have become aware of the importance of the brows and get them trimmed regularly, it is still not a necessity for men, unlike women. It is a common trend amongst women to get their eyebrows trimmed as per their face cut. Everyone has a different face and the shape of the brow also depends on the same. Thus, a person should know which shape will be best suited for him/her. For more information on different kinds of eye brow shapes, read on.

Different Shapes of Eyebrows

Arched eyebrows are deemed ideal for those who have extremely thick brows, riding low along the brow ridge. The arched eye brows broaden up the appearance of the eyes and make them appear more alert, bright and wide. The arched shape is basically a combination of the angled and curved shapes. It is typified by an upward angle, starting from the inner corner of the eye following up to a two-thirds distance. It culminates with a curve downward on the outside.

Angled brows are the most striking of all the eyebrow shapes, owing to the sharp angle they have. Angled brows begin upward from the inner corner of the eye and then slide down with a steep angle, towards the outer edge. This brow shape is great for those who have a round or wide face. This provides a vertical line to the face, making it appear slimmer. Moreover, it is ideal for close-set eyes as they help in drawing the focus to the outside.

Curved eye brows are usually round in shape. The curve of the eyebrow follows the line of the eyelids and expands only proportionately. This type of eyebrow is ideal for those who have sharp, angular features. The addition of curved eyebrows provides a mellower look to their features, adding softness to the overall look.

Though the name might seem intriguing, there is a shape of eyebrow which is referred as flat eye brow. It is so called owing to the minimal curvature it provides along the length of the brow. Flat eyebrows are deemed suitable for those who have very narrow faces or widely spaced eyes. This makes their face look broader and deviates attention from the wide gap between the eyes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Shine Shoes

Tired of having your shoes look worn-out a few hours after you’ve bought them? Want to keep your shoes looking as good as new? Fear not-- with a few handy supplies, and by following these steps, you can learn the easy way to shine them like a pro.

Step 1 Clean dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush or damp cloth.

Step 2 Select a can of wax or creme shoe polish that matches the leather you want to polish.

Step 3 Use a shoe polish brush to apply a conservative amount of polish to the surface of the leather. Brush in circular motions until the leather has a dull coating. Get into tight spots using an old toothbrush.

Step 4 Wait 15 minutes while the polish dries.

Step 5 Brush shoes or boots with a shoeshine brush.

Step 6 Buff to a gleaming shine with a clean cotton cloth, such as an old sweat sock or T-shirt.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beautiful clothes no matter your size

Everyday we hear stories on the news about people carrying more weight than ever before. In America, the obesity rate is at an all time high, and in Britain is becoming an increasing problem.

Unfortunately this weighty trend doesn’t show signs of turning around quickly. Part of that is simple mechanics, as putting the weight on is infinitely easier than taking it off. Another culprit is today’s hectic pace; every year people are working more hours, are involved in more out-of-the-home activities, and are more emotionally stressed. That means we are likely to continue to take advantage of the convenience of high calorie, low health-content fast food.

So the fact remains that there are a lot more women who fall into the “plus size” category, and this is unlikely to change soon. Yet most clothing designers refuse to acknowledge the existence of this retail base. Is this an issue of prejudice? Perhaps they just don’t want to acknowledge that plus-sized women exist. Or maybe it’s simply that they are snobs, thinking their designs are so spectacular that plus-sized women don’t “deserve” to wear them. Surely it can’t be a deliberate decision to only sell to one tiny sector of their potential target audience! Whatever the reason, most designers simply don’t make anything past a size 14 or 16.

There are, however, some designers who have are not only willing, but actually seem eager, to serve the plus size market. Some of them are extremely well known all around the world, like Bob Mackie, Nolan Miller, Emanuel, Gabriella Rossi, and Randolph Duke. Others may not have an international reputation, but they definitely click with women in America and much of Europe. They include Terry Lewis, Anthony, Susan Graver, and Jean Bice.

Unlike most of their competitors, these fashion-forward designers are willing to design clothes for women from size four to 24. I’m not just talking about ugly baggy shirts or caftans either. These designers provide the latest fashion trends in jeans, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and more. To make sure of the fit, many of them use fit models rather than mannikins. This ensures that every woman has the opportunity to put her best foot forward.

For the woman who yearns for something a step above the norm, designers like Nolan Miller, Bob Mackie, and Randolph Duke offer class and sophistication as well as fun and perfect fit. From simple tees to leather jackets and even glamorous gowns, Nolan Miller designs fashions that make every woman feel like the star. With most of his collection focusing on absolute elegance, Miller’s customers can easily step on to their own red carpet and command the utmost attention. Whether it’s a lace tunic, velvet skirt, or butter soft leather jacket each and every piece of Miller’s clothing screams style.

Bob Mackie’s designs run the gamut from cozy casual to premier ready fashion. Using luscious fabrics, great textures, bold patterns, and punches of color, Mackie gives women the chance to make an affirmative statement every single day. Randolph Duke’s clothing collection is always trendy, sophisticated, and versatile. He is the master of illusion, often designing clothing that can be worn more than one way. From denim to suede or from cotton to knit, Duke fashions are always on-trend and happening.

Women who like something a little more down to earth can easily turn to Emanuel and Gabriella Rossi. Emanuel fashions are flirty and fun. Each Emanuel collection features the most current trends in fashions, the day’s hottest fabrics, colors, and cuts. Gabriella Rossi focuses heavily on knit fabrics, which fit into almost any lifestyle. Like Emanuel, Rossi’s collections are cut to accent the best part of a woman’s body and to move gracefully as she moves. It’s a beautiful fusion between fashion and form.

For the working woman, designer Susan Graver provides fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily, glide like air on the body, and make the wearer feel like a million dollars. From her silky soft peach skin fabrics to her signature faux leather, Graver designs elegant pieces that can be mixed and matched with ease and stand up under the most brutal lifestyle. From casual tees to beautiful twin sets and from embroidered denims to soft elegant laces, Graver offers something to suit the taste of women everywhere. Even better yet, most of Graver’s pieces can easily move from day to night with a tweak in jewelry, a change of shoes, or the addition of accessories. Best of all, Graver’s price tags are unbelievably low for the quality of her fashion.

For those who prefer clothing with a little pizzazz, Anthony Designs almost always fit the bill. While he specializes in beautiful ethnic designs, he designs for women in general. His collection ranges from casual chic to party ready. His designs aren’t for every woman simply because Anthony doesn’t do the mundane. He’s into unusual shapes, layering, and lots of “bling.” His fabrics are soft, elegant, and easy to wear. His cuts are unusual and loaded with sass. Don’t let his price tags fool you, though, because this designer’s clothing stands up well, even on the worst day imaginable.

The woman who leans toward the casual side of life will love Quacker Factory by designer Jean Bice. From cute little novelty sweaters to rhinestone and pearl embellished fashions, Bice’s clothing is highly recognizable. Her customers are extremely loyal to the Quacker Factory; many collecting her designs for their artistic value as well as for the fact they are simply fun to wear. Bice does everything from adorable pjs to elegant shirts and sweaters that make their wearers feel special each and every time they put them on. Like some of her fellow designers, Bice’s fashions are priced to fit the budget of today’s working woman.

Last, but never least, Terry Lewis designs a line of fashions called Classic Luxuries. Although she now features collections in many different fabrics, her focus remains on suede, leather, and faux fur. But we aren’t talking about just any suede or leather. We are talking about fabrics that are soft, supple, and infinitely wearable. Lewis’s jackets and pants are cut perfectly to make any woman’s body look its very best. Her leather designs range from plain to embellished and even laser cut with elaborate designs. Her color pallet is always on trend, with something to fit any skin tone. Although her leather pieces are easily the best on the market today, her faux fur pieces are even better still. Whether long or short or car coat length, Lewis’s incredible fur mimics the real and even exceeds it from time to time. At prices a fraction of those normally seen for like fashions, Lewis has quickly built an extremely loyal fan base.

All of the designers listed here have their own design houses and sell their clothing in specialty boutiques and retail clothing stores as well as on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) or QVC. For more information or to browse their collections, check out their designs on the Internet or through the HSN and QVC websites.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, whether she is a size zero or a size 24. More than that, she deserves to be recognized for the person that she is and the contributions she has made to the world; not just for her size or her looks. It’s rewarding to know that at least a handful of designers have taken that message to heart and responded. On behalf of plus size women everywhere, I offer our heartfelt thanks.

fashion tips for an elegant, graceful and chic look

Functions and occasions accomplish anybody thrilled. Bathrobe up for these occasions adds to the excitement. Every accident calls for appropriate dressing; some crave academic dressing, others crave informal. The way you do your hair, architecture and accessories additionally counts. Appearance is not aloof spending huge amounts of money the outlook; it is the way to accessory appropriate with affordable amount tagged dressing. For these appropriate occasions, afterward are some appearance tips for an elegant, adroit and chichi accessory to accomplish you angle out amid all. Weddings are a time of anniversary of two bodies starting a new life.
It is a happy, blissful occasion, so dress up in a way that shows your blessed mood. When bathrobe up for weddings accumulate in apperception whose bells you are accessory and again dress accordingly. Weddings alarm for academic dressing, so abstain carefully any accidental stuff. Also, go with the trend! Abrasion what is 'in fashion'. It is able to abrasion ablaze colours to weddings. It is additionally awfully bigger to abrasion your cultural apparel to weddings. Girls and women charge abrasion jewellery. It is the time to abrasion your gold and chunk after attractive odd. As for your hair, get it curled! Straightened beard is no best in fashion.

Abstain the wet accessory effect. It is a years-old trend now. Stilettos accomplish women accessory added affected and glamorous. Therefore, go for aerial heels instead of pumps, flats or wedges. Men charge additionally accouterments formally, cutting suits. Birthdays and added parties accord addition advantage to dress up. You can go from academic to semi formal. The affair setting, cardinal of guests and the acclimate altitude comedy a cogent role in allowance you dress up. Women can go for saris, pants skirts and apart frocks etc. Bodies abrasion jeans at some clandestine parties. To accessory acceptable at a party, you aloof accept to accessory 'cool'.

Abrasion adequate and presentable attire. You can accept from a array of colours. Parties are added an befalling for fun and enjoyment, so abstain cutting annihilation that would accomplish you uncomfortable. Abrasion whatever you can backpack well. Leave your beard accessible or bound, align it or coil it; parties accord you chargeless choice. Girls should abstain blanket layers of accomplish up on at parties. Instead, go for a lighter effect. Simple eyeliner, mascara and appearance would additionally do well.

Summer hair - keep it looking good on the beach

The hot summer sun is one of the worst things that can happen to hair. That is especially true for hair that is already damaged or that has been color treated. For that reason, the best summer hairstyle begins with healthy hair. There are several products on the market to help protect hair from the sun; which one is chosen will depend upon the condition of the hair as well as the summer situations one hopes to avoid.

Frederic Fekkai, one of the masters in hair care, has developed a system of products that are perfect for summer hair. Retailing for around $20, they can be found at Fekkai’s hair salons, upscale department stores like Nordstrom’s, and specialty beauty boutiques like Sephora. The first is called “Wash and Wear.” The lightweight product is perfect for those who can wash their hair immediately after leaving the beach. It is equally good for those who just want to encourage natural soft waves or curls. Spray it on liberally to achieve a beachy look while also protecting hair from the chlorine of the pool, the salt of the sea, and the drastic heat of the summer sun. The other product is a light gel called “Zero Humidity.” It can be sprayed onto dry or wet hair. It conditions while adding a shield that keeps hair from frizzing in the hot summer sun. All that is left behind from either product is soft, supple, sexy hair.

Ojon Hair Care also provides an excellent product they call a Restorative Hair Treatment. It retails for under $30 and can be found on QVC or purchased directly from Ojon. Formulated from oil from the Ojon tree, it is the same product that the Tawira Indians have used for over 500 years. This all-natural cream not only works to rejuvenate hair but it also works to improve the condition of the scalp at the same time. It hydrates the hair even while it is being exposed to the harshest summer rays. Application is simple. All that is needed is to add a quarter size amount to the hair and work it through to hair ends. Then pull it back, put it up, or shield it with a hat. This miraculous hair treatment may be the one product in the world that guarantees hair will be in better condition - softer, silkier, and shinier - after exposure to the sun.

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How To Style Curly Hair

If you are born with curly hair, first of all understand that your hair is no mess and muddle. In fact many of the people with straight hair must have been jealous of your hair at one point of time or the other. You have natural style about your hair, something that gives you a special zing in your looks, something unique and different from the crowd. Do you even realize that many girls with stick-straight hair spend hours trying to get a curl like you? So, do not think of getting rebounding done. Rather, there are several other experiments that you can try with your hair. Read this article to know how to style curly hair.

Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Basic Care

Prevent Frizz
Style is effective only when hair is properly cared for. There are a few basic care tips that need to be kept in mind before anything else. The problem of frizz is one of the most irritating problems that people with curly hair face. The simplest solution to this is the use of deep conditioner with silicone. It will help retain the shine and luster of your hair.

Use Blow Dryer Correctly
The blow dryer, if not used properly, can make your look nightmarish. All those people who have curly hair should always use a diffuser while blow drying their hair. In case you do not have a diffuser handy, aim the blow dryer nozzle downward, in the direction of hair growth.

Use Comb
If you have curly hair, prefer using comb, instead of a brush. It is because combing your hair will help your have clear curl locks, which will enhance the beauty of your hair, in turn.

Best Curly Hair Looks

Curly Hair Looks Best If Long
Do you remember how actress Keri Russell cut off her famous long curls and the public went fiercely angry? It is the basic issue with most of the girls with curly locks - they look good only when long. For majority of the faces, short curly hair seems to give a puffy look.

Best Haircuts For Curly Hair
In case you are planning to go for a hair cut, it is best to include some layers into it. Without layers, long curly hair seems like a Christmas tree. Do not go for uneven hair-cut and please stay away from straight cut looks.

Go For Pressing
At times, getting your hair pressed, for making it temporarily straight, is a good idea. This style lasts for a day or two and will help you get a different look. However, do not go for frequent pressing, as it might damage your hair.

Exclusive Hair-Dos

Ballerina Bands
Ballerina bands look best on women with curly hair. They give a very cute as well as romantic appeal to the person. Ballerina bands look best with half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Headbands are big saviors for curly-haired women who are short on time. If you have curly hairs, simply pull your hair back in a band, flattening it in the front and with twists in the end.

Loose Buns
If you have long curly hair, you can look like the perfect damsel by having them fabulously pulled back, in a loose bun. It is very simple to make and comfortable to carry as well.

Techniques to do Self-Massage

After a day's hectic work, you would want to sit back, relax and pamper your senses with a soothing massage. The best bet would be to ask someone in your home, say your mom, sibling or partner, to give you a gentle massage. In case nobody is near you, then help yourself. We provide you some handy self-massage techniques, which would de-stress your body and give you the much needed relaxation. Check out the following lines and get tips on some effective self-massage techniques.

How To Do Self Massage

To massage your scalp, sit straight and gently place your thumbs behind your ear. Now, spread your fingers on top of your head and give a gentle massage to your scalp, by making circles with your fingertips. Do it for about 15-20 minutes and feel the difference!

In case your eyes are tired, may be due to prolonged work on computer, then you would need to rest them for sometime. A gentle massage would serve the purpose. Close your eyes and place both your ring fingers under the eyebrows. Ensure that the fingers are positioned near the bridge of your nose. Now, exert pressure on the areas by pressing your fingers. Hold the position for about 5-10 seconds. Repeat the massage 2-3 times.

The self-massage technique applied to nose also proves to be the best remedy to get rid of sinus. For the purpose, you need to place your fingertips at the bridge of your nose. Now, slide your fingers down your nose, moving towards the top of your cheekbones and finally, to the outside of your eyes. Do this exercise for about 5 minutes, in a gentle manner. This would provide you relief from sinus pressure.

Shoulder pain is a common problem faced by people doing desk work. To relieve the tension in your shoulders, place one arm across the front of your body. Now, with the same arm, touch your opposite shoulder. Press your arm firmly on the muscle above the shoulder blade and move it in a circular motion. Repeat the massage with the other arm as well.

Other Self-Massage Techniques

*In case you want to release muscular tension, rub your muscles in a circular motion, with the help of your palm or the fingers.

*By rubbing your muscles in a circular motion, with the help of your palm or fingers, you can release a lot of tension from the muscles.

*In case of chronic stress on the muscles, apply the kneading technique. For the purpose, you would need an essential oil. Heat the oil a bit and knead your muscles gently, just like the way you knead bread dough.


*Apply outward motion to end each self-massage technique. You may also do some gentle tapping, in order to stimulate the circulation of blood and promote deep relaxation.

*Always apply gentle strokes while massaging, because you would not want to exert undue pressure on your muscles.

*Give your body's organs a gentle massage for about 15 minutes, daily. By doing so, blood circulation would improve.

How To Look Mysterious

Everyone wants to look beautiful or gorgeous, but have you ever given a thought about looking mysterious? What is mystery, you might ask. It is something that is not fully understood or that baffles the understanding.

When you look mysterious, it is bound to arouse curiosity among those who are around you. Read on to find out some tips about how to look mysterious.

*One of the best ways to get that mysterious look is to experiment a little with your hair. You can dye your hair or get a dark hair color which is sure to look good. Try something that is deep in color like black. To complement the dark color, get a hair style with some sharp angular cuts. This will add to your mysterious look.

*You can also use a little lighter foundation for your make up than you generally use. Over the lighter foundation, you can use some deep colored or reddish lipstick. This will compliment your look nicely. It will look a little old world, perhaps, even a little gothic but it will be sexy, nonetheless.

*Wear something dark in color, like purple, black, deep red, forest green; anything with a dark look. Dark always looks mysterious, especially if you pair it with something feminine like gorgeous necklaces, beaded black or purple colored earrings. This will make you look mysterious yet give you that feminine charm.

*You can also try and wear short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking and colored tights. This will really look good.

*Apart from the looks, you can also work the way you talk. Remember, be silent and only speak when spoken to. This will add to the mysticism.

*If you happen to catch a guy's eye, give him a sensual look and then look away. Don’t keep gaping towards him. He sure would want to chase you!

*Wearing some vintage piece of accessory can also add to that mysterious look. Things like capes, jackets, hoods, hats, corset shirts, etc. can look real good and sexy.

*Have fun! If you are not comfortable yourself, you will not be able to project what you want to. So, just be confident about yourself and have fun.

In short, here are some tips on how to look mystifying.

*Wear vintage pieces of accessories.

*Get a cool looking haircut with sharp angles.

*Wear dark eye make up.

*Try short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking.

*Give guys that enigmatic look

*Try and paint your nails in deep color.

Having that 'closed look' is not that difficult. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you are sure to baffle everyone around you. So, go ahead and get that look that you had always wanted.

How To Remove Tattoo

If Saif Ali Khan breaks up with Kareena Kapoor (no offence to their fans), what is he going to do? Not with his life, I mean with his famous tattoo! Well, we hope he never has to go through this dilemma of whether “to remove or not remove” the tattoo. However, there are many people who have inked themselves with a tattoo in a spur of moment, but no longer want it. Those who are stuck with an undesirable tattoo, whether it’s the name of their past flame, a gang sign or something very corny, know the cost of succumbing to a whim. Getting stuck with a tattoo you hate to see, for the rest of your life, is not a pleasant notion. On top of that, it’s just not possible to cover the tattoo with your clothes all the time, so you become the butt of many jokes as well. So what do you do? Live with it till you die? No! Not anymore at least! The good news is that now, there are a number of methods, using which you can remove your tattoo. Go on and explore these methods and know how to remove an unwanted tattoo. At the same time, do make sure that you think twice before getting inked the next time.

Tattoo Removal Methods

*Laser Removal
It is one of the best methods of tattoo removal. A cream is applied to numb the skin and then, with the help of laser, the tattoo is broken down into fragments. These fragments are, in turn, removed by scavenger cells. However, a tattoo cannot be removed with only one session of laser treatment. It needs a couple of sittings to make the 'thing' go away completely.

*Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
Intense Pulsed Light Therapy is almost similar to the laser treatment. However, in the former, instead of laser, intense pulsed light is utilized to break the tattoo down. A gel or cream is applied over the tattooed part and then intense flashlight is flashed to the area, through a prism. Just like laser, this treatment doesn't get rid of the tattoo in one go and will need a number of sittings.

*Removal Cream
A “Do it yourself” method of removing a tattoo comprises of the application of tattoo removal cream. This cream uses a chemical, known as Trichloroacetic Acid, which causes the skin to peel. When applied regularly on the tattooed area, it will peel the skin on the particular area, breaking the tattoo in turn. However, the tattoo will take a certain amount of time to be completely gone.

Dermabrasion is yet another common method of removing a permanent tattoo. It involves the process of sloughing away the top layer of the skin, to remove the tattoo. Eventually, a new layer of skin takes place of the tattooed layer. However, this method may leave scars in some cases. At the same time, it is not recommended for tattoos done on the face.

Salabrasion is a method of tattoo removal that makes use of water and granular salt. This mixture is rubbed on the skin, to remove the tattoo, with the peeling of the upper skin. However, this method is not very popular and should only be used on the tattoos that have not been done very professionally.

*Scarification & Camouflaging
Scarification, the veryname implies the method of tattoo removal. In this case, an acid solution is used to remove the tattoo. However, it results in a scar on the tattooed area. Camouflaging, on the other hand, means hiding the tattoo, by injecting new pigments in the area it exists. The new pigments cover the tattooed part and camouflage it. However, the injected part may not look same again and even seem like a scar.

*Surgical Removal & Excision
Surgical removal means removing the tattoo by surgery. It involves the technique of tissue expanders, such as a balloon being inserted under the skin. In case of excision also, the tattoo is surgically removed. However, it involves removing the tattooed skin and then stitching it back. In other words, the skin on tattooed area is removed and grafted with the skin from any other body part of the same person.

Choose The Perfect Prom Dress

Choosing the perfect dress for special occasions such as prom can be very tricky. Many dresses look beautiful on hangers or models in the catalog, but lose their charm the moment you wear them. This is probably because they are just not fit for your personality. To choose the most suitable prom dress, you need to consider the color, size and fabric of the attire and of course, your body shape. This prom night, if you want to look your best and grab all the passing glances; make sure to buy the best outfit. You can check out the following lines and explore tips on how to choose the perfect prom dress.

Choosing Your Prom Dress

*While choosing attire for special occasions like prom night, you need to consider your budget. You would want to land in something that gives you the desired look, but does not end up burning a hole in your pocket. So, set the budget before hitting the mall for shopping.

*Last moment shopping largely ends up in a disaster. To avoid this, you should go shopping a week or two prior to the prom night. This would help you get the best of the lot.

*There is still one thing that needs to be done, before you go to shop for your apparels. It is research. For the purpose, peruse the latest fashion magazines and newspapers. You will get to know what is hot and what is not, including the patterns, prints and colors for the attire.

*In order to know about the latest trends, you may consult a boutique as well. Online window shopping would also help you a great deal. Shortlist the ideas, which click you in the first instance.

*Assess your body shape, before finalizing your prom dress. This is very important, because you would not want to compromise on the comfort level as well as the degree of attractiveness.

*In case you have a curvy figure, consider wearing a dress that highlights your waist, but creates an illusion of lesser hips and thigh weight. If you have a slim figure, go for an outfit that best highlights your silhouette. With large bust size, you may flaunt halter neck gowns, but beware of the v-neck types, which have a plunging neckline that looks atrocious.

*If you have a plus size figure, consider purchasing a dress that tends to flatter your weight and produces an illusion of curves. Go for an outfit that takes emphasis away from the bulging areas of your body, probably tummy, hips and thighs and draws the attention towards your face.

*Consider the length of your prom dress. Check out whether your friends, who have attended prom nights earlier, wore long or short length dresses. Again, perusing magazines and newspapers may serve the purpose.

*Look for a dazzling shade for the prom dress, which looks as good on you. While you do not have to be too jazzy, try to avoid colors that are too subtle as well.

*After you have finalized the outfit, it is the time to shop for footwear and accessories. Remember, both of them should complement your attire and you need to shop for them in advance. The accessories can be glittery, but not too flashy.

*When you are done with the shopping, try the items a week before the prom night. Put on the dress and pair it with the shoes, accessories and a hairstyle that would suit the get-up. Walk around your home, to give your dress a comfort check.

How To Determine Facial Shape

The choice of a good hairstyle largely depends upon the shape of your face. Rest of the criteria, including the texture, color and type of the hair, are just secondary. It is hard to be objective about your own facial shape, because many of the facial shapes tend to look similar to each other. Nonetheless, there are many differences, which can be clearly figured out by taking the measurement of your face and then matching them with the characteristics of each face shape. Read the article and find out how to determine your facial shape, so that you land with the perfect hairstyle, which accentuates your looks.

----Determining Your Face Shape

*First of all, you need to stand in front of your mirror. Do make sure that you have put on all the lights, so that there is no mistake in reading measurements.

*Comb your hair backwards and tie a ponytail. Now, get a piece of paper, pen and an inch-tape.

*Measure your face from the top of your cheekbones, across. Note down the measurement on paper.

*The second step would be to measure your forehead across, at its widest point. The widest portion of your forehead would be positioned exactly halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Take down the measurement on paper.

*Now, measure your face vertically, from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

*Write down all the measurements and find out the category in which your facial shape falls.

----Facial Shape Categories
After you noted down the measurements of your face, compare themwith the characteristics of different facial shapes, as given below:

*Round: If the shape of your face is round, then your face will be as wide as it is long. Your face won't have sharp angles. Further, this facial shape is characterized by soft 'corners' along the jaw-line and forehead.

*Oval: If your cheekbones are slightly wider than your forehead or jaw-line, then you have an oval face. The oval face is characterized by wide cheek-line. In this case, the length of your face would be one and a half times more than its width.

*Square: Your face would be as long as its width, in case the shape of your face is square. This facial shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a strong, wide jaw-line.

*Triangle: A triangle face would have wide forehead that narrows down gradually, to form a pointed chin. This facial shape is also characterized by a prominent jaw-line.

*Diamond: In case your facial shape is diamond, your cheekbones would be the widest and the most prominent feature. With a narrow forehead, the jaw-line would be wide.

*Heart: A heart-shaped face is narrow at jaw line, wide at forehead. It is further characterized by wide cheekbones.

*Oblong/Rectangle: An oblong or rectangle face is longer than its width, just like a rectangle and has sharp edges.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One could argue that the eyes are the most important feature of the face, since we tend to look at them the most. There are a few make up tips and tricks to make your eyes pop. To make them stand out, follow the tips below.

Use eyeliner only on the outer rim of the eyelids, not the inner rim.

*Blend eyeliner with a cotton swab rather than leaving it as a harsh line.

*Avoid drawing eyeliner on the inner corner of the lower lid; instead, start the line at the beginning of eyelash growth or even closer to the middle of the eye.

* Use a light shade of eye shadow on the upper lid leading up to the brow, which will open up the eye. A darker color can be used in the fold of the eye.

* Consider wearing false eyelashes to give your eyes a more wide-eyed, innocent look. Be sure to use natural-looking eyelashes.

* Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to give you the same effect as false eyelashes.

*Try a black mascara if brown does not bring out your eyes enough.

9 Things To Know Before Buy Plus Size Clothes

Women who are larger than average oftentimes find it difficult to find plus size clothes that are still stylish. However, several websites feature women's clothing in sizes 12 and up that look good and won't put a major dent in your pocketbook.

Step 1--Begin by getting your measurements. Sometimes women do not know their accurate size when looking for clothes. Use a tape measure and measure your bust, waist and hips. Write down the numbers on a sheet of paper for reference.

Step 2--Visit the Kiyonna website. This company offers plus size clothes for women that are sophisticated and stylish. You can find work clothes, casual wear, evening wear, swimwear, undergarments and even bridal wear at Kiyonna.

Step 3--Select "Customer Service" in the top navigation bar. On this page, you'll find a size chart to determine your size from 0x to 5x. Use your measurements to find your appropriate size.

Step 4--Choose the bigger size if you are between two sizes. You can always return or exchange the items within 30 days if they do not fit or are not satisfied for any reason.

Step 5--Pick the type of plus size clothing you are looking for under "Departments" in the side bar. On the next page you can see a gallery of pictures with information about each clothing item. Click on the picture to see a detailed description of the item.

Step 6--Roll your mouse over the picture on the next page to see an upclose view of the item. If you decide you want to buy it, select a color and size from the pull down menu, and then click "ADD TO BAG."

Step 7--Call Kiyonna toll-free at (888) 549-6662 if you have any questions about their plus sized clothes or ordering process.

Step 8--Select "CHECKOUT" when you are done shopping. On the next page, fill out the form with your shipping and billing information. Press "CONTINUE WITH CHECKOUT" and choose your shipping method. Kiyonna ships by standard ground shipping or gives you the option of overnight shipping.

Step 9--Enter your credit card information. Kiyonna accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Write down your tracking number to track your shipment.

5 Easy Tips to Choose a Hair Conditioner

Your choice of conditioner depends most on your hair type (unlike your choice of shampoo, which depends on your scalp type). Choosing the right conditioner can help you avoid greasy, limp locks or a dry, frizzy head of hair.

*Choose a rich, moisturizing conditioner if your hair tends to get dry and frizzy.

*Use a volumizing conditioner if your hair is limp and fine.

*Get conditioner made for normal hair if yours is healthy and shiny.

*Change the brand of conditioner you use every month, since hair can become immune to a specific formula's effects, and buildup can occur.

*Buy a separate deep or leave-in conditioner to use once a week. If your hair is fine, use it in the shower and rinse it out immediately, the way you do with normal conditioner. The drier your hair is, however, the longer you'll want to leave it in.

Make Your Own Hair Conditioner

The personal grooming and hair care aisle in your local beauty supply store is most likely overwhelming by virtue of its sheer volume of available options. Even narrowing it down to hair conditioner alone, there is the option of choosing a leave-in conditioner or one that will rinse out. It is tempting to just buy one or the other, but to truly get your money’s worth, it is best to make your own leave-in hair conditioner. The process is cheap and simple, and you are certain to have the best hair conditioner available when you make it yourself.

Make Your Own Leave-In Hair Conditioner

*Begin by assessing your hair’s needs. Hair that is permed, colored, straightened or otherwise altered will have different needs than hair that is only gently brushed. An experienced hairdresser can quickly and easily assess your hair’s overall health and needs.

*Purchase filtered water in individual bottles. Filtered water is purified and has been rid of chlorine, long known to wreak havoc on blond hair. It is also devoid of many minerals that would normally lead to unsightly buildup and thus it makes it a perfect addition to your homemade leave-in conditioner.

*Mix 1 oz. of commercial hair conditioner with 5 oz. of purified water. Pour the components of the mixture into the spray bottle.

*Gently stir the mixture with a wooden or glass stirrer until it is well blended. You now have a bottle of homemade leave-in hair conditioner that takes a minimum amount of time and work and costs a fraction of the price you would spend for a similar product from the store.

Tips & Warnings

*Buying purified water in individual bottles is preferable to buying it in a gallon jug, since repeated opening and closing introduces contaminants that may lead to algae buildup in the bottle.
*Buy a small bottle of the conditioner to avoid storing a partially used bottle for a long period of time. The exposure to air and contaminants may alter the quality of the conditioner and since you will use it sparingly, getting your money’s worth depends on using the entire content of the bottle.
*Adjust the nozzle to use as little or as much of the leave-in hair conditioner as your hair’s condition requires. If you have just deep conditioned your hair, you will undoubtedly need less; if the weather looks like it might cause your hair to get frizzy, use more.
*Do not mistake filtered water for spring water. Some spring water is enhanced with minerals that will not work well for a leave-in hair conditioner.
*Do not use the same distilled water that you are using for your iron.

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Popular Summer Wedding Colors

One has to be careful when dressing up for the somber dark winters. But summer dressing, that too for a wedding, can be fun! The monotony of the landscape during winters is broken with the onset of summertime. You can see the sun shining in varied shades of orange at different points of the day and vibrant flowers in full bloom. Everything looks just so fresh and inviting. So let your summer wedding colors be a representation of all the season has to offer. In other words, the choice of colors for summer wedding is endless.

Ideas for Summer Wedding Colors
When you think of summer wedding colors, think of bright hues. Since everything is a riot of colors during summertime, you can feel free to choose any hue. Yellows, purples, bright pinks and bright blues are some popular summer wedding colors. They work fine for everything right from the d├ęcor to flowers to trousseau.

Though more suitable for springtime, you can consider using pastel hues for delicate touches in a wedding. Pastel colors may not be quite appropriate for the dresses of bridesmaid during summer wedding, but these can definitely be used in invitations and other such subtle accents.

The brightly shining sun is the first thing most people will associate with summer. As such, yellow can be used in combination with gold or orange with white to get a lovely, fresh feel.

A combination of gold with lavender is apt for creating a bright, merry atmosphere in summer weddings. You can add magenta in economical amounts to this particular color scheme to pep things up further. A good idea will be to make the bridesmaid wear dresses in different colors of this summer wedding color scheme.

Teal is one hue which can bring out the best in a summer wedding. Flux this hue with silver and white for a cool, stimulating color scheme. Tulips and other flowers can be died teal to match dresses and other decorations.
Red and pink blend with one another quite well. Employ different shades of both colors to create a really romantic atmosphere during a summer wedding. Use reds and pinks in lights, candles, etc.

17 Useful Tips To Prevent Frizzy Hair

The problem of frizzy hair is something that majority of the females have to face, especially those with curly hair. It is basically the dehydrated cortex (the inner layer of the hair shaft) that causes the problem of frizzy hair. This dehydration can be result of a number of activities - frequent perming, excessive use of styling products, regular usage of bleach or color, taking a poor diet, brushing wet hair, excessive exposure to the sun, and so on. Whatever be the reason, frizzy hair looks very bad and can easily mar you appearance. The good part is that following certain simple steps and taking some precautions can help you stop frizzy hair. In the following lines, we have provided some home remedies for preventing frizzy hair.

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair
1--Always use appropriate hair care products for your hair. A moisturizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner will be your best bet.

2--Don’t wash your hair on a daily basis. Rather, stick to taking a head bath twice in a week.

3--After applying conditioner, always rinse your hair with cold water. It locks down the cuticles and prevents frizzing.

4--Cream conditioners are the best for preventing frizzy hair. Make sure to leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, before rinsing it.

5--You can try using leave in conditioner that controls frizziness by re-hydrating the hair during the day.

6--Never ever use oil-based conditioners on hair that are prone to frizziness, as they can contribute to the problem.

7--Condition and nourish your hair by applying a hair mask once or twice a week. Always concentrate on the ends and leave the mask on for approximately 10-15 minutes, before rinsing it thoroughly.

8--Go for a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a month. It repairs the hair and also keeps them hydrated.

9--Do not blow dry your hair more than once or twice a week. Even while using a blow dryer, never run it up and down the hair. If possible, use an ionic blow-dryer.

10--Stick to silicone-based products for styling your hair, but do not use them in excess.

11--Use the de-frizz (anti-frizz) creams, serums and gels available in the market, concentrating only in the problem areas.

12--Never ever use a brush for combing your hair. Rather, stick to a wide-toothed comb. The former can not only cause more frizz, but also result in split-ends.

13--Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. It can not only control frizz, but also prevent split ends.

14--As much as possible, let your hair dry naturally. At the same time, don’t run your hair with a towel.

15--While buying hair care products, look for the ones with moisturizing agents, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, honey, chamomile, olive oil, panthenol and glycerin.

16--Before styling your hair, make sure to apply de-frizz products. It will contribute to your hairstyle.

17--Do not keep touching your hair throughout the day and try to keep your hands away from the hair as much as possible.

Makeup To Look Mysterious

Everyone wants to look beautiful or gorgeous, but have you ever given a thought about looking mysterious? What is mystery, you might ask. It is something that is not fully understood or that baffles the understanding.

When you look mysterious, it is bound to arouse curiosity among those who are around you. Read on to find out some tips about how to look mysterious.

*One of the best ways to get that mysterious look is to experiment a little with your hair. You can dye your hair or get a dark hair color which is sure to look good. Try something that is deep in color like black. To complement the dark color, get a hair style with some sharp angular cuts. This will add to your mysterious look.

*You can also use a little lighter foundation for your make up than you generally use. Over the lighter foundation, you can use some deep colored or reddish lipstick. This will compliment your look nicely. It will look a little old world, perhaps, even a little gothic but it will be sexy, nonetheless.

*Wear something dark in color, like purple, black, deep red, forest green; anything with a dark look. Dark always looks mysterious, especially if you pair it with something feminine like gorgeous necklaces, beaded black or purple colored earrings. This will make you look mysterious yet give you that feminine charm.

*You can also try and wear short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking and colored tights. This will really look good.

*Apart from the looks, you can also work the way you talk. Remember, be silent and only speak when spoken to. This will add to the mysticism.

*If you happen to catch a guy's eye, give him a sensual look and then look away. Don’t keep gaping towards him. He sure would want to chase you!

*Wearing some vintage piece of accessory can also add to that mysterious look. Things like capes, jackets, hoods, hats, corset shirts, etc. can look real good and sexy.

*Have fun! If you are not comfortable yourself, you will not be able to project what you want to. So, just be confident about yourself and have fun.

In short, here are some tips on how to look mystifying.

*Wear vintage pieces of accessories.
*Get a cool looking haircut with sharp angles.
*Wear dark eye make up.
*Try short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking.
*Give guys that enigmatic look
*Try and paint your nails in deep color.

Having that 'closed look' is not that difficult. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you are sure to baffle everyone around you. So, go ahead and get that look that you had always wanted.

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads

You are fed up of the whiteheads on your face. You looked so pretty but these whiteheads ruined your face. Go through these suggestions and know how to get rid of whiteheads.

Cause of Whiteheads

*Unusual exfoliation of skin cells contributes to the growth of pimples. The dead skin cells clog up the pimples.

*Some individuals produce sebum which is drier than normal. This creates a skin environment conducive to the growth of whiteheads.

*Sebaceous glands in some people produce oleic acid which irritates the skin and promotes the formation of plugs. The plugs result in whiteheads later.

Cure of Whiteheads
Here are some remedies regarding how to prevent whiteheads.

Use Natural Products
Natural products are best for removing whiteheads. Oatmeal and yogurt prove useful when you try to get rid of whiteheads.

Wash your Face
Wash your face thoroughly at least two times a day. Try putting baby powder on your skin. The baby powder dries whatever is on your skin. Steam your face over hot water to open the clogged pores every three days.

Use Oil Free Products
Use oil-free products to wash your skin. Smooth out the skin daily with a facial scrub suitable for your skin tone two to three times a week.

Use Oil-free Moisturizers
Don’t hesitate to use oil-free moisturizers on the skin. If the skin gets too dry, it will only increase the oil production and result in more breakouts.

Do not Pop Pimples
Popping pimples would increase the problem. It would cause scarring. Oil would spread to other areas causing more whiteheads.

Applying a Compressor
Use a hot, wet compressor on an existing whitehead to open the clogged pore.
Using Lotion or Creams

Apply topical lotion or cream having retinoid (derived from vitamin A) over the pimples. It would be helpful in opening the clogged pores. Any acne lotion having salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide would also be helpful.

See a Dermatologist
Seek help from a dermatologist if home treatments fail to deliver. Using a sterile pen-like instrument the medical professional would open the pores and take out the plugged skin cells.

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"DIY" A Sugar Facial

A number of skin problems are associated with the lack of proper care. Exfoliation is one of the best treatments recommended for healthy and beautiful skin. Apart from removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin, the process cleans the pores, thereby making the face glow naturally. You will be surprised to know that a soft, smooth and glowing skin is as close to you as your sugar jar! Yes, sugar facials are widely popular and regarded as one of the best ways of exfoliation. Learn how to do a sugar facial, with the steps given below.

How To Do Sugar Facial

Things Required

*White Granulated Sugar
*Mild Cleanser/ Face Wash
*Facial Toner
*Cotton Ball
*Clean Towel

*Apply a mild cleanser on your face. Wait for one minute and wipe the cleanser with a clean cotton ball. Another option is to clean your face with a soap-free face wash. This will help remove makeup, if any, on your face.
*Dry your face, using a clean towel.
*It is the time to apply a facial toner. Dampen a cotton with toner and apply it on your face, in circular motion. This will clear the leftover traces of the cleanser.
*Now, add one teaspoon of white/brown sugar to one teaspoon of facial cleanser. Mix it well.
*Apply the cleanser-sugar mixture on your face. Massage your face well, with a circular motion of the hand, for about five minutes, or until the sugar is partly dissolved.
*Leave the face pack on for ten minutes.
*Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.
*Wash your face again, this time with cold water, so that the pores get tightened.
*Dry your face with a clean towel.
*Apply a little amount of moisturizer on your face. Skip this step if you have oily skin.

*Use the sugar facial mask twice a week, for best results.
*Do not rub your face too hard while scrubbing, as it will leave red marks.

40 Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

The body art of tattooing has been gaining increasing popularity with the passing time. More and more people are opting to have a tattoo made on their body, with the arms, neck, lower back and ankles being the most common spots. However, before you get a tattoo made on your body, be aware of the fact that each of the tattoos is associated with a meaning, be it a flower, a fairy or a skull. So, while selecting the tattoo, make sure that its meaning reflects your overall personality or life. In case you are planning to get flower tattoos on your body, get to know the meanings of each of them, through the following lines, and only then, make the selection.

Meaning Of Popular Floral Tattoos

*Rose Tattoo
One of the most popular flower tattoos, rose is mostly seen on women, though men are also showing an increasing interest in it. As to the meaning of rose tattoos, it depends on the color used therein. For instance, red rose symbolizes love, respect, courage and passion, while a yellow one is regarded as a sign of friendship, joy, gladness and freedom, the promise of a new beginning. Then, you have the pink rose tattoo - meaning grace and gentleness, white rose tattoo - meaning spirituality and purity, lavender rose tattoo - meaning love at first sight, blue rose tattoo - meaning mystery and 'achieving the impossible' and finally, the black rose tattoo - meaning mourning or pessimism.

*Hibiscus Tattoo
Hibiscus, commonly seen in the tropical country, is yet another flower that is commonly being used as a tattoo design by people. With the term Hibiscus meaning "mallow", the flower itself is taken to mean delicate beauty. When sported on the body of a person, as a tattoo, Hibiscus flower is usually taken to mean that he/she is full of grace and charm. It can also be used to symbolize exquisiteness and elegance. While there are many color combination that you can use in a Hibiscus tattoo, the most common comprise of red and green - red flower and bright green petals.

*Lily Tattoo
Lily, one of the flowers that can bring instant freshness to any room, is counted amongst flowers commonly used for the purpose of a tattoo. It can be taken to mean a lot of different things. For instance, as per Bible, white lily signifies virginity, purity and the radiant soul of Virgin Mary. Even the Chinese and Greeks connect white lily with purity, with the former regarding it as a symbol of summer and abundance as well. The flower is also believed to be associated with the Roman Goddess Venus. In other words, getting lily tattoo on your body will signify purity of your soul, apart from peace and harmony.

*Lotus Tattoo
Lotus is regarded as a sacred flower in many religions of the world. For instance, in Buddhism, it is considered to be a symbol of enlightenment. Buddhists believe that its petals signify the struggles that a person goes through in his life, while its center symbolizes the state of enlightenment. For them, it also means a man's arousing to the spiritual reality of life. Then, there are Hindus, who consider lotus to be a symbol of eternity, purity and divinity, apart from life, beauty, prosperity, fertility, youth and even feminine beauty. Lotus tattoo might also be taken to mean a struggle in life or the constant ups and downs a person has faced.

Other Flower Tattoos & Their Meanings

*Acacia - Friendship, Love
*Anjelica - Inspiration, Magic
*Azalea - Moderation, Temperance
*Baby's Breath - Purity of heart
*Bells of Ireland - Irish luck
*Bluebell - Constancy, Sorrowful regret
*Buttercup - Riches
*Carnation - Fidelity, Love
*Cherry Blossom - Spiritual beauty
*Cornflower - Delicacy, Refinement
*Crocus - Gladness, Mirth
*Daffodil - Deceitfulness, Hope, Unrequited love
*Daisy - Innocence
*Dandeloin - Coquetry
*Dogwood - Forgetfulness
*Four O'clock - Timidity
*Fuschia - Intimacy
*Gardenia - Refinement
*Geranium - Gentility, Peaceful mind
*Hibiscus - Delicate beauty.
*Honeysuckle - Bonds of love
*Hydrangea - Boastfulness, Heartlessness
*Iris - Virtue, Wisdom
*Jasmine - Happiness
*Lantana - Unyielding, Unbending
*Lotus - Estranged love.
*Magnolia - Benevolence, High-soul, Love of nature, Dignity, Nobility
*Morning Glory - Affection, Departure
*Orange Blossom - Chastity, Eternal love, Marriage
*Peach Blossom - Captivity
*Red Flower - Burning passion
*Rhododendron - I am dangerous
*Saffron - Voluptuousness, Sexual energy
*Sunflower - Sheer beauty
*Thistle - Austerity, Sternness
*Tulip - Enchantment, Fame as a great lover, Passionate love
*Violet - Tendency to be timid and shy
*Water Lily - Purity of heart
*White Flower - Purity
*White Lilies - Purity, Sweetness
*Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends

Tips To Make Your Lips Pink And Smooth

Everyone wants an oomph factor in them. In fact, many of the women out there would kill to have luscious, full lips that would send any handsome hunk panting and wanting to kiss them. Beautiful lips can really be an asset and to get that naturally is actually not that hard a job. All you have to do is to refrain from pressing or biting the lips and use certain natural remedies. And you would find yourself with lips that would easily give anyone inferiority complex. Read on to know the easy and natural ways to make your lips pink and smooth, that too with the help of homemade recipes.

How To Make Your Lips Pink & Smooth Naturally

Rose Petals
Crush four, five petals of red rose and coat the paste on the lips. Apart from instant reddening, it will also give smoothness to the lips. Apply every day, 2-3 times, to find yourself with luscious lips. You can make a lip balm too, by mixing crushed rose petals with milk cream. Mix it thoroughly and apply it on the lips for twenty minutes and then wash it off. You will be left with soft and supple lips.

Beetroot Juice
Applying beetroot juice is the best way to make your lips pink. It works like wonder. Grind beetroot in mixer, after washing it thoroughly, and strain the juice. Keep it in fridge. Apply it on the lips for twenty minutes, 3-4 times a day, and then wash it off. If you want to go natural, you can put this juice on lips before you go out. It will work as a lipstick and will work wonder on your lips as well.

The natural ghee not only brings taste to your food, but will also help you make your lips smooth, pink and full. Rub a little warm ghee on your lips, 2-3 times daily. If you’re suffering from chapped lips, then this recipe is surely for you. Ghee is very good for weather-stricken chapped, dry lips.

Olive Oil/Clove Oil
Daub a little olive oil on a small ball of cotton and apply it on the lips, before bathing. After a few minutes, wash it and let the lips dry. You wouldn’t need a lip balm for the whole day. Similarly, you can apply clove oil on your lips, which has antiseptic properties and heals chapped and dry lips in no time.

Mustard Oil
Mustard Oil comprises of an old remedy for dry lips, but only few people apply it. Before going to sleep, pour a few drop of mustard oil on your belly button and massage it slightly. See the effect in the morning. It will heal the chapped, bleeding lips, making them soft and smooth.

Healthy/ Vitamin A Rich Diet
Nothing beats a proper healthy diet, when it comes to pink and smooth lips. Incorporate vitamin A rich food in your diet and drink lots of water. Avoid smoking, as it not only blackens the lips, but also ruins your health. Include juices, fruits and dairy products in your diet.

Exfoliation is very important, if you want your lips to be soft and smooth. Mix olive oil and sugar together, in equal amounts, and blend them thoroughly. Dab the mixture on the lips. With the help of a soft toothbrush, gently exfoliate it. You can apply lemon juice with sugar too. Leave it for half an hour and then rub it with little strokes of brush. Rinse off with cold water. Honey and sugar also would work as a great exfoliator. You will be amazed at how soft your lips become.

Homemade Recipes For Lip Balm

*Mix a few drops of coconut oil, lemon juice, lemon oil and bees wax. Warm the mixture and pour it in a glass jar. Don’t overheat it, as it will lose its beneficial effects. Keep the glass jar with you and dab your lips with it, whenever necessary.

*Mix bees wax, apricot kernel oil and calendula oil. Warm them in double boiler and then add a few drops of orange essential oil. Store in a glass jar and use it when necessary.

*You can mix beeswax, castor oil and sesame oil and warm them in double boiler. Add a few drops of beetroot juice and store for further use.

How To Make Your Face Look Slimmer

All the people in this world are not blessed with similar facial features, physical structure or even mental makeup. They tend to differ from one another in more than one ways. For instance, take the case of facial shape. Some people tend to have a long face, while others have round shape. Then, there are people with pronounced cheekbones, while there are some who have almost round cheeks. While there is not much that you can do to change your basic structure, some modifications can surely be done to alter your appearance a bit. In this article, we have provided tips on how to make your face look slimmer.

Ways Of Making Your Face Look Slimmer

The Power Of Makeup
When the task is to make your face appear slimmer than it is, never ever underestimate the power of makeup. One trick that you can use in this context would be to brush bronzer underneath your cheekbones. At the same time, use a highlighter directly on your natural cheekbones. This will make you cheekbones more noticeable, slimming down the face in turn.

Wear The Right Hairstyle
With the right hairstyle, you can add height to your face, thus making it appear slimmer. For instance, you might style your hair in the form of an upswept do or even the tease the top a bit, in a way that adds subtle height to the face. Yet another option is to wear a high ponytail. All of these hairstyles would give the illusion of a longer, slimmer face.

Choose Your Earrings Wisely
Wearing the right kind of earrings can go a long way in adding height to your face and making it look slim. If you have a round face, never ever go for the same shape in earrings. Rather, wear long dangles. They help draw attention away from you face, downwards. At the same time, you need to keep away from the earrings that add width at ear level.

No Chokers or Short Necklaces
One of the most common mistakes that women with a wide face and neck or a double chin tend to make is to wear chokers. Rather they should avoid any necklace that is either too short or fits too closely to the neck. This is because such neck pieces usually emphasize the wide cheeks and double chin further. You need to wear something long that draws the eyes down.

Wear Lower Necklines
If you have round cheeks or a double chin, always go for lower necklines in your clothes. In fact, you should stock up on V-necks, wide boat necklines, and off-shoulder dresses. If the neck and a part of your shoulders are visible, they tend to take the attention away from your round face. On the other hand, turtlenecks seem to highlight the round face all the more.

Some Tips

*If you have a heavy face, try opting for a layered hairstyle. Layering hair around the crown adds height to the face and makes it look much slimmer that it is.

*Always keep your eyebrows groomed and properly shaped. They tend to draw the attention towards the center of your face, away from the round cheeks.

Get The Perfume Last Longer

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who doesn’t wear a perfume has no future”. All right, she went a little far, but the idea behind the quote remains the same. Women like to wear perfume and many of them cannot even step out of house without it. However, getting a perfect perfume, which compliments you, is a tough job. Nevertheless, after months of going through the catalogues, surfing the net and hours of rummaging in the street, you finally find a perfect perfume. Yet, there is one hitch. It evaporates very fast and you don’t know how to make it last long. You can’t throw your favorite perfume bottle, since you love its smell and cost you quite an amount. It’s also not possible for you to carry it around to spray it every time the smell evaporates. Now, what to do? We will tell you! We have brought out some tips that can help you know how to make your perfume scent last long. Read on to find out.

Tips To Make Perfume Scents Last Longer

*Fragrances, in general, need some base to stick on and that is why people with oilier skin tend to retain fragrance longer than people with dry skin. To make your perfume last longer, try applying it on the oilier parts of your body. Hairline is a good option and between the breasts is an excellent place to keep the fragrance intact.

*If you want your perfume scent to last couple of hours, try layering it with different perfumes of the same fragrance. Also with that, you can use soaps, creams or body wash in the same aroma, which will help the perfume retain the smell for longer.

*Perfumes with light spray tend to evaporate easily. So, buy perfumes in rich sensual fragrance. The most known fact of making a perfume last longer is to spray it on the pulse-points. These areas produce heat, which in turn release the fragrance of the perfume, making it last longer. The wrists, temples, base of the throat, bend of the elbow and between the breasts are all the pulse points and you should spray perfume there.

*You should spray the perfume just after having a shower, as the pores are open at that time and your body is moisturized. It will surely last long. Some people suggest spraying the perfume only after you’ve put moisturizing lotion on your body. If you prefer moisturizing your body before putting on perfume, then put a lotion that complements the scent of your perfume. Remember; never ever let your lotion’s smell contrast with that your perfume.

*You can rub a little petroleum jelly, Shea butter or olive oil on the pulse points, before applying the perfume, to make the scent last longer. Also, while you’re spraying the perfume, spray from approximately twelve inches away and then step into the fragrance cloud. It will help the scent spread equally on all parts of the body.

How To Measure Your Hat Size

Most of the people think of buying clothes and shoes as one of the most difficult tasks in this world. They consider buying the accessories, such as belts and hats, to be fairly easy and simple. However, easy though it looks, getting a hat that perfectly fits your head is not at all a simple task. This is because, in majority of the cases, a person's head size doesn't perfectly conform to the regular hat sizes available in shops. What to do now? If you want a perfect fit for your hat, the best bet would be to get one especially made for you. For the purpose, you would have to determine your hat size. How? We will tell you! Read on to get tips on how to measure your hat size.

How Do You Determine A Hat Size

Don't Go For Hat Size
The first thing to keep in mind, while determining your hat size, is that sizes of the hats, as available in the market, should not be taken into consideration. Majority of the hats that you will find in the stores come with a size label of their own. However, the exact measurements prove to be a problem, especially when you have to convert inches into centimeters or vice versa. So, learn to ignore the hat sizes. Rather, you should measure your head, down to the last inch or centimeter, in order to get the perfect fit.

Measure Your Head
After ruling out the hat sizes available in the market, it is the time to measure your head, to lay you hands over the perfect fit. For the purpose, you will have to make use of a good tape measure. In case you are not able to get the most accurate measurement of your head by yourself, it is advisable to take the help of someone else. Remember, an ill-fitting hat can cause major discomfort. You can take all the time in the world you want, but make sure that the measurement of your head is perfect.

Measure The Right Place
Even on a single human head, measurements can vary to quite an extent, depending on the particular area where you concentrate. In order to get the right measurement, you need to evaluate the right place on your head. Simply winding the measuring tape around your forehead would not give you the perfect measurement for your hat size. The best bet would be to use a hat that you already own and which is comfortable as well. Place it on your head and measure the area where it settles.

Get The Measurements
Finally, you need to get the measurements for your hat. Get the measuring tape and place it around the head, where your own hat fits. Make sure that the tape wounds snugly, being neither too tight, nor too loose. After you have placed the tape on your head, at the right place and in the right way, it is the time to note down the measurements. Make sure to get the exact measurements, down to one eighth of an inch. Now, take this measurement to a hat maker and get the perfect, custom-made hat for yourself.

Getting Tangles Out Of Hair

Maintaining long hair is not an easy task. You have to bestow a lot of care and use a wide variety of hair care products, to get beautiful tresses. Then, there is the necessary of having a proper, well-balanced diet and drinking lots of water. However, one of the worst problems that you have to deal with, when you have long hair; comprises of tangles. They can make even the sanest person lose her frame of mind. In case you also suffer from the problem every now and then, this article would surely prove useful. Go through the following lines and check out ways of getting tangles out of hair.

How To Get Tangles Out Of Your Hair

---Using Baby Oil
One of the best ways to get rid of hair tangles involves the use of baby oil. Let us know how to use the product, to solve the said problem.

*First of all, you need to take a small amount of the baby oil in your hands.

*Rub your palms against each other, to make the oil spread across them.

*Now, apply the baby oil all over you tangles.

*Make sure to rub the oil throughout the tangle, so as to distribute it well.

*Get a wide-toothed comb and use it to pull out the tangles gently.

*After all the tangles have come out, use a normal comb through your hair.

*Now, shampoo and condition your hair, to get rid of the oil.

---Using De-Frizz
In case you do not want to go for the baby oil option, using de-frizz can also help get rid of the tangles present in the hair. Read on to know how.

*First of all, you have to wet your hair thoroughly and give it a thorough wash.

*Now, apply condition on your hair and rinse it off after a few minutes.

*Take put a dime-sized amount of de-frizz and apply all over the wet hair.

*Use your finger to take out the tangles from the hair, gently.

*After this, use a wide-toothed comb to ensure that no tangles are left.

*Let the hair dry naturally and then use hair de-tangler spray.

*Comb your hair and have it free of tangles.

---Using Conditioner
There is yet another way of getting rid of hair tangles i.e. with the help of a conditioner. Check out how it works.

*First of all, you will have to cover the tangled hair with conditioner.

*Using your hands, you have to work in the conditioner.

*Now, use your fingers to pull apart the tangled hair gently.

*While removing the tangles, it is best to go from the bottom, up.

*After you feel that the conditioner has covered the hair completely, use a wide-toothed comb.

*Separate your hair into small sections and start at the bottom of the hair, working your way up.

*While removing the tangles, remember not to tug or pull at the hair. Otherwise, you might end up with split ends and damaged hair.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Straighten Your Hair Naturally

There is no doubt about the fact that straight silky hair perks up a girl's attitude quotient. However, the torture that our hair has to go through, during those hours of re-bonding, is certainly a put off for any sensible woman. For the women who shudder at the idea of hours of harmful chemicals and electrical appliances functioning on their hair, there is a better option, in the form of natural hair straightening methods. They are the best way to have straight silky hair, that too without the use of costly and harmful chemicals and certainly no side effects.

Natural straightening methods are cheap and easily available too. So, why are these methods not much popular? It’s because they take long hours and many months, to give the results. However, the results are the best; you get straight hair with shine, silky softness, that too for long-term. So, instead of wasting your time in hovering around salons, give yourself these treatments at home and find yourself with the straight hair only seen in advertisements. Want to know more on how to straighten your hair naturally? Read on.

How To Get Straight Hair Naturally

*Get a glass of coconut milk and add juice of one lemon to it. After mixing it properly, refrigerate it till the time a creamy layer forms on top. Apply this cream on your hair and leave it for some time. Cover your hair with a hot towel. Now, wash and condition your hair as usual. Comb your hair while still wet. You would find that your hair are shiny and less unruly. After several repetitions of the process, you would find your hair straighter too.

*Take a cup of milk and add a few drops of honey to it. Mix in some mashed strawberries and then apply the mixture on the hair. Keep it on your hair for two hours and then wash off, with a mild shampoo. Blow-dry hair, with a wide-teethed comb. Voila! Your hair is straighter, shinier, and more beautiful than ever.

*Hot oil treatment is another method that nourishes and moisturizes your hair, making it straighter in the long run. Heat a little oil, be it coconut, olive, or any other oil of your preference, and apply it on the scalp. Wrap a hot towel on your head and leave it for some time. Wash your hair after sometime, to find it glossy, smooth, and straighter.

*Beat two eggs and add a spoon of olive oil to them. Mix thoroughly. Take a wide teethed comb and divide your hair in different small sections. Stretch the hair with the comb and thoroughly apply this paste on it with a small brush. Wrap it in silver foils and keep for a few hours. Wash it off with a very mild shampoo and find yourself with gorgeous straight hair, sans chemicals.

*Take one cup of multani mitti (fuller’s earth), one egg white and a few spoons of rice flour. Mix them with water and apply it on your hair. Apply it with a brush and simultaneously comb it. Leave it for half an hour and then comb it again, making it straighter. After combing the hair, leave it for two to three hours. You can comb in between too, to maintain the straight texture. Wash it off, to find silky, smooth and straighter hair.

Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

You spent a great time in selecting that perfect dress for your wedding. You may now hope that the beautiful wedding gown be worn by your sister or your daughter on their 'big day' or you may want to treasure your wedding gown for sentimental reasons. In both the cases, you need to preserve the dress, in order to retain its beauty for the coming years. Many people do not know how to preserve their precious wedding dress and often end up in either spoiling the color or fabric of the gown or even staining it. If you are also in such a situation, then this article is just for you. Check out the following lines and know how to preserve your wedding dress.

Wedding Gown Preservation Tips

*People often dispose off their wedding dress bags, thinking that the plastic bag would be of no use in the future. A little known fact is that the bag can be very handy, when you want to preserve your wedding dress for the future. So, make sure to save the bag in which your wedding dress came.

*In addition to the bag, you will need a clean, white cotton sheet to wrap the wedding gown. Wash the cotton sheet in hot water, before using it for the purpose. Do not use detergent to wash the sheet, because the chemicals might ruin the fabric of the sheet and eventually, your wedding gown.

*Wrap the wedding gown in the washed and dried cotton sheet and then cover it with the plastic bag. Be careful while wrapping the gown, so as not to result in tearing away of the fabric or the hemming

*Send your wedding dress for dry cleaning, one or two days after the wedding ceremony is over. Ensure that you send your precious gown to a professional dry cleaner, who specializes in preserving formal gowns. You may get some help from the bridal shop, about a good dry cleaner.

*Ask the dry cleaner to take care of your gown, during the cleaning process. Alert him about the stains in the gown, if any. If the ornaments in the gown are glued on to it, rather than sewed, do not forget to inform the cleaner about the same. This is very important, because the ornaments often fall off during the cleaning process.

*Ask your dry cleaner to wrap the wedding gown in a clean, acid-free tissue papers. Be sure to mention that you want the high quality tissue papers to be put in between the folds of the gown, to avoid permanent wrinkles on the dress.

*Ensure that the dress is stored in an acid-free box, since the chemicals present in the acid can spoil the fabric of the gown. If possible, ask the cleaner to wrap the dress in an acid-free box, after completing the cleaning process.

*After you have collected your wedding gown from the dry cleaner, place it in your closet, in a very neat manner. You may hang the wedding gown in a padded hanger, to avoid wrinkles.

*The wedding gown should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. The temperature of the store room should also be taken care of. This is because the temperature has an indirect effect on the fabric of the gown, after it gets treated with chemicals during the dry clean.

*Inspect your wedding dress on each anniversary to check whether it is in good condition or not. Make sure that you allow the dress to 'breathe' and then store it properly again.

How To Wear A Bra With Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

The summer season has arrived and brought with it the craze for off-shoulder dresses. Right from America's First Lady Mitchell Obama to your girl-next-door, everyone can be seen donning an off-shoulder outfit these days. Every big designer, like Prada, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, are all bringing in their spring collection with more and more off-the-shoulders dresses. With all this hullabaloo, it is now becoming almost a temptation very hard to resist. The harder part with these dresses is not buying them, rather being able to select the right pair of bra to go with it and then wearing it right. Here are some tips to help you out in the task. Go through the following lines and get tips on how to wear a bra with off-the-shoulder dresses.

Wearing Bra With An Off Shoulder Dress

*For an off shoulder dress, the best bet would be to go for a strapless bra. With all the options present in the market, it is not at all difficult to find a strapless bra, buying the right one might prove to be a challenge. Go for the one that gives your upper part a nice lift and a good shape. Strapless bras come in many shapes and sizes and even variations, such as lace, seamless and push-up pads. So, before buying, make up your mind on one, keeping in mind the size of your bust and the material of your dress.

*It is essential for you to try the bra before buying it. Try it on and walk a little and even jump to make sure that it stays put and doesn’t make the boobs look weird. Stretch your arms and move around to see if the bra is flexible. It should be flexible and shouldn’t drop down.

*If you dread wearing a strapless bra, you can go for a clear strap brassier. However, it will work only if your off-the-shoulder dress isn’t too far off the shoulder. Don’t wear it with a dress that is far-off the shoulder, as it will look quite odd. Also make sure that the straps don’t get exposed in more light, to give off the reflection and ruin your beauty.

*If you are a small-breasted woman and are wearing a very low-cut dress, then you can go for adhesive bras as well. They come in a wide range, from the stick-on-cups to floral-shaped ones, which cover the necessities and give you the liberty to wear very low cut dresses.

*If your dress has a gathered bodice, then you can go for double-stick-tape to keep the dress secured to your bra. Also try going for glue-on bra tapes, which you would find in any good lingerie shop.

*An alternative for the women with big busts can be long line bras, as they have better chances of staying in place.

*Make sure to invest in branded bras, as they generally have better fittings and last longer. You can many cheap ones as well, but they can turn out to be a major let-down later on.

Smart Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hair After Shaving

Shaving forms an important part of the daily routine followed by majority of the men out there. Be it because of the reason that their company requires them to look clean everyday or due to the fact that they want to look well groomed at all times, shaving is surely one necessary evil. However, it often brings with it the problem of ingrown hair, which look like ugly black spots on the face. Though most of the men are unaware of it, it is perfectly possible to avoid having the ugly bumps. How? That's what we are here for. Go through the following lines and find excellent tips on how to prevent ingrown hairsafter shaving.

Preventing Ingrown Hair When Shaving

Using Good Products

--While buying the shaving cream, make sure to go for one that is non-acnegenic and has been especially formulated for sensitive skin. It should also contain a lot of lubricating agents. As far as possible, avoid going for foam-based shaving creams, as they tend to dry and irritate the skin, in turn resulting in ingrown hair.

--After the shaving procedure is over, it is advisable to use a post-shave product that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an active substance that can prevent ingrown hair (and also treat them efficiently). It not only moisturizes the skin, but also helps clear pores and prevents any kind of infection.

--While choosing post-shave products, always make sure to avoid the ones that seem to contain alcohol, be it in any amount. This is because alcohol tends to make the skin drier and can also close the open pores, thus making it prone to ingrown hair.

Daily Routine

--Daily use of a face scrub can go a long way in helping your prevent ingrown hair. Exfoliation helps get rid of the upper layers of dead skin on your face and avoid the in-growth. However, you should go for a gentle scrub, which contains glycolic and salicylic acid, and make it a part of your everyday routine.

--Every morning, before you start shaving your beard, clean it thoroughly. Get a soft-bristle face brush for the purpose. Dip it in a liquid cleanser and massage your beard with it, in a circular motion. This will help displace the tips of ingrown hair, remove dead skin cells and clear follicles, thus allowing your hair to grow without any hindrance.

Shaving Technique

--Before shaving, splash your beard with water and let it remain wet for the next 5 minutes. The wet hair, which is full of moisture, will be easy to cut. Now, shave in the direction of the hair growth. Cutting against the grain is one of the main reasons behind ingrown hair.

--While shaving, allow your skin to remain in a relaxed position. Never ever try to pull it or stretch it too taught. Refrain from putting too much pressure on the blade and try to use a single-blade razor. At the same time, avoid repeat strokes over the same area.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stop Excessive Sweating Naturally

Approximately 1% of the population endures abnormal sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. This problem usually appears in the armpits and palms and can lead to extreme anxiety to the victim, particularly if his/her occupation involves meeting and greeting people.

Sweating is produced by the sweat glands and is extremely valuable because this way we can get rid of detrimental toxins. However, in several people these glands become greatly stimulated, which results in hyperhidrosis.

To treat this state a lot of people employ deodorants, but they can only show effect if the problem is mild.

A further relatively common treatment is to employ Botox shots, but the disadvantage is that they are priced at up to $1400 and they are reasonably painful.

In case you have tried to solve this problem and nothing has been useful, don't worry. There is a completely natural cure you can employ to prevent sweating unnecessarily once and for all. Here are a few tips that will help you reach the right path:

Be careful of what you have: there are some foodstuffs that increase your quantity of sweat and they also make your body smell horrible. Try to stay clear of hot foods, onions, garlic, curries and red meat. Also stay away from caffeine in view of the fact that it causes your heart's rate to go up and makes the scenario worse. A further thing you must definitely cut down on is drinking alcohol. On the contrary, there are a few food items that can help you reduce sweat such as fruits, vegetables and alfalfa. Additionally, you can try using herbs like lemon balm, St. Johns and catnip.

Lose weight: it looks as if most sufferers are overweight. By losing a few it will be easier for your body to move and it will create less warmth.

Learn some recreation techniques: most of the times sweaty palms and armpits are attributable to stress, High levels of stress can lead to this condition. If you believe that this is the scenario with you, then employing relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga can be immensely useful.

Michael Jackson's Skin Disorder - Tips to Treat Vitiligo and Hyperpigmentation Disorder Safely

Michael Jackson is the prodigal Afro-American pop star who can croon like a nightingale and dance like a dream. He is known for the experiments he made with his body and face to look different. He flaunted various looks with every changing season but now he is facing the consequences of various surgeries performed by him during his yesteryear. He is literally in a rotting phase.

Everyone craves to flaunt a fair and beautiful skin but one should take up nature-based products for skin whitening rather than taking up wrong and fast techniques. Hydroquinone is one of the most effective bleaching agents but it can be extremely harmful for your skin in the long run. It can cause deadly disorder like leukemia, thyroid problems and liver damage. FDA bans its usage.

Tips to treat vitiligo and hyper pigmentation

* Drinking plenty of water is extremely important for hydrating your skin. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily for treating complications such as age spots, melasma, dark spots, skin discoloration etc.

* You should consume lots of high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables for flushing out toxins from your body, which consequently nourishes your skin.

* You should preferably use home based products such as limejuice extract, sandalwood paste etc. for rejuvenating your skin.

* You should completely avoid saturated fats in your diet.

* Cardio workouts such as running, swimming, walking or running should be performed daily for maintaining good circulation of blood in our body.

* You should wear sunglasses and wear sunscreen before going outside.

* Nature based ingredients for treating vitiligo and hyper pigmentation are:

- Alpha Arbutin
- Vitamin B3
- Mulberry Extract
- Bearberry Extract
- Lactic Acid
- Emblica Powder
- Kojic Acid
- Lemon Juice extract
- Glycolic Acid

These constituents can easily inhibit the production of Melanin in our body without causing side effects.

Best Vitamins That Help Make Your Hair Grow Faster

The human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals each day to function properly. Most people don't usually get the daily required amount of vitamins every day and this can take a toll on your hair growth.

Hair grows on average about 1 - 3 inches per month. However, an unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition can slow the average rate of growth. Your best bet to maintain a steady rate of hair growth is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It may also help to take a daily vitamin supplement to ensure that you are not lacking in any one vitamin.

The best vitamins for hair growth include B-vitamins and zinc. A deficiency in B-vitamins can actually promote hair loss while too much vitamin A can also have the same effect. It's important not to overdo your intake of essential vitamins so following the recommended daily value will help to ensure balance.

It is always best to try and get most of your vitamins from the healthy foods that you eat. However, busy lifestyles make it nearly impossible to do without adding a daily multi-vitamin.

Other helpful vitamins also include:

Vitamin C - may help with scalp circulation
Vitamin E - helps to improve your immune system and oxygen uptake which also helps with scalp circulation
Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) - helps improve hair texture and dry hair

You can get a bulk of your vitamins by eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Essential fatty acids can be found in fish or by taking flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Homemade Anti Wrinkle Cream

The beauty industry is full of products that smooth and exfoliate skin, reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, and guarantee younger-looking skin with easy applications. However, your kitchen can also be a great place to find all you need in a recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream.Many foods are used in making a good recipe and you don't have to hunt all over specialty stores to get the ingredients for the recipes. The quickest recipe is to simply apply coconut oil to your face and neck the way you would any anti wrinkle cream, gently massaging it into your skin at night.
Mash a portion of a banana until it is very creamy and spread it over your face and neck. Leave the banana on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse it off with warm water and gently patting the skin dry. You can also use a mashed papaya as a recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream. Use the same method for the papaya as you would for a banana, and apply it in the same way.
Perhaps the best recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream is honey. Simply smear honey over clean skin and leave it on for no more than thirty minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and gently pat dry.
Another recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream is to apply the juice of green pineapples and apples to the face daily and leave on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse the juice off with warm water and gently pat the skin dry.
You can also make a recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream with two tablespoons of cucumber juice, one egg white, one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of rum or brandy, and 1.2 teaspoons of sodium benzoate. Beat the egg white and mix the other ingredients into it and apply it to the skin after chilling it.
As you can see, there are many easy options to make a recipe for homemade best wrinkle creams simply by opening your refrigerator. There are other options, as well, and you may find your own unique recipe for homemade anti wrinkle cream as you look for an answer to wrinkles. And while these may all be viable options to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, they are certainly not the only options available to you, so you should consider all the options, and you'll be able to find your own recipe for smooth skin.