Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What the Hairs In Your Ponytail Are Trying to Tell You

STOP! Step away from the elastic band! Before you place the hairs on your hair into a strangle hold (ponytail) there are a few things you need to consider...

The 'PURPOSE' of the ponytail

Have you ever really thought about why time and time again you put your hair up in a ponytail? Well... I know most of the time it's a matter of convenience... but simply put, the real reason you put your hair up is to get it out of your face!

The strength of your hair

One big issue people overlook on a regular basis is how strong or weak, it is. If you are a person that wears relaxers, and ponytails on a regular basis, you may experience breakage issues, and be clueless as to why your hair keeps breaking. Let me see if I can help you out here. One reason may be because your hair may not be as strong as it once was (like... when you had no chemicals). The more chemical services you have preformed, the weaker your hair can get. If done incorrectly (meaning by a non professional or at home) far more damage can occur than normal.If you have a dual chemical service (relaxer and color/highlights) and you wear ponytails on a regular basis, over time I'm sure you've noticed that ponytail getting thinner and thinner!

The hairs involved

If the hairs on your head could talk, then chances are they would let you know a thing or two. Let me give you an idea of what they might say.

The hairs on your front hairline speak:

"Hey...why in the world do you keep pulling us back as tight as you can, slicking us down, and smothering us until we can't breathe, with the newest "firm hold " gel on the market? Maybe you really are clueless...if so you really need to listen up! We are the weakest hairs on your head! So all of that pulling, tugging and tension you put on us, not only weakens us but can lead to breakage and hair loss as well."

The hairs in the back of your head speak:

"Have you ever really thought about your weapon of choice when you choke the mess out of those innocent hairs trapped behind that rubber band, scrunchie or that elastic band? If you haven't noticed, those poor guys caught underneath 'that device' you use to put them into a 'submission hold' (rubber bands, elastic bands, scrunchies) will start breaking off where the 'band' and the hair come in contact with one another. If you want to know if this applies to you, it's simple. Take the hairs on your head and act like you are about to place them in a ponytail. At the point where you would wrap a band around your hair, check to see if you have breakage around those hairs ( the ones that you would have placed that band directly over). If so, then you need to quickly go into defense mode."

Ok... so now what?

So now that you just got some great feedback from those 'directly affected' it's time you to start applying this information. Use your ponytail as a way to get the hairs out of your face. If you pull your hairs tight, strain them and slick them down with gel, then long term damage will manifest itself in the form of weak hair, breakage and hair loss.If at all possible avoid gelling your hair down, and pulling it as tight as possible for your ponytail.By simply replacing your "band" (elastic or rubber) with a plastic clip you will see a huge difference between the amount of breakage and weakening of your hair as it starts to grow out. So avoid rubber bands, elastic bands and scrunchies at all costs. Thank you for taking the time out to review this information, listening to the different perspectives of 'those involved' and applying what you've learned.

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