Sunday, May 31, 2009

Using blotters to control shine

Cosmetic manufacturers offer a variety of products to control shine. Whether one’s skin is naturally oily or one suffers from a midday shine, controlling it is important. One can choose from oil controlling cream or liquid foundation. This will also even out the skin tone’s appearance. For a lighter coverage still inclusive of oil control, one may use a powder. But what if one wants no coverage, only shine control? Blotters are the answer.

Blotters are cosmetic devices that absorb oil from the skin. They come in several forms – foam and cellulose sponge, foam wedges, rubber strips, cotton rounds and paper tissues. Sponges are round and made of cellulose or foam. The cellulose sponges are more absorbent than the foam ones, because they are more porous. The cellulose sponge is also washable and reusable. The foam sponge has a limited life span. There are also foam wedges that are excellent for accessing the contours of the face, such as the eyelids and nose. These are very economical and can be bought by the bag.

Rubber strips are approximately one inch by one and a half inches long. They are not thick like the sponges or wedges. In fact they are paper-thin. They are meant for single use, and are disposable. They come in packets of a minimum of a dozen strips. These are also excellent for facial contours, as they fold to the shape of the feature. They add an additional benefit of gentleness to the skin. Unlike the sponges and wedges, there is no need to rub it against the face to remove oil. One needs only to press it to the area, and the oil is instantly absorbed. Strips are also convenient, because they come in packets that are easy to carry in a small purse or even a pocket.

Cotton rounds are a natural and biodegradable option. These rounds are about one and a half inches in diameter, and quilted. They come in packs of fifty to one hundred. It is important to make sure the rounds are one hundred percent cotton, and not a cotton/ polyester blend. Polyester fibers are abrasive and damaging to the skin. Also make sure the cotton is tightly woven. If it is loosely woven, strands mat separate and adhere to one’s face. Cotton rounds are also easily storable in a small purse. They aren’t individually wrapped, so one must supply their own packaging.

Blotting tissues are similar to the rubber strips. They are small, come in packs of at least a dozen and are disposable. Unlike their rubber counterparts, they are biodegradable. Blotting paper comes in different forms, but the best quality is rice paper. It is ultra thin and gentle on the skin. Blotting paper also comes in coated and uncoated format. The coating used is usually talc. It is minimal and will not leave a noticeable residue, even on darker skin tones.

Blotters can be found in discount department stores, drugstores, supermarkets and specialty stores. They are located in the cosmetic section. Cosmetic and fragrance specialty stores offer a wide variety, especially the rice paper blotter. Controlling shine can be easy and inexpensive. Blotters offer shine control without the coverage that make up gives. Small and portable, blotters make controlling shine accessible throughout the day. Just slip a pack in your pocketbook, and feel confident about shine control all day long.

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