Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer hair - keep it looking good on the beach

The hot summer sun is one of the worst things that can happen to hair. That is especially true for hair that is already damaged or that has been color treated. For that reason, the best summer hairstyle begins with healthy hair. There are several products on the market to help protect hair from the sun; which one is chosen will depend upon the condition of the hair as well as the summer situations one hopes to avoid.

Frederic Fekkai, one of the masters in hair care, has developed a system of products that are perfect for summer hair. Retailing for around $20, they can be found at Fekkai’s hair salons, upscale department stores like Nordstrom’s, and specialty beauty boutiques like Sephora. The first is called “Wash and Wear.” The lightweight product is perfect for those who can wash their hair immediately after leaving the beach. It is equally good for those who just want to encourage natural soft waves or curls. Spray it on liberally to achieve a beachy look while also protecting hair from the chlorine of the pool, the salt of the sea, and the drastic heat of the summer sun. The other product is a light gel called “Zero Humidity.” It can be sprayed onto dry or wet hair. It conditions while adding a shield that keeps hair from frizzing in the hot summer sun. All that is left behind from either product is soft, supple, sexy hair.

Ojon Hair Care also provides an excellent product they call a Restorative Hair Treatment. It retails for under $30 and can be found on QVC or purchased directly from Ojon. Formulated from oil from the Ojon tree, it is the same product that the Tawira Indians have used for over 500 years. This all-natural cream not only works to rejuvenate hair but it also works to improve the condition of the scalp at the same time. It hydrates the hair even while it is being exposed to the harshest summer rays. Application is simple. All that is needed is to add a quarter size amount to the hair and work it through to hair ends. Then pull it back, put it up, or shield it with a hat. This miraculous hair treatment may be the one product in the world that guarantees hair will be in better condition - softer, silkier, and shinier - after exposure to the sun.

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