Monday, July 13, 2009

Makeup To Look Mysterious

Everyone wants to look beautiful or gorgeous, but have you ever given a thought about looking mysterious? What is mystery, you might ask. It is something that is not fully understood or that baffles the understanding.

When you look mysterious, it is bound to arouse curiosity among those who are around you. Read on to find out some tips about how to look mysterious.

*One of the best ways to get that mysterious look is to experiment a little with your hair. You can dye your hair or get a dark hair color which is sure to look good. Try something that is deep in color like black. To complement the dark color, get a hair style with some sharp angular cuts. This will add to your mysterious look.

*You can also use a little lighter foundation for your make up than you generally use. Over the lighter foundation, you can use some deep colored or reddish lipstick. This will compliment your look nicely. It will look a little old world, perhaps, even a little gothic but it will be sexy, nonetheless.

*Wear something dark in color, like purple, black, deep red, forest green; anything with a dark look. Dark always looks mysterious, especially if you pair it with something feminine like gorgeous necklaces, beaded black or purple colored earrings. This will make you look mysterious yet give you that feminine charm.

*You can also try and wear short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking and colored tights. This will really look good.

*Apart from the looks, you can also work the way you talk. Remember, be silent and only speak when spoken to. This will add to the mysticism.

*If you happen to catch a guy's eye, give him a sensual look and then look away. Don’t keep gaping towards him. He sure would want to chase you!

*Wearing some vintage piece of accessory can also add to that mysterious look. Things like capes, jackets, hoods, hats, corset shirts, etc. can look real good and sexy.

*Have fun! If you are not comfortable yourself, you will not be able to project what you want to. So, just be confident about yourself and have fun.

In short, here are some tips on how to look mystifying.

*Wear vintage pieces of accessories.
*Get a cool looking haircut with sharp angles.
*Wear dark eye make up.
*Try short skirts coupled with fishnet stalking.
*Give guys that enigmatic look
*Try and paint your nails in deep color.

Having that 'closed look' is not that difficult. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you are sure to baffle everyone around you. So, go ahead and get that look that you had always wanted.

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