Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting Smooth Hair - Go With What You've Got

Ever since we got rid of those big frizzy wigs, or at least since the hippies started ironing their hair, frizzy hair has been out. (I'm excluding certain 70s and 80s trends for a reason. You know what it is, Farrah Fawcett.)
Most women seem to prefer smooth, controlled hair to frizzy, fuzzy fly-aways, but not all of them know how to get that smooth, natural look. Here are a few tips for getting really smooth hair.

First, go with what you've got. If your hair is curly, don't try to go straight every day, and vice versa. Your natural look is your best bet for keeping the frizz to a minimum.

If you use a blow-dryer, keep it on low heat. This prevents damage and keeps you from getting broken, twisted hairs fuzzing out around your smooth profile.

If you have curly hair, use a diffuser when you blow-dry. This will keep the frizz down and help you to get some quality curls.

Dry your hair with a round brush in sections. It may take longer to dry it, but it will take less time on the straightening end.

Use a shampoo with a good pH balance (smoothing shampoos work well) and don't shampoo every day if you can help it. Shampoo dries out hair, and dry hair is frizzy hair.

Use a light conditioner every day, and leave it in for at least 2 minutes. Use a deep conditioner once a week. (For reasons on this, see the previous bullet and make your own inferences.)

If you use a straightener, use a heat-protection spray. This will help you to avoid heat damage, which is, among other things, another way to dry out your hair.
Your hair doesn't have to be full of gel to make it smooth and shiny. Above all, avoid damaging your hair wherever you can and go with your hair's natural type; you'll be on your way to hair-commercial hair in no time.

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