Monday, July 13, 2009

Popular Summer Wedding Colors

One has to be careful when dressing up for the somber dark winters. But summer dressing, that too for a wedding, can be fun! The monotony of the landscape during winters is broken with the onset of summertime. You can see the sun shining in varied shades of orange at different points of the day and vibrant flowers in full bloom. Everything looks just so fresh and inviting. So let your summer wedding colors be a representation of all the season has to offer. In other words, the choice of colors for summer wedding is endless.

Ideas for Summer Wedding Colors
When you think of summer wedding colors, think of bright hues. Since everything is a riot of colors during summertime, you can feel free to choose any hue. Yellows, purples, bright pinks and bright blues are some popular summer wedding colors. They work fine for everything right from the d├ęcor to flowers to trousseau.

Though more suitable for springtime, you can consider using pastel hues for delicate touches in a wedding. Pastel colors may not be quite appropriate for the dresses of bridesmaid during summer wedding, but these can definitely be used in invitations and other such subtle accents.

The brightly shining sun is the first thing most people will associate with summer. As such, yellow can be used in combination with gold or orange with white to get a lovely, fresh feel.

A combination of gold with lavender is apt for creating a bright, merry atmosphere in summer weddings. You can add magenta in economical amounts to this particular color scheme to pep things up further. A good idea will be to make the bridesmaid wear dresses in different colors of this summer wedding color scheme.

Teal is one hue which can bring out the best in a summer wedding. Flux this hue with silver and white for a cool, stimulating color scheme. Tulips and other flowers can be died teal to match dresses and other decorations.
Red and pink blend with one another quite well. Employ different shades of both colors to create a really romantic atmosphere during a summer wedding. Use reds and pinks in lights, candles, etc.

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