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20 weird hair color highlight ideas for light hair

People with light-colored hair are fortunate in that most colors of highlights work well for them. Traditional highlighting products are sometimes expensive but work well. Other highlighting choices are a little less traditional, a little less expensive, but are temporary. If you’re in to weird and wacky hair designs, check out the following hair highlight and streaking tips:

1) Purchase two or three shades of traditional highlighting products, in different colors. Most of these come with a cap that is full of tiny holes. Pull hair through some of the holes, and then streak. After it is set, pull different sections of hair through and streak them, continuing with as many colors as desired.

2) Use black mascara - not waterproof - to go for a gothic look. Section hair off and brush the mascara from the scalp, down to the ends. Do many sections for a totally gothic appearance, or just do a streak here and there.

3) Use blue mascara to streak hair, but only do the scalp area, skip a portion of the hair section, then streak the ends. This will give you a vertical stripe appearance to the hair.

4) Use green and blue mascara and take turns highlighting the hair with them. Alternate them by using a green streak, letting the blonde show, then adding a blue streak, and so on. Let each color dry well before adding the next color.

5) Just comb the bangs with a mascara wand in the color of your choice.

6) Just highlight the ends of the hair with a mascara wand, using your choice of color(s).

7) Use powdered drink mix on damp hair to highlight the entire scalp region, leaving the rest blonde. The powdered drink mix comes in many different colors for total weirdness.

8) Use powdered drink mix to highlight the hair in a rainbow of colors. Start with purple, then blue, then red, then orange, then yellow, and finally, green.

9) Braid tiny plats into the hair, leaving most of the hair hang free. Use the powdered drink mix to highlight just the tiny braids.

10) Instead of braiding, just take a few hairs here and there, and highlight them with the drink mix, in red, blue, or green.

11) Put colored polka-dots in your hair by using a round foam brush, dipping it into the drink mix powder, and dabbing on damp hair.

12) Dip a square foam brush into powdered drink mix, then touch the end of the brush, at different angles, to the hair, for a wild look of various colored lines in the hair.

13) Gather the hair in to many little ponytails and color each one a different shade with the powdered drink mix.

14) Gather the hair into one ponytail, in the back, and tint it one color, then highlight the scalp part of the hair another color, then do the bangs in a third color.

15) Color a ponytail with many different highlights by first gathering it into a tie, and then separating the ponytail into sections. Highlight one section with one color and pin the section over to the side while highlighting the next section. Continue until each section is a different color.

16) After arranging hair in two pigtails, highlight the bangs with streaks of green and yellow, then touch just the tips of the pigtails in the same colors.

17) Wear a headband and highlight everything below the headband in black, then everything above the headband, yellow, red or blue.

18) Use styling gel to make portions of the hair stick out or up, then highlight just the tips of the points with red lipstick.

19) Highlight bangs and ends of the hair with copper-colored hair dye, and leave the rest blonde.

20) Highlight stripes of copper, gold or silver into the hair, but leave the ends blonde.

Using blotters to control shine

Cosmetic manufacturers offer a variety of products to control shine. Whether one’s skin is naturally oily or one suffers from a midday shine, controlling it is important. One can choose from oil controlling cream or liquid foundation. This will also even out the skin tone’s appearance. For a lighter coverage still inclusive of oil control, one may use a powder. But what if one wants no coverage, only shine control? Blotters are the answer.

Blotters are cosmetic devices that absorb oil from the skin. They come in several forms – foam and cellulose sponge, foam wedges, rubber strips, cotton rounds and paper tissues. Sponges are round and made of cellulose or foam. The cellulose sponges are more absorbent than the foam ones, because they are more porous. The cellulose sponge is also washable and reusable. The foam sponge has a limited life span. There are also foam wedges that are excellent for accessing the contours of the face, such as the eyelids and nose. These are very economical and can be bought by the bag.

Rubber strips are approximately one inch by one and a half inches long. They are not thick like the sponges or wedges. In fact they are paper-thin. They are meant for single use, and are disposable. They come in packets of a minimum of a dozen strips. These are also excellent for facial contours, as they fold to the shape of the feature. They add an additional benefit of gentleness to the skin. Unlike the sponges and wedges, there is no need to rub it against the face to remove oil. One needs only to press it to the area, and the oil is instantly absorbed. Strips are also convenient, because they come in packets that are easy to carry in a small purse or even a pocket.

Cotton rounds are a natural and biodegradable option. These rounds are about one and a half inches in diameter, and quilted. They come in packs of fifty to one hundred. It is important to make sure the rounds are one hundred percent cotton, and not a cotton/ polyester blend. Polyester fibers are abrasive and damaging to the skin. Also make sure the cotton is tightly woven. If it is loosely woven, strands mat separate and adhere to one’s face. Cotton rounds are also easily storable in a small purse. They aren’t individually wrapped, so one must supply their own packaging.

Blotting tissues are similar to the rubber strips. They are small, come in packs of at least a dozen and are disposable. Unlike their rubber counterparts, they are biodegradable. Blotting paper comes in different forms, but the best quality is rice paper. It is ultra thin and gentle on the skin. Blotting paper also comes in coated and uncoated format. The coating used is usually talc. It is minimal and will not leave a noticeable residue, even on darker skin tones.

Blotters can be found in discount department stores, drugstores, supermarkets and specialty stores. They are located in the cosmetic section. Cosmetic and fragrance specialty stores offer a wide variety, especially the rice paper blotter. Controlling shine can be easy and inexpensive. Blotters offer shine control without the coverage that make up gives. Small and portable, blotters make controlling shine accessible throughout the day. Just slip a pack in your pocketbook, and feel confident about shine control all day long.

How to remove hair dye from skin

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone down that embarrassing road. We dye our hair and realize our forehead and ears and neck are now the same color as our hair dye and it is NOT coming off with simple rubbing. Now the easiest way to remove hair dye from skin is to not let it happen and take preventative measures to avoid this catastrophe. When we get our hair dyed professionally, the stylist will usually put a long string of cotton around our entire head, covering our forehead, ears and neck. This, along with a bit of Vaseline or lotion applied anywhere our hair meets our skin will prevent any staining you may get from the dye itself. However, if you are beyond this point and are sitting at your computer with black stains all along your forehead, you probably don’t want to read about what you SHOULD have done. You want to know how to actually remove the dye that is already there. Fortunately, like getting rid of hiccups, all kinds of people have all kinds of remedies that may prove to work on you.

Simple Solutions

Evidently, there are some products you can buy at hair salons and hair beauty supply stores that were created specifically for this purpose, but if you are too embarrassed to run out and purchase these products, there are many home remedies that may work. If you don’t have to be somewhere right away, one of the simplest methods is to rub some Vaseline or baby oil on the stains and leave it on overnight. The stains should be gone by the next morning.

Some serial skin dyers have recommended simply using warm water and anti-bacterial soap or your normal everyday cleanser (like Noxema) to get rid of the stain. Simply splash the area with warm water, apply your cleanser or soap and scrub. Rinse with warm water and repeat until all traces of the stains have disappeared.

Odd Solutions

Developed in the 1970s was a method of removing dye from skin that many hair stylists swear by. If you happen to have ash from cigarettes laying around, either dampen your finger or get a wet rag and rub it in the ashes. Then rub the ashy finger or rag onto the stain. This should rid your skin of the stain with a few rubs. Yet another recommendation is to use toothpaste. Squeeze a small amount of the toothpaste onto your finger and rub it on the stains. Since the toothpaste is slightly abrasive it should take the stains right off without being too harsh on sensitive skin. Two other solutions that seemed a little weird but are worth a try are rubbing the stains with a cotton ball soaked with regular milk or rubbing the stains with your own hair.

Scary Solutions

These following solutions were mentioned, however, I would strongly advise against using them, for safety reasons. Some people have found success in rubbing the stains with nail polish remover that contains acetone to remove them. Still another dyer advised applying hydrogen peroxide to existing stains. Another solution is to rub Comet on the skin that is stained. If you do decide to use one of these methods, you MUST thoroughly cleanse and rinse your face and neck and ears afterwards, making sure not to get these chemicals into your eyes, nose or mouth. Again, I would highly advise against these last three solutions. If all else fails, contact your normal hairstylist and ask for advice or schedule an appointment with him/her to see if he/she can get rid of the stains safely.

Which Top Facial Cleansers Leave Your Skin Soft and Fresh?

Are you currently searching for what could be considered as the top facial cleansers that are available? While many lay a claim to greatness very few actually live up to these claims. This is mainly due to the inferior ingredients that are being used in the making of the products.

What you have to understand is that the majority of the products are that are currently being sold have absolutely nothing to offer you in the way of positive benefits. This is because they are filled with chemicals that will do nothing except perhaps affect your future health.

These faux top facial cleansers contain ingredients which have been proven to be allergens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptor's, and carcinogens. Long term use of such ingredients could lead to all sorts of physical ailments, which is why these types of products are better left on the shelf.

There are far better ingredients that your products could contain than the poisons that are typically found in cosmetics products. The problem is that they are far more expensive to use as ingredients than are the chemicals. That fact right there should tell you something about the major cosmetics companies.

It would cost more to develop all natural top facial cleansers, and the big companies are not willing to invest that kind of money in you. They would rather continue to sell you harmful products year after year than invest a little money in order to make available to you a worthwhile product.

This only goes to show you the lack of integrity that these companies have, and the lack of respect that they have for their customers. Luckily, it seems as though this type of behavior is only being displayed by the larger companies. There are smaller companies out there that still care about quality.

If you want to be able to purchase the top facial cleansers then you have to go to mid-sized companies that still care about producing products that are top quality. My personal favorite is a company from New Zealand that is bent on innovation and safety. They produce some of the most outstanding all natural anti aging products of this generation.

They have found a way to naturally stimulate your body to produce more collagen and elastin than is normal for someone over the age of 30, when production of this tissue begins to go into decline. The result is that the fine lines and wrinkles on your face seem to magically disappear.

Their deep cleaning products contain a mixture of Kaolin, and Bentone gel. These two clay extracts pull grime from deep down in your skin leaving it feeling soft, and fresh. These products also contain natural moisturizing agents such as macadamia oil, and shea butter to deeply moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple.

Sure Fire Tips on How to Compare Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Products

Let's face it, you are not getting any younger and you definitely would like to alleviate issues regarding aging. Aging can easily be determined form the time that the signs shows not from within but from your outside appearance. This could be very frustrating for every individual who would like to maintain their youthful appearance as the years come.

To make sure that you'll be able to get that youthful skin, you need to know how to compare anti aging wrinkle cream products. In doing this, it is necessary for you to know what has to be compared from this anti aging products that you have. There are too many products you can find from the market today, some mat be effective and some are not, so you better know how to choose the right product.

The first thing that you ought to know when you are to compare anti wrinkle cream products is the ingredients that the product has. The ingredients are very essential in a skin care product because that is what makes the product effective. Since your aim here is to look for a product that is working, right? So you better look for one that has the right ingredients to work effectively in diminishing those lines on your face.

It's more preferred to use high quality natural ingredients that addresses the issues that causes wrinkles like sun damage, lack of proteins elastin and collagen, lack of hyaluronic acid and the presence of free radicals. These issues together with frequent sun exposure are usually what causes the skin to deteriorate and produce visible signs of aging.

You are probably thinking if there are ingredients that would be capable of addressing such issues, right? Well, fortunately there is. If you are to look for some of them you may come across antioxidants such as Phytaessence Wakame, CoEnzyme Q10, and Cynergy TK. These are active components of a very good anti aging product that is found to be effective in reversing the signs of aging.

Another thing that you should look into is the high concentration of these ingredients in the product. Not all skin care products are made equal, so it is necessary to check if the product that you are getting have highly concentrated ingredients to provide you the optimum results you've always wanted.

What Features Does World's Best Brand Of Sunglasses Have?

Goggle this question and the answer you’ll get is RayBan sunglasses. Yes, the RayBan sunglasses courtesy of Bausch & Lomb company get this acclaim: the best brand of sunglasses in the world today.

Their fame all began with a pair of aviator sunglasses, hundreds of gold-plated metal frames and tear-shaped green glass lenses, commissioned by the U.S. Air Force in the 1930 for its pilots. In the 70 years since this commission, for the country’s aviators and other sports enthusiasts, it is the best brand of sunglasses in the world today.

And for good reason, several in fact, each pair of RayBan is made from the best optical glass which has reliable visual clarity, color stability, scratch and impact resistant, and has the standard maximum 100% UV and UVB protection.

The RayBan line of sunglasses belongs to one of the oldest companies in the United States. The Bausch and Lomb, this company was founded in 1853 by German immigrants John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb, with headquarters in Rochester, New York.

Its’ true that the company’s presence in the eyewear industry is long-standing, and it's reputation is a significant factor in why the worlds’ sunglass wearers put the brand in high esteem. However, the company doesn’t rest on its historical lenses. This ompany continues to manufacture its classics and new models with strict adherence to quality. Bausch and Lomb also utilizes cutting edge technology to further the art and science of creating quality eyewear, and that’s why it’s recognized as the best brand of sunglasses in the world today.

Here are several other reasons why you’d agree it’s called the best brand of sunglasses in the world.

There’s RayBan’s G-15 Lens, formulated to emphasize colors the eyes see most easily, enabling the wearer to see the world as it truly is.

Then for the shaded lenses, the CR-39 enables unique duo tone lens fades that enhance definition and contrast.

Another reason why it’s considered the best brand in the world is the way it’s lenses do the mirror on the flash coating treatment. This renders the lenses, highly reflective, thereby reducing the amount of light that reaches the wearers eyes.

If you shop long and hard, you will be able to purchase a genuine pair of RayBan sunglasses. But don’t settle for imitations. Or you’ll irretrievably harm your eyes. So make sure your pair of baby blues or black as coal eyes get protected by the best brand of sunglasses in the world – RayBan.

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Hot Colors for Cooler Days

Labor Day not only marks the end of the summer season, but also summer fashion as well. I'm sure you've heard the old fashion adage, "don't wear white shoes after Labor Day!". Does this same restriction apply to pink lip-gloss? What about lime green eye shadow? Always wanting to be cosmetic-ly correct, I enlisted the help of hair stylist & make up artist extraordinaire Shea-Shea Johnson co-owner of Thaanx 2 U Hair Salon. Shea-Shea's impressive celeb list of clients include Alicia Keys, A.J Johnson, Gary Dourdan, Kellita Smith, Kerry Washington, Spike Lee & Tisha Campbell. Anyone talented enough to powder fine @(#* Gary Dourdan's nose is definitely qualified to share beauty secrets with a wanna be like me. Read on as Shea-Shea offers us some "MAC-nificent suggestions to transition beautifully into Fall.

Changing Faces
Q. With cooler days ahead, I asked Shea-Shea if wearing hot, bright colors on our eyes and lips is breaking "the rules"?
A. "Simplicity is key. I don't follow "the rules" but I do believe in keeping it simple. If you want to wear a bright eye shadow it's important to apply it in moderation, and make sure it is blended well. The object is to not let the eye shadow over power your face.

Fall into Beauty
Q. Can you recommend any essentials as we transition into Fall?

A. "Hydrating the skin is essential! Drinking water is the first step to having healthy, dewy skin. Also, it is important to continue to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Sunscreen not only protects our faces from sun damage but also acts as a barrier against cold winter weather. So skincare first, then makeup. For fall I prefer natural, earth tones like Samoa Silk eye shadow. Tan-Ray eye paint, Peaches blush, & Oh Baby lip glass, all by MAC Cosmetics.

Beauty Express
Q. With the end of summer also comes the beginning of school. For many moms with school age children, that can also mean less time in the bathroom. Any advice for looking polished in say 10 minutes?

A. Definitely. Starting with a clean face and groomed eyebrows.
1. Lightly dust face with a MAC SPF 15 Foundation.
(Remember the key is moderation. You don't want to over powder)
2. Apply 2 coats of mascara.
3. Apply blush or bronzer. (Peaches by MAC works on just about every skintype)
4. Apply lipgloss. (Oh Baby by MAC works on just about every skintype)

What's in Your Makeup Bag?
Q. Your going to be stranded on a desert island. What do you definitely pack into your makeup bag?

A. Definicils Mascara by Lancome, Pink Freeze eyeshadow by MAC, C-Thru Lip Glass by MAC, MAC shadow brushes #'s 224, 252 & 266 and Fashion Fair Skin Treatment Program (Cleanse, Rinse, Moisturize) because it is so important to wash off your make up before bed!

Face Painting
Q. Thank you Shea-Shea. I've enjoyed talking "shop" with you and I've definitely added a few items to my beauty-shopping list. But I also need help with makeup application. Do you teach makeup application?

A. I do. I give makeup consultation as well as workshops on makeup application. I also do makeovers from head to toe, and I do make up for bridal partys, special events, etc. I can be reached at (510) 262-9220 or (510) 812-8602 for an appointment.

There you have it ladies…pro tips on Fall Beauty. Of course, inner beauty is the best beauty because it doesn't wash off! But if you need a little help painting your face don't hesitate to give my girl a call…who knows you just might see Gary!

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How to Slim the Face With Bronzer

Using bronzer as a daily part of your makeup routine is a great way to slim your face. Practice is the key to getting bronzer in the right places to give you a slim look. Use mineral, liquid or powder bronzer to achieve the results you desire.

Step 1Start with a clean face. Apply concealer and foundation to even out skin tone and hide blemishes.

Step 2Use a bronzer that is just darker than your skin tone with minimal shimmer. Start with a small amount of bronzer, and increase the amounts as needed.

Step 3Apply bronzer to your cheek bones first. Apply bronzer under the cheek bones from the hairline to the apple of the cheek. Gradually increase the thickness of the line of bronzer as it gets closer to the cheek.

Step 4Add bronzer to your temples to slim a wide or round forehead.

Step 5Brush bronzer down the sides of the nose to slim it. Put a touch of bronzer on the tip of your nose to make it appear smaller.

Step 6Shade your jaw line to mask a double chin. Apply bronzer to your jaw ,and blend it well. Blend the bronzer so that it is not evident where it begins and ends.

Step 7Blend all areas of bronzer well. Apply the remainder of your makeup as usual.

Tips & Warnings
Use eye makeup to make the eyes look larger and further slim your face.
Use a bold, glossy lip color to plump your lips and make your face look smaller.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 swimsuits banned, world records could be scratched

WORLD swimming chiefs have banned 10 swimsuits because they give an unfair advantage, but the legitimacy of some world records remains unclear.

After putting all 348 swimsuits from 21 manufacturers under a full review, FINA yesterday rejected 10, ordered modifications to 136 and approved 202.

But Australian sprinter Eamon Sullivan will have to wait until after further investigations to find out if the 50m and 100m freestyle world records will be returned to him.

Frenchmen Alain Bernard and Frederic Bousquet wore Arena's X-Glide and Jaked 01 respectively when they broke Sullivan's records, but both designs did not appear on FINA's approved list.

But the ruling body did not specify whether they were rejected outright or whether they would need to be modified.

"I didn't know there could possibly be 348 different designed suits in the world," said Australian head coach Alan Thompson, speaking from the FINA summit in Lausanne, Switzerland.

"You would have to think a world record would have to be swum by an athlete in an approved suit.

"This has been a very valuable exercise and we now have to get back to giving recognition to the athletes and not the suits."

For Sullivan it was business as usual yesterday as he prepares for the July-August Rome world titles, but he was eager for an end to the saga.

"All we need is a clear guide on what is and isn't legal so the sport of swimming can move away from the focus on the suits," Sullivan said.

"Whether or not the times that have been swum recently stand up is up to FINA, but no matter what they decide, they are the times I'm now targeting."

A FINA statement said the 10 swimsuits were rejected "for not passing the tests of buoyancy and/or thickness".

Regarding the 136 that required modifications, it added: "They don't fulfil the requirement stating that 'swimsuit material shall not be constructed to or include elements/systems which create air/water trapping effects during use'.

"The manufacturers have now a deadline of maximum 30 days (until June 19) to resubmit the same swimsuit for FINA approval, with the corresponding corrections."

The use of swimsuits has caused huge controversy in the sport because some experts, including some top swimmers, believe their use gives an unfair advantage in the pool.with AFP

How To Update Your Ponytail

Tying up your hair is often a way to deal with a style that goes flat or just plain wrong, but it doesn't always have to be that way! Ponytails have reached dive level when updated to enhance any look. No matter your length of hair, there is a type of ponytail that you can try to shake up your daily routine.

Long hair:

If you have straight or wavy hair, one way to update the basic ponytail is to add some sexy waves. Use a light mousse or gel all over you hair and curl a few face framing pieces. Tie your hair in low pony tail, then take small half inch sections and use the curling iron to create slight waves in your mane.

Still on the same wavelength as the wavy low ponytail, the messy bun, is another variation on the same theme. The trick about the messy bun is to make sure that it blends well with the rest of your head. Make sure that you don't have a bump just sticking out of your head, and use pins in strategic locations. Once you secure the low pony tail and create the waves, twist and use the elastic to create the bun. Take strategic pieces out of the bun and pin them to your head to create a fuller looking bun.

Medium hair:

Don't think the perfect ponytail is only for long haired gals, your medium length locks have the benefits of more funky styles. Layers give you the benefit is creating styles with face framing pieces. One ponytail style to try is the high sleek ponytail. Straighten your hair and tie at the middle of the back of your head, and use hairspray to ensure that the ends are pointing down perfectly straight. Another great style for medium hair length with layers is the side braid. Create a short braid at the nape of your neck and finish at the front. Take out some face framing pieces and the look is complete!

Short Hair:

While most people with short hair, can't pull of the typical pony tail, there are ways to get similar effects. One idea to try is pompadour volume. Spritz and tease a section of your hair just behind where your bangs or hair begins, then fix your bangs back over the teased hair. Secure the hair with pins at the crown of the head, and create a low pony tail for the rest of your hair. This vamped up rocker style is another variation that gives the standard ponytail added excitement.

What the Hairs In Your Ponytail Are Trying to Tell You

STOP! Step away from the elastic band! Before you place the hairs on your hair into a strangle hold (ponytail) there are a few things you need to consider...

The 'PURPOSE' of the ponytail

Have you ever really thought about why time and time again you put your hair up in a ponytail? Well... I know most of the time it's a matter of convenience... but simply put, the real reason you put your hair up is to get it out of your face!

The strength of your hair

One big issue people overlook on a regular basis is how strong or weak, it is. If you are a person that wears relaxers, and ponytails on a regular basis, you may experience breakage issues, and be clueless as to why your hair keeps breaking. Let me see if I can help you out here. One reason may be because your hair may not be as strong as it once was (like... when you had no chemicals). The more chemical services you have preformed, the weaker your hair can get. If done incorrectly (meaning by a non professional or at home) far more damage can occur than normal.If you have a dual chemical service (relaxer and color/highlights) and you wear ponytails on a regular basis, over time I'm sure you've noticed that ponytail getting thinner and thinner!

The hairs involved

If the hairs on your head could talk, then chances are they would let you know a thing or two. Let me give you an idea of what they might say.

The hairs on your front hairline speak:

"Hey...why in the world do you keep pulling us back as tight as you can, slicking us down, and smothering us until we can't breathe, with the newest "firm hold " gel on the market? Maybe you really are clueless...if so you really need to listen up! We are the weakest hairs on your head! So all of that pulling, tugging and tension you put on us, not only weakens us but can lead to breakage and hair loss as well."

The hairs in the back of your head speak:

"Have you ever really thought about your weapon of choice when you choke the mess out of those innocent hairs trapped behind that rubber band, scrunchie or that elastic band? If you haven't noticed, those poor guys caught underneath 'that device' you use to put them into a 'submission hold' (rubber bands, elastic bands, scrunchies) will start breaking off where the 'band' and the hair come in contact with one another. If you want to know if this applies to you, it's simple. Take the hairs on your head and act like you are about to place them in a ponytail. At the point where you would wrap a band around your hair, check to see if you have breakage around those hairs ( the ones that you would have placed that band directly over). If so, then you need to quickly go into defense mode."

Ok... so now what?

So now that you just got some great feedback from those 'directly affected' it's time you to start applying this information. Use your ponytail as a way to get the hairs out of your face. If you pull your hairs tight, strain them and slick them down with gel, then long term damage will manifest itself in the form of weak hair, breakage and hair loss.If at all possible avoid gelling your hair down, and pulling it as tight as possible for your ponytail.By simply replacing your "band" (elastic or rubber) with a plastic clip you will see a huge difference between the amount of breakage and weakening of your hair as it starts to grow out. So avoid rubber bands, elastic bands and scrunchies at all costs. Thank you for taking the time out to review this information, listening to the different perspectives of 'those involved' and applying what you've learned.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The 10 Best Beauty Products For Spring and Summer

Since becoming a Plus Size Model I have found myself becoming more and more of a "beauty product freak". I'm really not sure if that is a good or a bad thing since there are so many great products out on the market now. I am constantly asking the makeup artists that I work with on shoots what products they love and cannot live without and then I find myself on another adventure. I have definitely learned on my beauty product shopping adventures that you have to try a few products out in order to find your favorite and what works best for your skin. What works for one girl may not work for the other. After all of my adventures here are my top ten favorite beauty products that I cannot live without.

1--Kinerase lotion: This is an amazing gentle moisturizer for combination to oily skin. It not only moisturizes my skin but I have noticed after using it for sometime now that it has evened out the overall tone/color of skin. It definitely has done its job! Sells for $72 at Sephora

2--Philosophy's 'Hope in a Tube' Eye and Lip Crème: I just love this stuff!! It's for aging skin and works to help reduce the signs of pre-mature aging and promote resilience. Sells for $33 at Sephora

3--Mary Kay's Oil Matifier: This is a lifesaver for me at every shoot!!! It absorbs oil and helps control the shine for up to 8 hours. You even can reapply this stuff over your makeup. It's amazing and sells for only $15 visit

4--Arbonne's 'About Face' Concealer: This product is all natural and works perfect for hiding those not so pleasant pimples that decide to pop the morning of a shoot!!! It works on all skin types and also helps with dark-circles and puffiness. Only sold at for $20

5--Anastasia's 'Brow gel' in clear: This botanical conditioning brow gel helps keep my unruly brows in their place with no flakiness and sells for $21

6--LORAC TANtalizer Baked Matte Satin Bronzer with SPF 15: Love it! It is a mineral-based, baked formula that goes on super silky and leaves my skin with a bronzed/sun-kissed glow that lasts all day. Sometimes I like to use it as an eye shadow. It is available at Sephora for $30

7--Nars lip gloss in 'Orgasm': I wear it literally everyday. It is a universally flattering peachy pink shimmery gloss sold for $24 at Sephora

8--MAX Factors 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara: I have sensitive eyes and have a hard time with different mascara's but truly love this one. This amazing mascara gives my lashes a dramatic look I love while adding volume. An true essential on all of my photo shoots. Available at for $5.49 WHAT A STEAL!

9--CHI Silk Infusion: This stuff makes my hair look and feel amazing and adds just the right amount of shine. Available at for $10.99

10--Bath and Body Works 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' Body Cream & Fragrance Mist: I love the smell of VANILLA and cannot live without these 2 products. The fragrance stays with me all day and I always get tons of compliments. Available only at BathandBodyWorks for $12 each

So there you have my 10 best beauty products for Spring/Summer. You can't go wrong with any of these products. Happy shopping!

Makeup Tips For the First Date


When going out on a date with someone special for the first time, we give our best for shining our assets and taking away the liabilities. The impression left on the first date lasts the entire life. Men and women are very measured while dressing themselves for their first date. However, they should also follow certain makeup tips to embellish themselves for their first date.

Make up tips for ladies

Nails should be properly filed with a paint of clear and quality nail polish.

Makeup should not be heavy and should be close to the skin color. Such makeup gives a natural look. Simultaneously, it should complement the color and the tone of the skin.

Hairstyle should be updated to the one followed at that time.

Lenses nowadays are a relief to women wearing thick glasses and colorful lenses even add a unique glow to the skin. So get your thick glasses replaced by smart looking lenses.

Men are simply turned on, when a light whiff of a quality perfume is coming from his date. So do not forget the perfume!

Makeup tips for man

Nails should be shortened and the dirt should be scrubbed of from them.

Man should have shorter hair than usual before a date. Shorter hair adds a charm to their personality. Men belonging to a rock band or fashion world can have long hairs for their date.

Ninety percent women prefer clean-shaven men rather than the ones with rugged look, so all you guys out there, who feel reluctant to have their beard or moustache shaved, go for trimming.

Eyebrows should be tweezed or electrolyzed by professionals if they run together. A new and trendy pair of lenses should replace glasses or large lenses.

Men, with excess consumption of coffee or smoking, should consult a dentist for collecting information on mouthpieces, whitening gel or a counter whitening toothpaste. These whitened teeth should be supported by a proper fragrance coming from the body by using a quality aftershave, cologne or a deodorant.

If people take proper advantage of such tips than they can surely have a successful first outing with one another and can always have an everlasting impression on their "someone special".

Getting Smooth Hair - Go With What You've Got

Ever since we got rid of those big frizzy wigs, or at least since the hippies started ironing their hair, frizzy hair has been out. (I'm excluding certain 70s and 80s trends for a reason. You know what it is, Farrah Fawcett.)
Most women seem to prefer smooth, controlled hair to frizzy, fuzzy fly-aways, but not all of them know how to get that smooth, natural look. Here are a few tips for getting really smooth hair.

First, go with what you've got. If your hair is curly, don't try to go straight every day, and vice versa. Your natural look is your best bet for keeping the frizz to a minimum.

If you use a blow-dryer, keep it on low heat. This prevents damage and keeps you from getting broken, twisted hairs fuzzing out around your smooth profile.

If you have curly hair, use a diffuser when you blow-dry. This will keep the frizz down and help you to get some quality curls.

Dry your hair with a round brush in sections. It may take longer to dry it, but it will take less time on the straightening end.

Use a shampoo with a good pH balance (smoothing shampoos work well) and don't shampoo every day if you can help it. Shampoo dries out hair, and dry hair is frizzy hair.

Use a light conditioner every day, and leave it in for at least 2 minutes. Use a deep conditioner once a week. (For reasons on this, see the previous bullet and make your own inferences.)

If you use a straightener, use a heat-protection spray. This will help you to avoid heat damage, which is, among other things, another way to dry out your hair.
Your hair doesn't have to be full of gel to make it smooth and shiny. Above all, avoid damaging your hair wherever you can and go with your hair's natural type; you'll be on your way to hair-commercial hair in no time.

Short, Trendy Hairstyles For Summer 2009

Short, trendy hairstyles are hot for spring and summer 2009. A relaxed, yet sophisticated look prevails with some easy to manage designs that look great and are simple to maintain. Undoubtedly, short hair is most preferred during the hot seasons, and 2009 is no different. Stylists around the world are predicting that short and trendy hairstyles will be in vogue this year. Take a look at what will be hot!

Convenience and Simplicity

The convenience afforded by short hair is one of the biggest reasons that short hairstyles have been popular among women, especially those who work. But, convenience is not the only selling factor for shorter designs during the spring and summer seasons.

Apart from the ease of maintenance, shorter styles can create a look of glamour and chic unmatched by longer tresses. Shortened designs tends to look bolder and can be made to look trendy or sleek depending on the occasion. Also, they tend to make one look younger than one's age and is very popular among women in the show biz.

Pixie Cut

The "Pixie" is among the hot and trendy short hairstyles this season. It helps accentuate your features as well show off your trendy earrings. You can easily get a messed up look or you could straighten your hair to give you a sleek look for an evening. You could use bold red color at the edges and it will help frame your face and call attention to the layers.

Choppy, Layered Cut

This is for women who want to sport a messed-up look. Hair is cut in uneven broken layers and the edges are then trimmed with a razor. It helps soften the blunt edges made by scissor cuts.

This gives a soft and deconstructed messed up look that has become a hot favorite among the younger generation. You could color the tips with bold colors to create an even more glamorous look.

The Bob

The Bob cut was invented over 8-years ago, but continues to remain popular among women who want to wear their hair short. The length of the hair and the look has evolved over the years and the cut remains refreshing and trendy even after so many years. The best aspect of a bob is that it will suit a face of any shape, whether it is round or oval and it helps accentuate your features. The edges of the hair can be highlighted for added effect.

Short, trendy hairstyles are the look for summer 2009. Easy to maintain and sporty, they offer ease-of-use and styling and fit almost any facial shape and complexion.

Hairstyles With Side Swept Bangs

So you like hairstyles with side swept bangs? Yes, there is more than one hairstyle that can be worn with this style of cut bangs. You can find that there are short and long styles with side swept bangs, even wearing your hair up can be worn with the side swept bangs look. Many people are sporting this classic but simple hairstyle. It is one that has been around for a very long time, and comes in and out in seasons depending on the latest fashion trends. A lot of fashion trends right now are based on this very hairstyle.

When wearing your hair short or long, the side swept bang can be tailored by your hairstylist to be worn with any length of hair. Even when the hair is worn up, the side swept bangs look can go hand in hand with the up-do. Gone are the days of the side swept bangs hairstyle can be worn with just formal attire. It can be worn just as well with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Side swept bangs are very versatile when paired with lots of different hairstyles. From, straight hairstyles to curly ones, they just seem to work so well. Super short or super long hairstyles can also be stylish with the side swept bangs look. The bang length for this hairstyle will be determined by your stylist, and is usually determined by the length of your hair. So, if you are wanting a long swept bang look, you will want to grow your hair our a little or keep your length if it is already long.

Making a hairstyle you may have had for years, work with this new bangs cut, can also be incorporated to give your old style new vibrancy with a modern twist. It can make dated styles look fresh and new. It is a simple change but can have a huge impact on a hairstyle. A smart style can go a long way as far as a hairstyle is concerned. And, the styling products you will use for this cut can keep your hairstyle looking fresh for weeks or even months before having to see your stylist again.

This cut can simply if do nothing else, elongate the face. It will have others asking if you have lost weight or will make them question what is it that you have done to look so good. This hairstyle can be your best friend if you have little time to spend in the hair area. It is forgiving and can be ideal for the on the go type person. A deep v part is usually a good idea with the side swept bangs, so that on the go you can easily move the hair with your hand to keep it in place. Therefore, eliminating the need to always be looking for styling tools such as brushes and combs

You can ask for deep side swept bangs or have them cut to achieve a much softer hairstyle. The first one being a bit bold and the softer cut of side swept bangs being a more subtle approach. Either way you wear them, will draw attention to your eyes. This hairstyle will lift the face also, making your appearance younger. These hairstyles can be worn by people of many different ages and can work for all.

Best and Worst Hairstyles For Oval Faces

No matter what hairstyle you ultimately choose should take into consideration a style that allows your hair to do whatever it does naturally. Don't be afraid to experiment. If you want to try a new hairstyle and it doesn't suit you, remember that your hair will grow back and you can always return to a look that you feel good about.

No matter what style or length you choose, make sure that you take the time to sit with your stylist and discuss the pros and cons of the hairstyle you are thinking of trying.

The shape of your face plays a crucial part in hairstyle selection. A haircut that looks good on a heart-shaped face won't necessarily look nice on a person with a round face.

There are a number of flattering cuts for every face shape: Oval, Long, Square or Heart shaped.

There are seven basic types of facial shapes:

Considered the most ideal and versatile facial shape by hair experts, many haircuts and styles suit an oval face. However, the best styles to go for are the ones that have layers at the height of you best features such as cheekbones, lips or chin. Short layers at the top of the head should be avoided as they make the face look longer, while ladies with an oval face and thick and curly hair should avoid blunt cut as it looks like a pyramid.

This facial type has a round chin. Hairstyles should add height on top of the head. You have to cut the bulk from the sides of your face to give it an oval look. So, one length haircut or blunt cuts on short hair should be avoided. Hair width needs to be minimized on the sides and around the ears by keeping them flat at those points. Wispy tapered ends take away the attention from the roundness of the face. Hair styles that fall right below the chin and have layers from the top down, elongate the face and look good.

Facial shapes that have a square jaw line and hairline and seem too short, need a hairstyle that lends length and roundness to it. Layered hair around the jaw line soften it a bit while wispy hair take the attention away from the squareness of the face. Layered haircuts that frame the face are best for square faces. Best options are the short, spiky cuts or long, sleek styles with top down layers starting at the jaw line. Blunt cut bangs or chin-length bobs make the face look squarer.

Long and narrow facial shape with a square chin and hairline is known as Rectangular facial shape. Hair cut for rectangular face should add width to its sides, play down on its length by adding a fringe on the forehead and a style that has a side part to soften the squareness of the face. Extremely long or short haircuts make the face look longer while chin-length bobs and haircuts add width to the face. Another way to add the width is to add the curls & waves in your hair. However, short layers lend volume to the top further elongating the face then balancing it.

This facial shape is widest at the temples and narrowest at the jaw line with a small and delicate and sometimes pointed chin. Hairstyle for this shape needs to add width at the jaw line. Eyes and cheekbones are generally strong points of the heart shaped face. Women with short hair can keep the top layers soft and long or side-swept bangs while the women with longer hair can try long, wavy layers that come across to your cheekbones that lend certain rounded look to the pointed chin. Harsh choppy layers or blunt cut bangs do not suit a heart-shaped face.

This facial shape has a narrow forehead and wide jawline with a round chin. Attempt is to add width to the forehead and the temples while taking the attention away from the roundness of the jaw. You hair should appear wide and full at the top and temples and could be wear brushed away from the face and up toward the ears. Down from the ears, the hair should fall along the chin to soften it and narrow down the jaw line. Chin length hair is best. Decrease the hair volume from the top, the sides and around the ears. Curls around the temples will soften the face.

Widest at the forehead but narrow at the forehead and chin, hair styles for a diamond face needs to add width to the forehead and soften or disguise the cheekbones to give an illusion of the oval face. Add more fringe and volume to the forehead and the chin while smooth hair compliment the cheekbones better. A low side parting and a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead add width to the face and make it look shorter. Asymmetric haircuts look good too along with adding to the hair volume with curly or wavy styles.

Remember that regardless how your new hairstyle turns out; if you don't like the new you, your hair will always grow back and you can return to your former look or try another style that you feel better about.

How to Remove Acne Scars Yourself

Removing acne scars has always been a curiosity to those affected by them, and often the only thing that prevents us from following through with a treatment is the information available to us and the cost. This article will go over the ways of how to remove acne scars.

Dermatologists can remove acne scars by several means, ranging from surgeries, laser therapies, injections, and Dermabrasion. These methods, while quite effective, are also quite costly, and are often not covered by insurance providers. They also affect your body differently, as some of the treatments remove the top layer of the targeted area, while the others encourage collagen levels and decrease melanin levels. Collagen is one of the key molecules for skin flexibility, while melanin is what causes pigmentation of the skin.

The take home treatments include topical treatments, and orally taken medications or herbal supplements. Most topical treatments only help moisturize and clean the skin, but do not help in preventing future breakouts. Orally taken medications often do the same, and fail in treating the acne scars. Herbal supplements boast ingredients that will help your bodies healing process, but are often ineffective, as acne scars are the result of your body's natural healing process. Whenever using a take home method, it is important to understand how it works. A product that works on both fronts is often more effective then a single usage method. Products such as Zenmed© provide healthier alternatives.

When trying to find the product that will work best for you, make sure you do your research. If a product does not offer a money back guarantee or provides you with an acceptable amount of testimonials, it might not be for you. Asking your doctor's opinion about a product is also a great way to find if it is a reputable product or a placebo.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Could Be a Famous Hairdresser

Many people dream of becoming a famous hairdresser when they begin their career. Here are some people who have achieved that dream.
Vidal Sasoon - in 1963 Vidal invented a cutting technique that was new and revolutionary. It changed the way that haircutting was taught. Hairs are mathematically calculated and then they are divided into contours and cut. He also invented the haircut that is known as the "bob." He is the author of several books.
Lee Stafford - this young hairdresser started in his mother's living room, cutting and styling hair of family and friends. He opened his first salon in 1996. He opened his second salon in the year 2000. He is well known for his television appearances and he one of the trendsetters in hair styling.
Charles Worthington - he founded his company in 1986. He owns five salons in London that are very well known. He has won British Hairdresser of the Year on more than one occasion. He has several stars for clients and he has written numerous books. He also gives international seminars.
Aidan Phelan - this is another British Hairdresser of the Year winner. He flies from country to country giving personal service to the stars. His clients include David Beckham and Victoria (the former Spice Girl).
Ben Cooke - he has been a very talented hairdresser for over 20 years. He now works for a famous fashion designers in order to create stunning hairstyles for the cat walk. Short hairstyles are his specialty and he is known at a short hair expert.
Becoming a famous hairdresser does not happen overnight. It requires years of experience and also a spectacular reputation. A good bit of luck is also involved. But it is possible for anyone who is embarking on a hairdressing career to become rich and famous as a hairdresser if you're willing to put in the work and try to get the publicity.

Best Shampoos and Conditioners for All Hair Types

Shampoo is meant to remove dirt, sebum (a.k.a. oils), and product buildup from your hair. But there are dozens of different brands to choose from, and even more types within those brands. The same goes for conditioners. Conditioners are meant to add shine, protect hair from drying out and allow for easier combing. Here, we run down the best shampoos and conditioners for four different hair types.

1.Coarse, curly hair Curly hair is almost always dry hair and here’s why: Oils produced in the scalp don’t travel as easily down the hair shaft as they do with straight hair. We've found creamy, moisturizing shampoos work best for this hair texture. Look for wheat germ oil, shea butter and nut oils (macadamia, for example) in your shampoos. These tend to coat the hair shaft, trapping water inside.
Conditioners: More than any other hair type, women with coarse, curly hair must condition every time they shampoo. Look for an ultra-moisturizing conditioner made especially for coarse hair. Once a month use a hot oil treatment. For extra-dry hair, use an intense moisturizing treatment every 2 weeks.
Extra tip: Curly hair should not be washed every day. You’ll only dehydrate hair and make it more frizzy and unmanageable. Another alternative to shampoo washings is to rinse the hair with water and then follow with a conditioner. Also, lay off the blow dryer (they tend to dry out hair even more) and let curls dry naturally.

2.Fine, oily, or limp hair Fine hair is most susceptible to looking 'oily' and can get this way after only one day. Opt for clear shampoos and stay away from the creamy ones that were made for your curlier sisters. You want a gentle shampoo marked for daily or frequent washing. The secret fine hair shampoo lies in a bodybuilding ingredient called panthenol. Hair experts swear that panthenol penetrates the hair cuticle making each strand thicker. Another tip: Use a dry shampoo or talcum powder between washings. Not only will the powder soak up oils, but it adds body as well.
Conditioners: Not all limp-haired ladies need conditioners. If you find you can easily comb out hair after washings without a conditioner you can skip it. Conditioners are good for combing out fine hair. Just don’t let the product touch your scalp. Massage a light-weight conditioner from mid-shaft down and no need to leave it on for long. If you have extremely greasy hair, look for the oil-absorbing tea-tree oil in your conditioner.
Extra tip: Consider using a spray conditioner. They tend to be more light-weight and therefore don’t weigh the hair down. Also, unless your hair is extra-oily, there’s no need to ‘rinse and repeat.’ One shampoo will do you. You don’t have to lather twice.

3.Processed hair Adding moisture is key for colored, permed and relaxed hair. Unfortunately, overly-processed hair can suffer from oily roots but dry shaft and ends. Therefore, washing processed hair can be tricky business. You want to cleanse the roots while moisturizing the ends. We suggest washing hair every other day with a shampoo made for normal hair. Concentrate on cleaning the scalp. Then use a strong conditioner only on the midshaft to ends of hair. Here are other shampoo tips for the following processed hair types:
•Colored. Hair experts swear color-protection shampoos contain gentle cleansers and ingredients that preserve color. Other experts suggest shampoos for colored hair are just another way for companies to make money off you. They suggest using a gentle cleanser such as baby shampoo instead of the pricey specialized shampoos. We say: Whatever works for you. Don't mind paying for the fancy stuff? Then do it. If you like it, then stick with it. Dozens of products on shelves must mean they work for somebody.
•Permed or relaxed. Any moisturizing shampoo will work for your hair type but apply it only to roots and rub it in well. Then apply a quick burst of water. While the water is running down the hair shaft, massage hair to remove any dirt and grime. Rinse well. You don’t want to skip the conditioner. Make sure to keep conditioner from the roots. Conditioners: Look for a rich conditioner to be used primarily on the ends of your hair. Avoid conditioners that contain silicone, since they tend to strip color.
Extra tip for processed hair: Wash your hair only every few days to prevent drying out. You can use a dry shampoo or if you're blond, a talcum powder, in between washings.

4.Dry, damaged hair
Avoid clear shampoos and go straight for the creamy ones. These smooth, detangle and diffuse static.
Conditioners: Again, moisturizing is key. You’ll want to look for an ultra-moisturizing conditioner.

The Shampoo Secret Beauty Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Conny tells The Beauty Brains she has a very sensitive scalp with fine hair and suffers from hair loss and dandruff. Dermatologists have advised her to use a clear gel shampoo that has to be clarifying or deep cleansing. So, she’s tried Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo, Suave for Men Deep Cleansing shampoo, Neutrogena Anti-residue shampoo, and Prell Classic original formula. She’s not happy with those choices and is asking us to set her straight.

The Right Brain responds:While we hate to disagree with dermatologists, we don’t understand why they recommended a deep cleansing shampoo when you have dandruff. Deep cleansing type shampoos will remove the surface flakes, but only a dandruff shampoo can control the cause of flaking and itching. So we’d recommend finding a good dandruff shampoo instead of chasing deep cleaning, clarifying and anti-residue products. This may seem confusing to you because the beauty companies tell you there are SO many different kinds of shampoo. But in reality, every shampoo on the market falls into a few basic categories.

There Are Only 4 Different Shampoo Types In the WorldAll shampoo can be categorized by their basic functional category. So then why are there eleventy million products on the market, you ask? Because the companies that sell shampoo need to find new ways to talk about their products to keep them sounding new and exciting. There’s nothing wrong with them being creative about their names and claims as long as the companies are honestly depicting what their products can do. But you can be a smarter consumer if you can see beyond the marketing hype and understand the functionality of these 4 basic shampoo types.
1) Deep Cleansing Shampoos(Also known as Volumizing, Clarifying, Balancing, Oil Control, and Thickening.)
These shampoos are designed to get gunk off your hair and scalp. They typically contain slightly higher levels of detergents so they foam and clean better. They include the examples above as well as salon products like Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2. and Frederic Fekkai’s Full Volume.
2) Conditioning Shampoos(Aka Moisturizing, 2 in 1, Smoothing, Anti-frizz, Strengthening, Color Care, Straightening, and Hydrating)
This kind of formula is all about leaving a moisturizing agent, like a silicone or Polyquaternium 10, on the hair to smooth it and help straighten hair. It’s very good for dry hair, especially if you color treat or heat style but it can weigh down fine hair. Good examples of this type includes most of the Pantene formulas and some products from the L’Oreal Vive collection and Dove ProCare.
3) Baby Shampoos(Aka Kids shampoo, and Tear-free)
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is the classic example but this category also includes Touch Of An Angel and The Little Bath. These are milder, lower foaming surfactant formulas that are designed not to sting or burn your eyes. They’re better for babies but they don’t clean hair as well.
4) Anti-Dandruff Shampoos(Aka Anti-itch, Flake Control, and Dry Scalp)
Head and Shoulders is the leading dandruff product; other examples include Nizoral and Redken Dandruff Control . These are medicated shampoos that contain a drug ingredient that controls itching and flaking. In the United States these are considered to be Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs.

The Brains Bottom Line:Hopefully, this helps you better understand the marketing hype around shampoo names. We’re not saying that all shampoos are the same, or even that all shampoos in a given category type are the same. There are real performance differences, so it’s important that you shop around and find a product that performs the way you like at a price that you can afford. But just don’t get too hung up on the names the companies use to describe the products. That’s the marketing part of the industry, not the science part.

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Dressing for Hot Weather to keep cool and looking great great

If the thought of hot temperatures and baring your skin makes you cringe and want to hide; breath easier. There are several fashion tips that will you keep cool and looking great great.
1. Instead of wearing shorts and T-shirts to beat the heat, wear light dresses and flirty skirts. The best skirts are flared and knee length. Choose them in linen, cotton or rayon. If you have a selection of summer dresses, getting dressed is a snap and you will always look great with little effort. Always wear pumps with knee-length dresses and skirts. The wrong shoes will spoil your look - be careful. Kitten-heeled pumps are a great choice and come in many styles. They are not too high, comfortable and give the leg a longer look.
2. If you are not sure about wearing florals, don't worry. Add a print bag or use a flower on your lapel as an accent. If you wear prints in dresses or skirts, keep the print in proportion to your figure. A large print will make you appear larger.
3. Buy a few white T-shirts to wear with jeans and choose a finer fabric to wear with suits for a more professional look. When you wear whites pay attention to your undergarments - avoid lacy bras - choose to wear nudes, they will not show under white. White is great with black - mix it up with black or white sandals and a black or white purse or accessorizing with polka dots.
4. Bring out the bright colours. Add fuchsia, yellow and lime green to spice up an outfit. It's probably better to keep some colours, like lime green away from your face. If you are not sure how the colour will look on you put it near your face and look in the mirror. If it makes you look sick wear it as a bottom or choose the same colour in a lighter shade. Pairing bright colours with white will also be a winning combination. A word of caution when you are matching colours, don't wear a pink necklace and earrings to match pink shoes. The distance between them is too great and will ruin your look. A pink blouse and pink shoes is better.
5. If you want to wear tank tops and don't want to go braless (no one should) choose a top with straps that are wide enough to hide a bra strap. Or, try a top that has a built in bra.

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How to Wear Bright, Vibrant Lip Color This Summer

Alright it may be spring still but who wouldnt mind getting ahead alittle this summer due to the fact that the top beauty experts have made the announcement that bright, vibrant lip color is in so its time to clean out your make up and bring in the bright lipstick. If you want to follow the latest trend continue reading how to wear bright, vibrant lip color this summer below.Step 1Wet your lips and exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub of your choice or you can just use sugar and use a tooth brush and a toothbrush and gently rub in a circular motion the reason for this is that bright lipstick will bring your lip flaws out and will make them more noticeable to others
Step 2Now use a lip liner that best matches your lipstick and always use a cool hair dryer on your lip liner to make it stay soft looking throughout the day
Step 3If you decide to go with the bright vibrant lip color be sure to stay neutral with other makeup colors such as flawless skin and mascara of your choice to avoid looking like a clown

Nine Things You Should Know About Yoga for Children

Here are some guidelines and realistic expectations for parents, who are considering Yoga for their children. For your child, Yoga is much more than a kid's fitness class. Just like adults - kids need time to learn to deal with life’s daily pressures, too.
Make sure your child starts with easy postures, and be patient with your child's progress. Some beginner children can often be more flexible than advanced adult Yoga practitioners, but they don’t know their own limitations.
Discover your child's real passions. When your child wants to go to Yoga class, it is much better than what you want for your child. This is not to say that you should avoid guidance. However, it is not advisable to push a child into a Yoga class, if your child doesn't enjoy it - no matter how popular Yoga may be. All children are different, and what is good for one of your children, may not agree with another.
Encourage your child to see the deeper benefits of Yoga: Learning to live within the moment, and appreciating the present situation, instead of focusing on desires, these are built-in mental assets of Yoga practice. Enhanced concentration skills are another benefit that will result in improved academic performance.
Look for a qualified Yoga instructor, who has experience in teaching children. Make sure the child's Yoga instructor has adequate experience.
Watch your child practice, with his or her, Yoga teacher, and make sure you are comfortable with the environment, policies, and safety guidelines. Rules and discipline policies are usually in place so that each child can learn Yoga and get the most out of their experience.
For your child’s safety at home: Parents who are not familiar with Yoga, should not let their “beginner Yoga children” practice anything beyond beginner techniques, without a competent Yoga instructor's approval. Once your child’s Yoga instructor gives approval of home practice, you are fine. This one safety factor should encourage parents to learn Yoga, practice with their children, and live a healthy life.
A smaller kid’s Yoga class is actually better than a larger one. This insures that your child’s Yoga instructor can pay close attention to each student during practice session.
Price should not be the top factor in choosing your child’s Yoga teacher. Would you choose the cheapest dentist, clothes, or car? Very often, “you get what you pay for.”
Lastly, with steady practice, you should expect to see your child gradually gain self-esteem, stress management tools, self discipline, enhanced academic performance, and improved athletic skills.

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Top 10: Horniest Countries

Think you get it on as much as a porn star? It may depend on where you live. According to a 2008 Durex sex survey, only 53% of Americans have sex once a week, while 55% of British and 59% of Canadians admit the same. Ouch. So, who is rocking the most beds in the world? Check out our top 10 list of the horniest countries to find out.
We’ve ranked these top 10 horniest countries in line with the same Durex survey rankings. So, the higher a country appears on the list, the more of its citizens are having sex -- which means at least once a week. Just to make it on this list of top 10 horniest countries, three-quarters of a country has to be going at it regularly. Embarrassingly, Canada and the U.S. don’t make the cut. The good news: If you want to flee your sex-starved nation for these horny ones, we’ve given you pickup spots where you can start to improve your country’s rank.

Number 10
Want to take a sexy siesta? Meet people of the sun and fun in our No. 10 horniest country. Mexicans kick off our list of boot-knocking peoples, and they start from an early age. In fact, in May of 2008 Mexico City's government distributed 700,000 copies of sex-ed textbooks to deliver to the city's student population, well aware that the kids would be doing the horizontal tango one way or another. And when it comes to sex south of the border, there's always a way. While prostitution is generally illegal in Mexico, it is legal in select cities like Tijuana where sex worker zones are set up for your benefit.
Horny hangouts: A huge spring break getaway, Mexico’s resorts often melt into one giant pickup place. Here are some of the more notable places to go in this horny country: In Cancun, check out the popular bars -- Senor Frogs, Daddy ‘O and Coco Bongo. In Acapulco try Palladium, a huge disco that overlooks several other bars, there's also Baby Lobster Bar and Thai Bar, both of which have a reputation for hot girls. Visiting Cabo San Lucas? Then you definitely need to check out Squid Roe, a popular dance bar flowing with tequila. A few other Cabo San Lucas pickup options include The Zoo and Mango deck. If you're in Puerto Vallarta check out The Zoo (another one) and El Hilo for hot Mexican nights. In Tijuana? Hit up Senor Frogs, Mundo Cafe or Safaris.

Number 9
Sure, they’re politically neutral, but the Swiss definitely have an opinion about sex. That opinion roughly translates to: "Gimme more." Apart from their regular bedroom feats, prostitution is also legal in this horny country. Every year 350,000 Swiss pay their own way for pleasure. With this level of commitment it's no wonder they made our list of top 10 horniest countries.
Horny hangouts: If you're traveling in Zurich, you'll want to check out this popular spot, the Hive Bar or even Ba Ba Lu for loud music and a lively crowd that's sure to make your night one to remember.

Number 8
In the land of Latin love, sex is a foregone conclusion. Its traditional, sexually charged culture has even gone through a modern update. Recently, it's been reported that Spanish men have turned to our modern-day Spanish fly, Viagra, to please their ladies longer -- even if they are fully capable of the act without the pill. Of course, this little enhancement makes sure they meet their own expectations as well, proving that this is definitely one of the horniest countries around.
Horny hangouts: In Barcelona, visit the seaside club Baja Beach where plenty of women come to see and be seen. Your other bet for hot Spanish nights is Razzmatazz, which is a single club with five different clubs attached to it. Here to party? Ibiza’s got the answer: Just pick a bar, any bar, and you’ll do fine.
You can definitely get your groove on in one of these top 10 horniest countries...

Number 7
In public, this country definitely appears conservative. For example, there was a recent controversy over whether sex education should be taught in high school or not -- not exactly sexually liberated. However, behind closed doors lies (pun totally intended) the real story: Malaysians are swinging from the bedposts, and loving every minute of it. Occasionally we'll get a glimpse of it - like when Malaysia's Minister of Health was forced to step down after his homemade sex tapes made the rounds in January of 2008.
Horny hangouts: In Kuala Lumpur, check out these bars and clubs for a straightforward party: Aloha, Poppy Bar or the Rum Jungle. To “choose your own adventure” visit the Beach Club where there’s a good chance a girl comes at a price, but she'll be worth every penny.

Number 6
Many Italians live la dolce vita with sex high on their list of things to do on a daily basis. A poll found that 32% of Italians over 60 years old have sex regularly. It's unclear if this means seniors are schtupping around the clock or once a week. However, one thing’s clear; their frequency in the sack helped give this country a spot on our list of top 10 horniest countries.
Horny hangouts: Visiting Florence? Check out the Red Garter, a classic American-style bar with an international reputation as a pickup joint. Your second choice should be Moyo, a laid-back club whose volume lets you have a conversation. In Milan, good bets for passionate encounters are Propaganda, a huge nightclub, plus The Shocking Club, a club known for its crazier theme nights. And when in Rome, visit the Drunken Ship, a popular party bar, and don't forget to do it as the Romans do it.

Number 5
For a fairly conservative culture, Poland has earned a steamy reputation as one of the horniest countries out there. Poland has an annual Eroticon festival that showcases the latest and greatest sex toys and mechanisms in the adult industry. Even one of Poland's politicians was caught in a sex scandal. However, the most obvious evidence of Poland's hound-dog ways has to be the two Polish women who once held the world gangbang record, which they completed in their home country. Need we explain?
Horny hangouts: If you're going to Warsaw, you'll want to visit Organza, a club with a good share of women. Or for variety check out the two-floor bar Zoo; this bar features plenty of space to party or chat up women. Now Krakow: While you're there go to Cien Klub, described as an institution it’s a big club with lots of girls. Krakow also features Frantic, another two-floor bar and the Goraczka Freak Club, not that kind of “freak,” but a good party place filled with ladies nonetheless.

Number 4
The more China’s Cultural Revolution thaws, the more its sexual revolution heats up. Want proof? Just in the past eight years, 5,000 sex shops have opened in Beijing alone. Plus, China even has a SEXPO, where Chinese residents come to check out sex paraphernalia. And with 70% of the world’s sex toys made in China, its horniest country status means that a good deal of their hard work won't have to go very far.
Horny hangouts: If you're visiting Shanghai, you need to check out these better-known spots: Bar Rouge, Zapata’s and Windows. If you're in Beijing, you’ve got a few options: Visit the Sanlitun Lu District, often dubbed “bar street” for all its action. For the tried-and-true joints check out Bar Blu, Suzie Wong and Brown’s, all renowned meat markets. And for your seedier pick you need to head to Maggie’s, a popular nightclub known for its working girls.
Horny countries are all around us, so check out the top 3...

Partying at Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece, is sure to be a good time

Number 3
Was the Cold War’s biggest secret that the Russians were having more sex than we were? Since the fall of Communism it looks a lot more likely that it actually was. Russian's libidos are inspiring them to fill tons of new Moscow clubs and bars where hookups are a nightly pastime in this horny country.
Horny hangouts: In Moscow, go to The Hungry Duck, a crazy bar that runs ladies' nights with male strippers three times a week, then lets men in the door once the strippers are off stage. Sure, nothing is set in stone, but you’d have to try hard to miss this softball pickup pitch. Other Russian hot spots include Night Flight, where you can pick up Russian girls, and Propaganda, which is better-known for housing tourists rather than locals.

Number 2
Considering this is the birthplace of the thong, it makes sense that sex is as essential as breathing in Brazil. This horny country's beaches are filled with gorgeous women and during its annual Carnaval even the most stubborn inhibitions disappear and this destination proves its spot on our top 10 horniest countries list.
Horny hangouts: In Rio, definitely visit the Lapa district. It's a huge party spot, filled with clubs and gyrating women. Other Rio options include the Nuth Bar, a two-story nightclub notorious as a pickup bar, plus Baronetti or Club Six. Up for more adventure? You can negotiate your price openly at Help.

Number 1
This country has a long tradition of sex that dates back to ancient times -- these are the guys that brought us pederasty and Sapphic love. With its temperate Mediterranean weather, beaches and tons of islands, Greece’s ingredients make it the No. 1 horniest country in the world.
Horny hangouts: Set aside some time, and plenty of protection, because there are a number of pickup spots throughout the islands and on the mainland. First, in Athens, try out Hoxton in the Gazi district, it's a trendy bar where backpackers are known to hang out. For the islands, Corfu is renowned for its infamous pickup spot, The Pink Palace. And while on the island of Los, check out these bars: Kahlua, Slammer Bar or the Red Bull Bar. Finally, make sure to check out Mykonos, an island known for its partying. While in Mykonos, visit Paradise Beach club that’s set right on, you guessed it, a beach. Paradise Beach is a big hangout, where clothing has been known to occasionally disappear.

home sweet horny home
Seems like other countries are having more fun than yours. From Brazilians’ sex-inspired culture to China’s sexual explosion to Spain’s bedroom conquistadors, our list of the top 10 horniest countries proves that people around the world are having sex for fun, and loving it. For guys whose countries didn’t make the list, get sexing. Your country literally depends on it.

How to Make a Bikini From T-Shirts

You've been working out all winter long and you're ready to show off your new body in a hot bikini, but you don't want to wear the same old thing. Be a trendsetter and throw on a bikini you can make yourself from one of your t-shirts.

Step 1Cut off the hem of an extra large t-shirt.
Step 2Cut two 1-inch wide strips off the bottom of the shirt. Make sure you cut through both layers of the shirt. Cut the strips in half to make 4 strips.
Step 3Cut two more 1-inch wide strips from the shirt. Cut one strip in half once. Cut the other in half twice. You should have 7 strips.
Step 4Take 9 inches off the bottom of the shirt. Cut through both layers. Pin the layers together so it will make a thicker, less revealing top.
Step 5Measure and draw 2 triangles. They should be 10 inches along the bottom and 8 inches along each side. Make a slight arch on the bottom of the triangles for a better fit. Pin the two layers of fabric back together along the edges of the triangle. Cut them out.
Step 6Turn the triangles over. Bend the top corner down an inch and pin up the bottom 1 inch. Now sew the seams. Leave enough space to thread the strip of your bikini through.
Step 7Attach the end of the of the long strip from Step 4 to a safety pin. Feed the strip through the space you left when you sewed the seams in the triangles.
Step 8Cut a rectangle of fabric from your t-shirt, making sure to cut through both layers. Make the rectangle 19 by 16 inches. Pin the layers of fabric together. Draw an hourglass shape on it. The hourglass should be 11 inches from top to bottom and the skinniest point should be 4 inches across.
Step 9Bend in the corners of the hourglass. Put the edges of the 4 strips from Step 2 over each corner.
Step 10Fold and pin back part of the bottom an inch. Overlap the strips with fabric. Sew all the seams.
Step 11Fold in the sides of the hourglass an inch. Pin them in place. Sew a seam down both sides, and you're done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 ways to beat the recession in hair, nail & beauty industry

1. Reduce the number of missed ‘no-show appointments’. A common problem in the beauty industry is the volume of customers who do not turn up for appointments which equates to considerable lost revenue over the year. SMS/Email messaging is the perfect answer. You can send out emails or text reminders to your clients via their home/work computer or mobile depending upon their preference. An appointment reminder message is sent out automatically to them close to the time of their appointment due date – so they won’t forget.
2.Look at more at alternative ways to market your business and save money.E-marketing is a very powerful and cost effective way to market your beauty salon. It enables you to send out newsletters, special offers and loyalty schemes directly to your customers via their email address at no extra cost, you save on postage and/or printing costs too. The only investment is the time needed to design your promotional e-mail material it is so simple!
3.Invest in an on-line business management tool to help you save time and money .Using a business management system that offers an ‘on-line diary feature’ to enable your customer’s access to book their appointments direct is a great way to reduce down the volume of calls and work generated for reception cover. Business tools to analyse the productivity of your staff against work load and business demand is invaluable to ensure that your business is running efficiently and recruitment of staff is being spent wisely.
4. Ensure that your business software is not costing you in the long run in hidden costs.Check that you are not tied into lengthy maintenance & costly technical support contracts for your business software. There are a few companies now that offer business software on-line, saving you in set up fees, annual subscriptions, free maintenance and technical backup as well as data protection. You automatically get free upgrades to keep your software up to date and to switching over could not be simpler. You just register and pay on line and you will be up a running within hours not days. You also have technical support via email or phone so help is at hand as and when you might need it.
5.Reduce your reception overheads with a virtual receptionist.Staff overheads are one of the first things that get cut in a recession. An excellent way to compensate staff cuts but not lose on quality of service is to look at the virtual receptionist option. To ensure that you get adequate phone cover for your salon without having to overstretch your existing resources, you can opt for a pay as you go virtual receptionist that will represent your company. She will answer calls, take messages, book appointments and send out brochures and gift vouchers on your behalf. She is totally reliable and does not require holiday, sick or lunchtime cover, you simply use her as and when you need to – costing as little as £75 a month! A fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist![/font]
6.Save on the cost of telephone calls Look at reducing your phone bills every quarter by installing VoIP technology. VoIP allows you make your phone calls over the internet at the fraction of the cost of a normal phone call saving you hundreds of pounds on your annual business phone.
7.Increase customer retention through improved customer care Ask yourself not what your customer can do for you but rather what you can do for your customer. Customers are driven by both emotional and practical needs – make sure you are satisfying both of these. Look after them by offering customer loyalty cards – stop your clients using your competitors, and reward customers with referral schemes.
8.Reduce material costs.Look to see where you can save money on basic essentials i.e. couch roll, tissues etc - source suppliers on-line and save money or go direct to the manufacturer and cut out the middle man. A little time spent on researching on the internet will reduce down your material and equipment costs. You can search via brand and model number and then go to price comparison sites to get the best deal.
9.Understand your customers needs better. Keep up to date with your customers, a good customer database is an invaluable investment to your business. It allows you to share information amongst your team improving knowledge and communication as well as customer confidence in the way you implement it. A database can identify customers needs – their likes and dislikes and will provide vital clues in helping you to cross sell other products and services you offer to increase customer spend.
10. Reassess your products and services.Look at all the products and services that you offer in relation to how much you sell and how profitable they are. At times it is necessary to eliminate treatments that are simply costing too much to operate i.e look at treatment time/materials/labour in relation to net profit. The treatments that are the high profit earners are the ones that you and your staff should be pushing make sure you all understand this. Look to see where you can improve on cutting costs without losing quality on your treatments i.e. can you cut down on couch roll usage, by using towels or tissues by using flannels or sponges – simple things can make all the difference in the long run.

Monday, May 4, 2009

10 Fashion Tips to Create a Slimmer Silhouette by Clever Dressing

Clever dressing is not a myth. It's about finding the right color, fabric and cut, which can take pounds off your figure by creating the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.
If you are one of the women who have recently fallen off the rails in terms of a well intentioned New Year resolution to lose weight; there’s still hope of knocking off some of those pounds, by intelligent dressing.
Dressing slimmer can be something as simple as choosing a dress or top in a V-neck, three-quarter sleeve combo rather than a scoop-neck and cap-sleeves, in order to minimize a big bust. It can be as easy as teaming a pair of high-heel black pumps with black opaque tights, to give the appearance of longer legs; rather than a pair of black kitten heels and hosiery in a nude shade which shortens them. It can mean choosing a good quality, heavier fabric which does not cling, but flatteringly skims your figure instead.

How to Dress Slimmer
Whilst learning what not only suits you but actually makes you look slimmer does not happened overnight ,there are a few general fashion tips that will get you started — no matter what shape you may be.
1.For big-busted women, then a dress or top with a V-neck has miracle slimming properties, especially when paired with just-above, or below-the-elbow sleeves. Forget polo necks, round necks and boat necks; these only serve to make your bust look heavier and can give you that uniboob look. Caps sleeves can accentuate flabby and chunky arms.

2.This spring season’s color-block trend is suprisinlgy slimming. The ideas is to match shoes and bag to the colors of your outfit rather than wearing contrasting accessories. The same applies to belts and hosiery. The all-in-one look creates a streamlined silhouette.

3.For longer legs, match hosiery with shoes to give you that lean, continuous line. For summer, tanned legs and nude shoes have the same effect. Metallic-colored footwear also has slimming properties, more so than classic black. The style is also important. Rounded toes can make feet look wider, thick ankle straps have the effect of making legs look chunkier.

4.The length of a dress or skirt is critical is you want to slimline your legs and give extra height. The most flattering length for a hemline is just on, or just-above the knee. Try it and see! Calf length hemlines can make you look dumpy (high heels are a must) and thigh-length skirts and dresses are a danger zone if you have less than perfect legs.

5.When it comes to jeans, to create an illusion of a slimmer derriere then search for a style which offers pockets placed high on the behind. Clever stitching (as in Levi’s V-shaped stitching on its 501's) create an optical illusion of slimming down the bum.

6.Jeans and trousers should actually fit comfortably, rather than be tight. This means buying a size that actually fits on your waist, rather than creating a muffin top. The height of the waistband can make a huge difference. Avoid low-cut hipsters if you have a bit of a tum and go for high-waisted styles, which hold in the stomach.

7.Choosing pants which have a zip fastening at the side rather than at the front reduces extra bulk in the middle. Boot-cuts are more slimming than skinny-leg styles but you can get away with them by wearing a long, (belted?) tunic-style top. This is also the time to stay away from light and bright colors if you have thick thighs. Black is safely slimming and dark denim is more flattering than stonewash.

8.Get professionally fitted for a bra. Around 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. The right bra (size and style) can take not only pounds off, but years off you too. The most common mistake is to wear a bra that is actually to big in the bandwidth and too small in the cup.

9.Wear colors that actually flatter your skintone and will consequently have a slimming effect. Some of this season’s blush, salmon and honey tones can make skin look sallow and does nothing for streamlining the silhouette. If you thought you couldn’t wear blue then spring and fall’s new take on teal is extremely flattering and slimming. Also spring’s new neutral, charcoal gray is a good alternative to black.

10.Elastic-back belts are making a big comeback and are the height of fashion for 2009. If you are large up top, a very broad belt that cinches in the waist may go against your fashion principles, but it actually defines a waist which you may have thought you didn’t have.

A thick (not thin) belt works because it give definition to your torso and has corset-like properties. It is more flattering to embrace your curves rather than hide them with a loose baggy top. However, the belt may need to sit just below the bust ( in an empire line style) rather than lower on the waist, to allow fabric to fall more slimmingly over the stomach and hips.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 hairstyle tendencies reveal the psychological desire

Tendency 1--Utopia
Tendency 2--perplex

Tendency 3--Virtual

Tendency 4--De-lush

Tendency 5--Refreshing

Tendency 6--Preen

Tendency 7--InterseXion

Tendency 8--Pom

Women only wash their bras six times a year?!

Women may primp and groom themselves all day long and even take multiple showers or baths in a day, but there’s one disgusting habit this generation is guilty of: not washing our bras.
A new survey taken by 2,025 women has found that while we own an average of 15 bras, we only put them in the wash six times a year. SIX TIMES? That’s it? Yikes! Actually, they calculated that this means we rotate through our collection, basically wear the same bra seven times before cleaning. I don’t know about you, but for me that (embarrassingly) sounds about right.
I mean, they’re bras, not panties! I blog from home, and rarely sweat. Is that really gross to wear one seven times before washing if it’s spread out over two months? My problem is, I actually splurge on nice undergarments and fear that washing them frequently will cause damage to the lace and underwires and what not. I’m too lazy to hand wash—which I really should—so I bought one of those Tide bags you fill up and throw in the washing machine. Why don’t I do this more frequently? I don’t know. But the survey found that ignoring the stains on dirty bras—stale perfume, body lotion, fake tan and sweat—are actually what limit the life of a bra.
The problem is that this lack of washing means that bras look tatty, grey and dirty which obviously doesn’t look good but is also far from advantageous for the life of the bra,” says Dr. Beckmann Stain guru Lesley Naylor. "The extra dirt is clearly not good for the wearer’s skin as bras are fitted snug to the chest and this build up of bacteria can create irritation."
We know, we know. We promise to wash more.