Sunday, May 24, 2009

Makeup Tips For the First Date


When going out on a date with someone special for the first time, we give our best for shining our assets and taking away the liabilities. The impression left on the first date lasts the entire life. Men and women are very measured while dressing themselves for their first date. However, they should also follow certain makeup tips to embellish themselves for their first date.

Make up tips for ladies

Nails should be properly filed with a paint of clear and quality nail polish.

Makeup should not be heavy and should be close to the skin color. Such makeup gives a natural look. Simultaneously, it should complement the color and the tone of the skin.

Hairstyle should be updated to the one followed at that time.

Lenses nowadays are a relief to women wearing thick glasses and colorful lenses even add a unique glow to the skin. So get your thick glasses replaced by smart looking lenses.

Men are simply turned on, when a light whiff of a quality perfume is coming from his date. So do not forget the perfume!

Makeup tips for man

Nails should be shortened and the dirt should be scrubbed of from them.

Man should have shorter hair than usual before a date. Shorter hair adds a charm to their personality. Men belonging to a rock band or fashion world can have long hairs for their date.

Ninety percent women prefer clean-shaven men rather than the ones with rugged look, so all you guys out there, who feel reluctant to have their beard or moustache shaved, go for trimming.

Eyebrows should be tweezed or electrolyzed by professionals if they run together. A new and trendy pair of lenses should replace glasses or large lenses.

Men, with excess consumption of coffee or smoking, should consult a dentist for collecting information on mouthpieces, whitening gel or a counter whitening toothpaste. These whitened teeth should be supported by a proper fragrance coming from the body by using a quality aftershave, cologne or a deodorant.

If people take proper advantage of such tips than they can surely have a successful first outing with one another and can always have an everlasting impression on their "someone special".

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