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Shaving Pubic Hair Properly

Contrary to public opinion, shaving your pubic hair is not the easiest thing in the world to do. A pubic hair shave requires a lot of attention to detail and with the proper guide you should be well on your way.
When you do a pubic hair shave it is important to first decide whether this is what you definitely want to do as once you begin shaving there is no going back obviously.
The first and most important issue when removing pubic hair is to get the right equipment to do the job. Make sure that you do not use the type of razor and shaving cream that men use to shave their face. Those razors are way too rough and not meant to be used for shaving pubic hair. It should not be too difficult to find a specialized shaving cream specifically designed for women shaving these areas. Also, make sure that you do not use a disposable razor or any type of switch blade as these do not work as well. Use a female safety razor.
The other recommendation is to make sure that you do not try and do this alone as it is a lot easier when you have your partner helping you to do it.
Now that you have the right equipment and a partner to assist you in removing pubic hair, the next step is to first use scissors to remove the pubic hair first and then use a razor to get the stubble. Word of caution: Make sure the scissors are sharp and you would be surprised at how much of a difference these make compared to a dull cut. Make sure you cut the pubic hair as short as possible as this will make the rest of the job that much easier.
Now, take a hot shower and ensure that the area to be shaved is clean and free of pimples or any kind of growth.
Now, it is time to shave carefully and then clean up the area with a warm rag and fresh warm water. Now, that was not so painful was it?

Best Hairstyles For Round Faces

Nothing ruins a day, a week or an entire month more than an unflattering haircut which you cannot do anything about. Unless you are willing to wear hair extensions, you will probably be stuck with the hair style that you have for a few weeks or months while waiting for it to grow back.
This is precisely the reason why you need to really think about the hair style that you want to have before finally sitting down in a salon chair. Would you just like to update your look without doing anything drastic with your hair? Then you can probably opt for a layered cut.
But what if you want a total makeover? The color and the cut of the hair would play a big factor in this, and you should also consider one important thing: the shape of your face.
Choose a Hair Style that will Flatter the Shape of Your Round Face
When you go for a hair cut which flatters the shape of your face, you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Let's say that you have a heart-shaped face. A long, layered cut will work best for this because it will elongate your face a bit more while the wisps of hair on the side will frame your cheeks and the line from your neck to your shoulder.
But what if you have a round-shaped face? Here, we will take a look at the many suitable hairstyles for round faces.
Ask Your Stylist: Which Hair Styles for Round Faces will Look Great on Me?
Aside from the shape of your face, the texture and volume of your hair will also be considered when thinking about the best hair styles for round faces that will suit you. Take a look at some possibilities that you can choose from:
Medium or long cut with layered bangs
Instead of opting for a hair cut with straight, heavy or no bangs at all, the best hair style for round face that you should go for is one with layered bangs. Whether you have medium-length or long hair, the layered cut on the bangs will draw the attention upwards, giving your rounded face more depth.
Long hair with the part centered
If you don't want to sport bangs at all, the best hair styles for round faces that you can go for is one which reaches well beyond your shoulders, and is parted at the center. The center partition will frame and elongate your face a bit more. You can wear this in an ultra-straight, sleek style, wavy or curly.
The Bob
Whether it's the Rihanna bob, the Victoria Beckham bob or an updated, layered bob, this design for round faces is a great way to also elongate and frame your round-shaped face. Plus, there's a bonus of your looking like a celebrity, so why would you not go for it? At the end of the day, choosing among the many hair styles for round faces that you can select from is all a matter of deciding what looks good and you, and which hair style you feel that you look your best in. As long as you consider the shape of your face in choosing the hair style to update your look with, you'll be all set.

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At-Home Natural Skin Care Remedies

It can get quite expensive if you spend your hard earned cash on beauty products that you can actually make at home. These amazing at-home natural skin care remedies will leave you wondering why in the world you would need to buy anything at all! Still, let’s try to keep the economy going, but save your wallets at the same time.

Dry & Itchy Skin

If you have dry and itchy skin, you don’t need to go out and purchase a bunch of lotions. The solution is right in your home. Add one cup of instant powdered whole milk and one cup of baking soda to running bathwater. Get in and relax for 15 minutes. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer and you’re all set!

At-Home Exfoliator

Don’t feeling like shelling out cash for an expensive exfoliator? Try this trick. Eat some olives and keep the pits. Grind the pits and use as a body scrubber. Ground olive stones act as a natural, rich exfoliator that cleanse the skin and removes dead skin cells all the while giving you a beautiful glow.

Sunburnt Skin

Here’s a secret that comes all the way from Russia: use sour cream on burnt skin. It works and it’s super cheap! Cold sour cream will help sooth the irritated skin while giving you a beautiful bright glow. Use plain organic yougurt and buttermilk to get super soft skin and even out skin tone.

Bananas for Beauty

Bananas are very helpful when it comes to your hair and skin. Mash a very ripe banana and apply it to your skin and/or hair for 15 minutes. The ingredients found in banana help to hydrate both your hair and skin all at the same time.

Smart Ways to Get Beach Hair in Under 5 Minutes

Getting that “just got back from the beach” hair look can be hard, especially if you didn’t just come from the beach. But achieve that effect takes no longer than 5 minutes and lasts all day.

Start by dividing your hair into 3 separate sections and braid each section. Mist your hair with a thermal-protecting spray and run a flatiron over the braids.

The heat will lock in the crimp so that when you undo them, you’ll have a beachy texture. Undo the braids and set strands with a wave-enhancing spray. Your hair will look a little messy, a little beachy and a little crimpy, but just perfect!

Beat the Heat With These Hairstyles

During the summer, it can be close to impossible to keep your hair a certain way, especially if it tends to get frizzy. Luckily, there are some hairstyles that will not only keep you looking hot all summer, but will also keep the heat and the frizziness away.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is one of the easiest styles to pull off, plus it looks great in the summer. To get Kate’s look, divide damp hair into three sections and braid each. Run a flatiron over the braids and undo them. Finish off with a light hairspray.

Half-Up, Half-Down

The summer’s humidity can make your hair curly and wavy, so don’t fight it off. Instead, let your hair naturally dry, but keep it out of your face by pulling the front section back and pinning it, so you get a half-up, half-down style like Zoe Saldana.

Fishtail Braid

Braids are huge this summer, so don’t be afraid to pull one off. To get Diane Kruger’s look, take your hair and put it off to the side (either left or right, whichever you prefer). Start by braiding your hair and stop at the ends. Secure with an elastic and secure any other pieces of hair that might have fallen out with bobby pins in the back.

Sexy Ponytail

Here’s how to get Evangeline Lilly’s provocative ponytail. Start by working a texturizer through damp roots to get some lift. Tease your roots at the crown and then gather all the hair into a tight eye-level ponytail. Use a densly-bristled brush to smooth the sides. Finish off by backcombing the top inch of the tail for added volume.

Swept Away

To keep your hair out of your face during those humid summer months, gather it off your face, pulling back the top section from ear to ear like Vanessa Minnillo. Tease your hair first to create some volume, smooth it back with a brush, and secure everything loosely at the base of your crown. Add texture to your hair by misting it with a sea-salt spray.

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How to Get Hot, Sexy Summertime Legs

The fastest way to get skirt-ready this season

Exchanging long pants for bare legs is one of summer's great pleasures ¡ª but only if you feel good about how your legs look. While few of us have flawless gams (especially after a kid or two), you don't need a perfection permit to wear shorts. But your legs can look a lot better fast. With these simple strategies (plus some easy fake-its), you'll be a shameless showoff in no time.

Get Silkier
"Dry skin is unhealthy skin," says Sandy Johnson, M.D., of the Johnson Dermatology Clinic in Fort Smith, AR. "Well-hydrated skin provides a better barrier to the environment." And it makes legs look smoother and prettier too.

Do a Serious Scrub
Unless you exfoliate first, even the best moisturizer can't do its job. "As we age, our skin becomes drier because the bottom layer doesn't regenerate as frequently," says Dr. Johnson. Exfoliation strips away flakes on top, allowing fresh cells to come to the surface. To try: St. Ives Healthy Brilliance Brighten & Glow InShower Exfoliating Body Polish ($7, drugstores).

Soften in the Shower
Get a head start on hydration with the latest generation of body washes: cream oils. These products ¡ª usually a mix of glycerin, oils, and petrolatum ¡ª cleanse and soften all at once. "Cleansing can strip moisture from the skin, but cream oils have been shown to improve skin's moisture content after washing," says Ellen Shepard, senior research and development scientist at Unilever. To try: Caress Moroccan Exotic Oil Infusions Body Wash ($4, drugstores).

Fake Fabulous Legs
Miracles may not come in jars, but a tube of selftanner comes pretty close. Besides banishing a winterweary pallor, tanner evens out tone, hides imperfections, and just makes everything look a whole lot better. The color should last at least three to five days (or longer, depending on which product you use; tanners containing high amounts of dihydroxyacetone ¡ª DHA ¡ª are usually the slowest to fade). If you fear that selftanner is too tricky to apply, relax. Thanks to new formulas, getting a glow is easier than ever.

Prep for Perfection
Yes, exfoliate (it's the key to even, longlasting color). But also be sure to shave or wax before you tan. "Removing hair soon afterward will remove the tan as well," says Pam Oullet, spa director at Willow Stream Spa at Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada. And since selftanner affects only the top layer of skin (the DHA causes a chemical reaction that darkens the cells of the epidermis), exfoliation will strip away color too. So skip the scrubbing for at least three days posttan.

Try a Tinted Version
Formulas that are slightly bronzed make it easy to see where you've already applied tanner ¡ª and which spots you've missed. To try: Lanc?me Soleil Flash Bronzer Instant Colour SelfTanning Leg Gel ($28.50, department stores).

Put It On like a Pro
Apply creams and lotions by rubbing firmly in a circular motion; smooth away extra product to avoid streaks. One lotion we like: Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturizer with Subtle SelfTanners ($7, drugstores). To try: L'Or¨¦al Sublime Glow MicroFine Mist ($10, drugstores).

Ace Those Trouble Spots
Dry knees, ankles, and feet tend to sop up extra product and then turn darker. Oullet recommends smoothing on a regular moisturizer beforehand, which will lessen the amount of tanner that's absorbed. To avoid a line where your ankles meet your feet, she says, "do your leg first, then add a little moisturizer to the residue that's left on your hands and run hands from your leg to your foot." Use a tissue to rub around nails to remove excess.

Nervous? Tan Gradually
Tannerlotion hybrids have low doses of color combined with moisturizer, so it's harder to make a mistake. You'll see a subtle difference a few hours after you first apply it, with the color increasing each time you slather it on. Try Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion ($15, drugstores). Or try a body bronzer like Neutrogena Sheer Body Tint Temporary Tan ($10, drugstores). You'll get immediate color that will wash away in your next shower.

Mask Your Veins
Stubborn spider or varicose veins can mar the look of your legs. For permanent solutions, talk to your doctor about inoffice treatments such as lasers and sclerotherapy ($300 to $800 per treatment), as well as endovenous ablation (around $2,500 per treatment, often covered by insurance).

In the meantime, there's plenty you can do at home to minimize the look of prominent veins ¡ª and to help prevent new ones from forming:


Stuck in line? Stand on the balls of your feet and contract your calves to keep blood moving, says Pamela Peeke, M.D., author of Body for Life for Women.

Pop a Baby Aspirin

One a day thins blood and improves its flow, taking stress off veins ¡ª but ask your doctor first, says Thomas F. O'Donnell, M.D., director of the Venous Center at TuftsNew England Medical Center.

Don't Cross Your Legs

It cuts off blood circulation, says Dr. Peeke.

Cover Up with Makeup

The right heavyduty concealer (one designed for the body, not the face) can really disguise spider veins. Go for a longwearing, waterresistant formula like Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Cr¨¨me ($18, dermablend.com).

Get a Glow

A selftanner's allover color will reduce contrast on your legs, so discolorations are less noticeable.

Consider Creams Carefully

Don't expect an overthecounter potion to completely erase veins, says Paul M. Friedman, M.D., a dermatologist and director of the DermSurgery Laser Center in Houston. Only medical treatments can produce those results. But some creams can improve the appearance of capillaries. One new product that seems to show promise: Avon Anew Clinical Spider Vein Therapy SPF 15 ($25, avon.com). In a companysponsored test, women who'd used the product for eight weeks prior noticed up to a 50 percent reduction in the appearance of their spider veins.

Tips for Selecting the Right Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color

There are various types of makeup styles that have come into fashion today. Bold eye makeup exerts a very glamorous look; however, women today prefer a look which is soft yet stylish. Eyes are a very beautiful asset that any woman can beautify. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are small or very bubble large, but if you know to use the right amount of eye shadow, as well as are familiar with the shades that would highlight your eyes gracefully, you have won the race. The following mentioned are a few quick tips which would help you in selecting the right eye shadow color to compliment your eye color.
Eye Makeup Gadgets That You Will Require

First of all, you need to choose one of the eye makeup products that will accent your eye color:

1. eye shadows;
2. mascara;
3. eye liner.

Please, also keep in mind the following:

* There are 3 major types of eye shadow application available – smoky,extreme and standard tones.
* Eye shadows with a contrasting color to your eyes will highlight them.

Eye Makeup Tips for a Blue Eyed Lady

Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue eyes really stand out in earthen and smoky eye shadows. The all-favorite colors for blue eyes are hues of brown. Then may it be dark chocolate, light brown or even beige. Your eyes will look tempting. However if you want to apply a dramatic and smoky appearance, you can apply black eye shadow or even charcoal and pewter. For a simple yet charismatic appeal, you can sport a deep blue eye shadow to compliment your light blue eyes. You are allowed to apply shades of plum, bright berries, silver and even turquoise in addition to the charm.

While choosing an eyeliner for blue eyes, opt for brown, grey or medium blue shaded eye liners. Hues of copper, gold, bronze or even dark purple and deep berry would make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.
Things to Avoid

Too much of pink color will make you look like an alien if you have blue eyes with a pinkish skin. You must also avoid hot pinks and fuschias, as they will make you seriously look bad. If your eyes don’t have any blending colors like turquoise, no tings of green, then you must avoid using green eye liners or shadows. These colors will actually make your eyes look extremely dull.
Mascara Application Tips for Blue Eyes

For women with blue eyes and fairer skin tones should try using brown or black mascaras. On the other hand, you can try using black, charcoal gray, deep navy or midnight blue to compliment your eyes.
Eye Makeup Tips for a Green Eyed Woman

Green Eyes Makeup

A woman possessing green or hazel eyes will look absolutely stunning in shades of golden, soft plums and violet berry shades. To give your eyes a true look, you can try using deep browns, ultra dark greens, intense taupe and khakis. For dramatic green eyes, you can make use of light green hues, dazzling limes or even loud purples.

For a gorgeous lady with green or hazel eyes, eye liners with black, deep gold, dark green and even brown would add a lot of glamour to your eyes. Colors like navy, grey or even deep pewter would make your eyes look hot.
Things to Avoid

Women with green or hazel eyes must certainly avoid hues of neutral brown colors if you have an olive skin tone. A few neutral browns have a yellow base which makes your eyes look flat and brings forth the worst in your skin.
Mascara Application Tips for Green or Hazel Eyes

Green or hazel eyed beauties would definitely look attractive in deep forest, black or even brown mascara.
Eye Makeup Tips for a Brown Eyed Babe

Brown Eyes Makeup

Brown eyes look magnetic in light pinks, sparkling beiges and moist apricot eye shadows. Light champagne is also a shade which highlights brown eyes. To add a more casual look to glamorous brown eyes, you can use shades of copper and bronze, khaki greens and doe browns. You can also add a more fascinating look to them by contrasting with neon blues, hot pink and bright green for a wild look.

Women with the asset of brown eyes should try eye lines in eggplant or deep berry. Your eyes will also look great if beautified with charcoal, black or a grey colored eye liner.
Things to Avoid

Any shade of dark green, teal or turquoise will be hazardous and turn you into a disaster.
Mascara Application Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes look stunning in black or brown mascaras. You can also compliment your eyes by mixing an eggplant liner with mascara.
Different Uses of Mascara

Usually black mascaras are a winner when it comes to making any eye color look gorgeous. However, there are various colors of mascaras also available in the market. At some point of time, colored mascaras add a very dramatic look to your eyes or sometimes people looking at you won’t be comfortable either. An additional tip for women over the age of 45 is that they should not experiment using colored mascara as it will highlight their growing age more than their attractiveness.
Final Tips & Warnings

* When applying eye makeup, consider a color that would go well with your eye color as well as your skin tone.
* If you are young, you can experiment with various shades to create ultra glam looks.
* If you are not planning a funky look, avoid neon hues and brighter tone eye shadows, mascaras or eye liners.
* You eye shadow color should not match the clothes you are wearing. Rather it should match your skin and your eyes.

Tips For Handle Beauty Emergencies

Problem: Running Out of Lipstick

Solution: Cream or powder blush dabbed on lips with a finger creates a soft, sensual look. For a creamier texture, top blush with clear gloss or a lip balm, says Carol Shaw, a Los Angeles makeup artist and the creator of Lorac cosmetics. This works in reverse, too: Use lipstick as blush. Keep in mind that lipstick has much more pigment than blush, says Joli Baker, president of the cosmetics company Pür Minerals, in Atlanta. To avoid going overboard, start with a tiny dab, then gradually increase the color. Add a bit of moisturizer to blend it in.

Problem: Gray Hair

Solution: While mascara is sometimes used as a quick fix to touch up unanticipated gray hairs, "it is possible that mascara could stain the hair, due to its high pigmentation," says Ron Levin, a colorist at the Pierre Michel salon, in New York. He prefers a product called Tween-Time, by Roux, as an alternative in between colorings. "It is a dry lipstick-like stick that can be wetted and applied directly to the roots of hair for instant color," he says. "It will also stay on the hair until your next shampooing." Also recommended: Covermark, which is applied like mascara but made specifically for the hair.

Problem: No Cuticle Cream

Solution: Use baby oil, Vaseline, or olive oil, says Skyy Hadley, a celebrity manicurist and the owner of the As "U" Wish Nail Spa, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Even avocado oil or the contents of a vitamin E capsule massaged into the cuticles will work, says Mark G. Rubin, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills. "It's really just the fact that you're putting on something oily to hold in water and moisture that matters," he says.

Problem: Chipped and Broken Nails

Solution: Use a block buffer in place of a nail file, if needed, says Hadley, "but if you are in a real bind, use the back of a matchbook. Be careful, though, because you might scratch off the back of the matchbook, leaving your nails black or red!" she warns. "Binding broken nails with nail glue or Krazy Glue should hold you over until you get to your nail tech."

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Latest Shoes Trends For Spring-Summer 2009

Shoes are currently becoming the top fashion accessory which is made more obvious by the exotic shoe trends anticipated for spring/summer 2009. Designers have created some of the most stylised shoe styles ever that will force fashionistas to max out their credit cards even in the time of the recession. To help you choose the most fashionable shoes and keep you up to date with the Vitoria Beckhams and Paris Hiltons, here is a quick guide to shoe fashion trends for 2009. Read this to find out about the hottest shoes that'll help you sizzle your way into summer.
Models' legs are becoming even longer as we move further into 2009, not that they need it though, due to the extreme high heels that are dominating the fashion scene. It's been reported that famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is all set to launch heels higher than 7 inches this spring. Stylists warn that fashion-conscious women will really need to have great balance if they wish to keep up with the shoe fashion trends for 2009 summers.
Stilettos to rule - According to stylists, spindly stiletto heels are to hold their prime position in the shoe world, and this time they are armed with a few extra inches on the heel. Women who are a bit hesitant of the trend will find some solace in the fact that a few inches of a platform are being incorporated into the shoe design in the front of the shoe, so that it makes it easier to manage the thin and very high stiletto heels at the back. Designers giving artistic expression to stiletto heel shoes include Balenciaga, Chado Ralph Rucci, Yves Saint Laurent and DSquared2.
Platforms retain their place - Ladies who find it hard to strut in stilettos will be relieved to know that platforms have retained their position as part of the 2009 summer shoe collection. What's more, designers have displayed platform heel shoes that have a classic appeal and are far from boring. Colorful platform pump shoes adorned with fringes are expected to be hugely popular this coming season.
Exotic feature heels - The most aesthetic part of 2009 spring / summer shoe trends is the arrival of feature heels. Shoes with feature heels are fast becoming popular amongst celebrities. Basically, the heel is not merely a structural support but rather it becomes the most aesthetic and graceful part of the shoe. Some very delicate feature heel shoes have been designed by Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Bottega Venetta. According to stylists, it is wise to invest in shoes with feature heels as they are likely to retain their artistic worth for long.
Thick chunky heels and tapered heels - Shoes with thick chunky high heels, wedge heels and tapered heels are also very much a popular choice for spring/summer 2009. Tapered heels start thick at the top and taper down, often with a curve, into a stiletto-esque point at the bottom. Designers promoting these heels include Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, and Chanel.
Peep toe shoes - Open toe or peep toe shoes will be a hot look this summer. Open toed shoes are more popular in pumps and sling back shoes and according to many stylists, peep toe shoes look very seductive as they provide a glimpse of your toe cleavage. Compliment your high heel open toe shoes with a gorgeous skirt or summer dress and really show of those legs of yours.
Pointed toe shoes - Razor sharp pointed toe or peeked toe shoes are also back again in trends. Pointed toe shoes look particularly seductive in pumps and ankle strap sandals. High fashion shoe designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Balenciaga¸ Chado Ralph Rucci etc displayed razor sharp pointed shoes with spindly stiletto heels on runways recently. A-list celebs like Victoria Beckham and Sara Jessica Parker have already embraced the style.
Gladiator Sandals - Both gladiator heels and gladiator sandals are very much in fashion for summer 2009. It is predicted that the heavily strapped and heeled versions of the sandals will be hit amongst girls. For maximum impact, opt for gladiator shoes in knee-high or mid-calf styles in flats or heels and team them with simple outfits like spring shorts or short skirts.
Fringed shoes - The folk inspired fringed shoes that gained entry last winter will still command a strong place in the shoe fashion world. High heel fringe ankle boots with peep toes will be a particularly enticing look this season. Fashionistas recommend a short dress with fringe booties for a seductive bohemian look. Some of the high profile fashion designers who seem to be very much in love with fringes include Gucci, Balmain, and Anna Sui.
Ankle strap shoes - Ankle strap shoes are expected to be a huge hit and in all probability a must have shoe this season. For special occasions opt for ankle strap shoes with sky-high stiletto heels and pointed toes. Some designers are also going for triple ankle strap shoes embellished with buckles. Spikes, chains and studs are further being utilized to enhance the glamour quotient of the shoe. Designers fond of ankle strap shoes include Gucci, Oscar De La Renta and Pucci.
Caged Boots - Caged boots are rated as the most sensational fetish shoes in the current season. Super sexy fashion icons such as Rihanna and Beyoncè have already adorned their feet with a pair of YSL's metal caged booties. Beyoncè was recently also noticed wearing colorful and very innovative caged boots by Balenciaga.

Which Sunscreens are Safest?

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the first-ever, in-depth analysis of the safety and effectiveness of more than 700 name-brand sunscreens. The new database lists products that offer the best combination of safety and effectiveness: they are formulated with the safest chemicals, are most effective at protecting against sunburn, and help prevent long-term damage caused by the sun’s UVA rays, which are linked to skin aging, wrinkling and, potentially, cancer.
The analysis found that 84 percent of 785 sunscreen products with an SPF rating of 15 or higher offer inadequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays, or contain ingredients with safety concerns. Ironically, some popular sunscreen chemicals break down when exposed to sunlight and must be formulated with stabilizing chemicals. Others penetrate the skin and present significant health concerns.
This ground-breaking research is based on nearly 400 peer-reviewed studies of the 17 sunscreen chemicals approved for use in the U.S., an analysis of sunscreen ingredient toxicity linked to 60 industry and government databases on chemical hazards, coupled with customized, product-by-product assessments of protection from both UVA and UVB radiation.
“Always use sunscreen”, said Jane Houlihan, Vice President for Research at EWG, “but not all sunscreens are created equal.” ”Our research shows that some products are far more effective than others, while presenting fewer safety concerns. Before we launched this website, the consumer had no way to identify the safest and most effective sunscreens.”
“The SPF rating on the product is helpful, but it is only part of what a consumer needs to know,” said Houlihan. “Our rating system includes critical information on UVA protection, how stable the product is in the sun, and potential health hazards of the product’s ingredients.”
“EWG has conducted this research because the FDA has failed to do so. With over one million cases of skin cancer reported each year people should have the most reliable information available about which sunscreens will provide the best protection for themselves and their families,” Houlihan added.
The report and website rank products for combined safety and effectiveness, help consumers recognize bogus claims on sunscreen products, and provide tips for safety in the sun.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not finalized comprehensive sunscreen standards that have been in development for 29 years. When complete, these rules will standardize a rating system for UVA protection, and prohibit misleading and inaccurate claims such as “waterproof” and “lasts all day” that are commonly found on sunscreen products.
In response to FDA's failure to set enforceable standards for sunscreen, citizens have filed nine class-action, false-advertising lawsuits in California; the Connecticut state Attorney General has petitioned the Agency to set standards; and six Senators have written FDA, urging the Agency to issue sunscreen regulations to protect the public from skin cancer.

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Dye Your Hair While Pregnant

Pregnant women should take extra precautions before making a change in hair color.

Step 1.Talk to both your doctor and your stylist about hair coloring while pregnant before you touch your locks.

Step 2.Consider whether the chemicals in the hair coloring product may be harmful to you or the baby, and how the pregnancy-caused changes in your hair may affect the coloring process.

Step 3.Be sure to do a preliminary patch test to determine whether you will develop an allergic reaction to the hair coloring. This will also give you a chance to see how the color will look.

Step 4.Follow the directions on the hair coloring package for best results, or have your stylist do the coloring.

Step 5.Use a conditioner after coloring to keep your hair from drying out or breaking.

Tips & Warnings

If you have applied henna to your hair in the last year, remember that you cannot perm it or use a chemical color over it.

Avoid chlorine and saltwater for a few days after coloring your hair, as contact may cause adverse reactions. Remember that the sun's rays will cause your color to fade faster.

Avoid getting solution into your eyes at all cost. Rinse well with tepid water and consult a physician should this occur.

Style Curly Hair in Humid Weather

Summer time is here, and so is the humidity. Humid weather can make styling your hair a nightmare, especially if you have wavy hair that is prone to frizz. Follow these simple steps to get rid of frizzy hair in hot weather.

Step 1---Instead of trying to blow dry your hair straight when the humidity is at its worst in the summertime, stick to scrunching your hair. Try washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that combats frizz, like Redken Fresh Curls shampoo, and conditioner. When you get out of the shower apply a leave-in conditioner like Africa's Best Organics Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner.

Step 2--- Next you will want to comb your hair with a wide toothed comb. After you got out all of the tangles, pump a generous amount of light weight gel into your hands. A good all natural brand to look for is Kiss My Face Natural Styling Gel Upper Management, available on drugstore.com. For a cheaper option go for Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel.

Step 3 ---After Apply your hair gel generously all over your hair, flip your hair over and apply moose from the roots to the tips of your hair. A good Mousse that is not too expensive is Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse and Leave in Conditioner in one. This will help save you money on your leave in conditioner, and costs under $4.

Step 4 ---The last step is to use your hands to scrunch your hair up to the roots and then release it back down. Repeat this action several times until you are happy with your curls!

Clear Your Skin Naturally With Honey

If you suffer from acne, or the occasional blemish you will try everything and anything to make that ugly red pimple disappear. Nature is the best remedy for your healing your acne and tightening pores. Honey is a simple ingredient to naturally clear your skin. You can clear your skin holistically, using natural products and healthy eating only. At the bottom of this page in resources you can read about Holistically clearing your skin.

Step 1 ----Go to your local grocery store and look down the isle that has honey. You will be picking out a honey "face wash". You should read the labels on the honey jars carefully when deciding which one you want to buy. Make sure you buy honey that is 100% pure unfiltered,unprocessed natural honey.

Step 2 ----Instead of spending tons of money on several different acne medications that contain harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, clear your acne naturally with one simple ingredient: Honey. Replace your current acne wash with a jar of unfiltered pure honey.

Step 3 ----Now its time to wash your face with your new uncooked honey! Take a warm wash cloth and place it over your face. This will allow your pores to open. Make sure your hands are clean, and open your honey jar and take a small quarter size amount out with your fingers. Slowly rub the honey all over your face using circular motions.

Step 4 ----For better results allow the unfiltered honey to sit on your face like a facial mask for 10 minutes. This allows the honey to seep into your pores and kill bacteria.

Step 5 ----Wash your face with warm water, and then finally with cool water to close your pores. Repeat steps 3-5 every day for as long as you want clear skin! Please see my resources at the bottom of the page to see how you can get clear skin in 3 days!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Smart Tips For Men's Clothing

So many guys have no idea how to dress, so kudos to you for taking the initiative! Being shy can be tough, but you can get yourself out of your shell a bit simply by dressing confidently.

You are 100% correct about everything fashionable not working for everyone. I don't think you should go down the "trendy" route per say. Go for classic cuts that flatter your body type. Some basics you should start with: a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans, a pair of black dress pants, tan dress pants, dark colored button-up shirts, a nice fitted sweater (NO, not the tight turtleneck ones--opt for a looser version), and some everyday shoes like brown dress boots.

When you walk into a store, look around before you do anything else. If you look at clothes and think: these aren't for me, then move on. American eagle is a great store for basics that are a little more casual. They have nice khaki pants and jeans, and a few fun buttons up shirts. Express Men's is another store I recommend. There, you will find dressier stuff, like black and tan dress pants, and some dressier tops.

Don't be afraid to ask sales people for help--that's their job and you will probably save them the boredom of standing around with nothing to do. First, look around the entire store. If you find something you might like, try it on, or ask a sales person if they think it would work well for you, and what to wear with it. They will be glad to help, I promise.

And the most important rule is to try everything on! Make sure that it fits properly before you buy it (ask a trusted friend or a salesperson).

For basic everyday wear, I always love guys in nice fitting jeans (not too short or too tight and something with a dark wash). Steer clear of really light wash Levis. They are not flattering on anyone. For dressier pants, a nice khaki pant is always good. For these, it is worth it to spend a little money because you will get more wear out of them. So they should fit really well.

You can actually find nice ones at the gap or men's express. For casual-wear, t shirts are always good. I'm a fan of the ones that have a bit of a vintage feel. Just make sure that the shirt is fitted. Most guys buy shirts way too big and the end result is that they look sloppy. It shouldn't be ridiculously skin-tight, but it should lay against the skin a bit. For dressier shirts, I LOVE express for men. I promise they aren't paying me to tell you this, but that store is great for guys.

They have really nice button up shirts for $25 and they fit really well, because they have a bit of stretch in them. They have so many different colors. Do yourself a favor and stay away from pink and purple. Not many guys can pull it off and it's too tricky. Go for a blue shirt to match your eyes. Probably any darker color would go well with your hair...dark green, burgundy, etc. So those are all the basics. Get yourself a good pair of jeans, a nice pair of khakis, a few fitted t-shirts, and a couple button down shirts and you should be good to go.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Material Making Cars Even More Efficient by Turning Waste Heat into Electricity

Researchers have invented a new material that will make cars even more efficient, by converting heat wasted through engine exhaust into electricity. In the current issue of the journal Science, they describe a material with twice the efficiency of anything currently on the market.
The same technology could work in power generators and heat pumps, said project leader Joseph Heremans, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Nanotechnology at Ohio State University.

Scientists call such materials thermoelectric materials, and they rate the materials' efficiency based on how much heat they can convert into electricity at a given temperature.

Previously, the most efficient material used commercially in thermoelectric power generators was an alloy called sodium-doped lead telluride, which had a rating of 0.71. The new material, thallium-doped lead telluride, has a rating of 1.5 -- more than twice that of the previous leader.

What's more important to Heremans is that the new material is most effective between 450 and 950 degrees Fahrenheit -- a typical temperature range for power systems such as automobile engines.

Some experts argue that only about 25 percent of the energy produced by a typical gasoline engine is used to move a car or power its accessories, and nearly 60 percent is lost through waste heat -- much of which escapes in engine exhaust.

A thermoelectric (TE) device can capture some of that waste heat, Heremans said. It would also make a practical addition to an automobile, because it has no moving parts to wear out or break down.

"The material does all the work. It produces electrical power just like conventional heat engines -- steam engines, gas or diesel engines -- that are coupled to electrical generators, but it uses electrons as the working fluids instead of water or gases, and makes electricity directly."

"Thermoelectrics are also very small," he added. "I like to say that TE converters compare to other heat engines like the transistor compares to the vacuum tube."

The engineers took a unique strategy to design this new material.

To maximize the amount of electricity produced by a TE material, engineers would normally try to limit the amount of heat that can pass through it without being captured and converted to electricity. So the typical strategy for making a good thermoelectric material is to lower its thermal conductivity.

In Heremans' lab, he used to work to lower the thermal conductivity by building nanometer-sized structures such as nanowires into materials. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

Those nanostructured materials are not very stable, are very difficult to make in large quantities, and are difficult to connect with conventional electronic circuits and external heat sources.

For this new material, he and his colleagues took a different strategy: they left out the fancy nanostructures, and instead focused on how to convert the maximum amount of heat that was trapped in the material naturally.

To do this, they took advantage of some new ideas in quantum mechanics.

Heremans pointed to a 2006 paper published by other researchers in the journal Physical Review Letters, which suggested that elements such as thallium and tellurium could interact on a quantum-mechanical level to create a resonance between the thallium electrons and those in the host lead telluride thermoelectric material, depending on the bonds between the atoms.

"It comes down to a peculiar behavior of an electron in a thallium atom when it has tellurium neighbors," he said. "We'd been working for 10 years to engineer this kind of behavior using different kinds of nanostructured materials, but with limited success. Then I saw this paper, and I knew we could do the same thing we'd been trying to do with nanostructures, but with this bulk semiconductor instead."

Heremans designed the new material with Vladimir Jovovic, who did this work for his doctoral thesis in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State. Researchers at Osaka University -- Ken Kurosaki, Anek Charoenphakdee, and Shinsuke Yamanaka -- created samples of the material for testing. Then researchers at the California Institute of Technology -- G. Jeffrey Snyder, Eric S. Toberer, and Ali Saramat -- tested the material at high temperatures. Heremans and Jovovic tested it at low temperatures and provided experimental proof that the physical mechanism they postulated was indeed at work.

The team found that near 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the material converted heat to electricity with an efficiency rating of about 0.75 -- close to that of sodium doped telluride. But as the temperature rose, so did the efficiency of the new material. It peaked at 950 degrees Fahrenheit, with a rating of 1.5.

Heremans' team is continuing to work on this patent-pending technology.

"We hope to go much further. I think it should be quite possible to apply other lessons learned from thermoelectric nanotechnology to boost the rating by another factor of two -- that's what we're shooting for now," he said.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Wear White Dresses

White dresses are refreshing and summery. The colour white connotes purity, innocence and liberty. Wearing white dresses well, however, is a little more complex than the simplicity suggested by the colour. This article provides some pointers on wearing a white dress well.


1.Be sure that white suits you. White doesn't suit all people but it is a colour many can wear without problems (provided the fit of the dress looks good). Warm skin tones go well with white; if you have a tan or naturally dark skin, white looks amazing. If white makes you look washed out, avoid it.

2.Select a solid and opaque white dress. White fabric suffers the curse of being see-through in many instances. When you shop for your white dress, check the transparency factor. To do this:

--Place the dress up against the light.
--Hold a hand behind the dress.
--Look for your hand and see how obvious it is. If you can see the color and form of your hand, that dress is going to show everything underneath!

3.Select quality fabric. Quality fabrics are less likely to be see-through. Some dresses may even be lined. Look for heavier count cottons, linen and some manmade fabrics.

4.Avoid clinging white dresses. White is not a colour that lends itself to good flattering when it clings to your curves. Select white dresses that billow, flounce and flow. White is about summer, freedom and breezes, so make sure that the dress reflects these features well.

5.Wear underwear that is the same colour as your skin. Don't wear white underwear, nor any other colour (other than your skin colour) for that fact. Skin-toned underwear will ensure that nothing peeps through to draw the eye to the wrong place; use skin-coloured slips, underpants and skin-coloured bras.

6.Choose an appropriate shoe to match a white dress. White is the color of purity and simplicity. If you want to stand out, you can add red high heels with your white dress, but some people might consider it over the top--and if that's what you're going for, that's good! Otherwise...

--Beige, camel, brown and soft grey make great colour choices.

--Silver, bronze or gold metallic sandals or flip flops are always perfectly fitting with white.

--Avoid wearing white sandals or shoes, as this will create an overwhelming effect.

7.Choose appropriate accessories. White is a canvas that will suit many kinds of accessories but a key element is to keep it simple. Never overwhelm the white canvas. Wooden accessories go well (bangles, beads etc.), as does any metallic jewelery.


--White has a "goody-two-shoes" image. It is recommended to show a little skin if you want to challenge this image a little.

--White at work should only be worn when the clothing item fits really well and is of good quality. Most white dresses are likely to be too summery and carefree to suit the seriousness of a business environment.

--White isn't always a great colour if you're raising children. It won't be white for long after picking them up and running after them. Save it for the special occasions when someone else is in charge of them for a few hours. Or, purchase white fabrics that will hold up to getting bleached every time the kids attack!

--A slip is not just something your grandma wore. Investing in a high quality, skin colored slip may be a lifesaver. (And as a plus, most men find a little slip peaking out when your skirt flutters very sexy.)


--Never wear a white dress to a wedding; that's called upstaging, and the bride won't thank you for it. It is okay to wear a little white, perhaps a hat or belt, but never wear a white dress.

--Avoid patterned or bright colored underwear!

--Be careful wearing white during your period. Leakages are very obvious.

--In more traditional parts of the U.S., white is only to be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Although this custom is observed less frequently than in the past, wearing white outside of this time period may be considered a faux pas, especially at more formal or conservative events.

--White tends to become see through if wet. While wearing a white dress, be careful of fountains, sprinklers, etc. If you know that there will be water where you are going and theres a good chance of you getting wet, you should reconsider wearing white.

Cover a Tattoo With Make up

Want to have a tattoo to show off to your friends, but no one else? Here's how to cover your tattoos.


1--Cover the tattoo with a light concealer-- lighter than your skin color.

2-- cover with a few coats of foundation that is your skin color.

3-- finish off with a powder.

4--Make sure the area is dry before attempting to cover your tattoo with clothing, or touching it.

--Do not attempt to cover a tattoo until it is fully healed. A fresh tattoo, or even one that is over a week old, still requires great care.

--Introducing make-up, or even unnecessary touching of a new tattoo can irritate the area enough to harm your hard earned artwork, or even lead to infection.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Smart ways to choose cocktail dress for your figure

While you can't go wrong with the quintessential little black dress, you can make the most of your attributes by selecting a cocktail to enhance your figure, detracting the eye from your weak spots, and drawing attention to your assets. You can even use jewelry to draw the eye to the neckline and away from the body entirely. Follow along with our tips for selecting the perfect cocktail dress, regardless of your shape or size. When you're dressed to kill and you know it, you're free to relax and enjoy the occasion, spend time making merry with friends rather than wasting energy wondering how you look.

Body Shapes

Determine your body shape, and select colors and styles to suit your general shape and flatter your figure. Then experiment with the tips for each body shape until you find your best look.


Attributes include a slender and often elongated torso, small bust, with hips and thighs proportionally larger than the torso and waist.

Toss the tight straight skirt in favor of an a-line skirt or empire waistline to de-emphasize the lower half of your body. Add padded shoulders to balance the top and bottom. Select a two-toned dress with the lighter or brighter color above the waist and the darker tone below the waist.

Hour Glass

Attributes include a small bone structure and waistline with bust and hips proportionally larger than the waist: in a word, voluptuous.

De-emphasize your voluptuous, abundant curves by shedding tight-fitting clothing in favor of clothing with a looser, smoother fit. Monotone colors work best by providing a sense of continuity from head to toe. Draw as much attention away from your bust and hips as possible by accessorizing with jewelry high on the neckline. If your clothing is monotone, you can wear flashier earrings as well, which draws attention to the face and away from the body.

Wear sleeves to cover the largest part of the arm. If your lower arms are shapely, you can wear 3/4 sleeves.


Attributes include a boy-shaped figure, with few visible curves from the shoulders through the hips.

Wrap or surplice tops help to give definition to the waist, which might otherwise get lost in a dress. Consider wearing a coordinated skirt and top instead of a cocktail dress. You might also consider wearing a cocktail suit with a peplum jacket. If you want to wear a dress, include a jeweled or sequined belt, or tie a festive ribbon to cinch the waist, adding definition. Avoid tube dresses and boxy jackets, which add no definition to the waistline.


Attributes include a larger-than-average overall ample appearance, except that lower legs may be slender.

Resist the urge to wear shapeless, loose, ill-fitting clothing. If you've got a round shape in a plus size, you'll be pleased to learn that many more manufacturers are creating fashionable clothing in your size today than just a few years ago. Select soft materials that drape rather than materials that cling or hang. Emphasize the bust with a v-neck or draw attention to the face and neckline with jewelry. If your lower legs are shapely, wear interesting shoes.

Inverted Triangle

Attributes include broad shoulders with a narrow waistline and hips.

This is the only body type that needs to use visual tricks to augment the lower body. Wear a dress with a flair skirt. Try an unusual or asymmetrical hemline. If you wear a cocktail pants suit, your body type can wear wide legs or pants that flare at the bottom. You can also draw attention away from your top by wearing interesting shoes.

General Tips and Tricks for Everyone

• Dark colors are slimming, no matter what your body shape.

• Dress in proportion to your height. Long tops, jackets, skirts and dresses swallow petites, while cropped tops and short skirts and dresses further emphasize length on exceptionally tall bodies.

• Use jewelry and interesting necklines to emphasize the upper body and draw attention away from the lower body.

• Make sure your clothes fit. Ill-fitting clothes emphasize problem areas. Alterations provide a good return on investment and can make all the difference in the world between an ill-fitting sack and a stunning item of clothing that highlights your good points.

• Wear your clothes; don't let them wear you! If you're constantly fussing with your clothes, then your clothes are wearing you. Your outfits should be carefree and stress-free.

Remember that it's all about style. Cultivate your own style. If your personal style varies from what you've read here, if you wear it with confidence, your inner beauty will shine through.

Fashion tips for top heavy woman

Finding a wardrobe that balances comfort with tailoring, and is stylish, all without breaking the budget can be a challenge for any woman. Add a buxom bust line to the wardrobe and the challenge can be daunting. Try a few of these tips and tricks to keep the best in-style and in-budget look.

Old advice dictated, dress in black or dark solid colors to minimize any part of your body. Though this works, it’s rather extreme and restrictive. If blessed, or cursed, with a large bust line don’t dress in black everyday but do try to avoid wide necklines that make your top look wider, as well as high-waisted pants that exaggerate a full chest. Go for tailored looks rather than boxy. You might be bigger on top but that doesn’t mean you have to be big everywhere – show off your curves don’t hide in a tent.

Select tops with sweetheart or V-necks to lengthen the vertical line of the top portion of your body. Button down tops are more difficult to avoid the boxy look but purchase tops that fit your chest and have darts put in underneath the bust line so it will fit your waist. This is a very inexpensive tailoring job that many dry cleaners offer; it’s frequently less expensive than purchasing a tailored shirt and will have the same results. Avoid sleeves that end at the bust line as they just hold the eye at that level. Match tops with low-waisted pants to place attention on your hips and lengthen your entire body. Boot cut or flared pants will help balance your top and tie the ensemble together.

Suits, pants or skirts, look best if they are tailored. Boxy is just that, you’ll look like a box. Try a suit jacket that cinches in at the waist and doesn’t have a large lapel, it just adds weight to the top portion of your body. Select lighter textured fabric, no thick tweeds or nubby wools, as they add mass just hanging on the hanger. Remember a slight flare at the bottom of a skirt or pant outfit will balance the top with the bottom.

Dresses are your best friend. Any dress, especially those with V-necks can look flattering. Aim for a skirt hemline at or below your knee to slim and lengthen your look. Strapless dresses can play up your shoulders and neck, just be certain bust line support is built in or you’ll be pulling “up” all night. Accentuate your hips, waist, tan or legs with the style of your choice.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. Never wear lightweight fabrics, large patterns, or pockets on your shirts – just toss those aside. Go ahead and layer a light fabric see-through or chiffon shirt over a form fitting camisole – add a large pattern to the chiffon and you’ll break two rules in one. Small patterns minimize and distract from the bust line and pockets, as long as they don’t shine or light up are perfectly acceptable.

Finally, try fabrics with Lycra that stretch as you move without popping buttons or bunching. Fabrics shouldn’t cling to your body but include enough weight to drape nicely. When trying clothing on, be certain to stretch, move, reach and bend – if it doesn’t work in the fitting room, it won’t work in the office.

Whatever body type you have, stout, long-legged, thin or just right, a large bust line requires creative shopping to reveal without overdoing. Though a night on the town may be the right moment to show off a low neckline, other venues are just not appropriate. But don’t sacrifice style for coverage. There’s no need to hide under tents or sweaters that cover your top but don’t add definition to your other curves. Use the above tips and you’ll receive ravishing reviews no matter where you go.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Smart Ways to Find the Correct Bra Fit

According to an article in The Times a ridiculously large amount of women are wearing the wrong bra size. So how do you know if you've got it right? Basically, you should feel comfortable in your bra. It shouldn't be too tight or leave red marks behind. Nor should it be too baggy. If you can easily fit more than two fingers under the band of your bra than it may well be too big.

Underbust Measurement

- Using a tape measure which shows inches, measure the circumference of your chest, just under your breasts.

- If you get an even number, add four inches to it.

- If you get an odd number, add 5 inches.

This number will be your underbust size.

So, if your measurement is 28 inches, add 4, making you a size 32. If you measure 31, add 5, making you a 36.

Overbust Measurement

Measure round the fullest part of your bust to find your Cup Size.

Let's use me as an example.

- The circumference under my bust is 26 inches.

- So I add 4, giving me an underbust measurement of 30 inches.

- My overbust measurement is 31 inches, which is 1 inch more than my underbust measurement.

- This means I am a cup size B.

- Ergo, my bra size is 30B (almost impossible to find in shops, but that's another story).

Problem solving:

Bra rides up at the back

- move the hook-and-eye closure to a tighter setting

- loosen the straps

- try a smaller band size (e.g. 34" instead of 36")

The band digs in

- go one band size larger

- choose a bra with a vertically wider band

The sides bulge

- move up one band size

- opt for a style with more cup coverage

The cups overflow

- go one cup size larger (e.g. C to D).

The straps slip

- tighten straps

- opt for bra with wider straps

- choose fully adjustable straps (instead of ones which can only be adjusted up to the top of the shoulder)

Bra leaves red marks on your shoulders

- loosen bra straps

- opt for one with wider or padded straps

Underwires pinch or hurt

- go one cup size larger (e.g.B to C)

- try a non-underwire soft cup style

There are many different styles available and moulded cups can give as much support as underwire bras!

Find Sunglasses Which Are Good For Your Face Shape

While sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory, it is true that every kind of sunglasses does not suit every face shape, which is why you must put in some thought and research before buying shades that suit you.

The rules of thumb are very simple. People with small faces should wear smaller sunglasses, and people with bigger faces should wear bigger ones. The shape of the frame must be in contrast to your face's shape, so if you have a rectangular face wear round sunglasses. Here are more details on what to look for when shopping for sunglasses:

- Oval Face: This is a great face shape to have as almost any kind of sunglasses will suit it. Try out the latest styles and experiment to figure out which one you find most comfortable to wear.

- Round Face: The frames that you buy must make your face look longer and thinner than it actually is, for this you should buy sunglasses that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. You can add definition by buying a pair that is rectangular as this make you look like you have a longer face.

- Diamond Face: This is a face that has high cheekbones, and narrow forehead and chin. The best sunglasses shape is oval as that will soften the face's shape quite a bit. You can also try slightly curved square frames. However, the important thing to know is that the frame should not be wider than the top of the cheekbone.

- Square Shape: With a strong jaw line, wide forehead and cheekbones, this is a very angular face. You can reduce the angles by buying sunglasses that give the face some definition, like cat-eyed varieties or oval shades.

- Oblong Shape: This face shape needs to be made to long less wide and shorter than it really is, so buy sunglasses that are not wider than the widest part of the face. The best is round or square shapes.

- Triangle Shape: With a narrow jaw, and a wide forehead, this face shape needs to have the lower portion soften so as to look less sharp. Do this by buying sunglasses that highlight the eyes, like cat-eyed styles or metal frames that have rimless bottoms.

Besides face shape, it is also very important to look at skin colour. People with very pale skin should try frames that are slightly coloured with hints of rose or amber. Darker complexions should use shades that are either clear, or silver/gold. Black is not a good colour for people with darker skin.

Another thing to consider is your hair kind. Soft and curly hair is best paired with rimless frames and delicate shapes, whereas very curly hair is best with small frames that sit within the hairline. People with short hair should wear round frames, and people with very short hair should try out colourful and bold designs.

Buying sunglasses is not as simple as going into a store and picking a pair out, so make sure you look at a variety before deciding on one.

Finding Swimsuit Shopping??---- Where To Hit, Where To Miss

You have just arrived at the most beautiful place on earth. The sun is shining bright, there's a light breeze in the air and not a cloud in the sky. The sand is whiter than snow, and the ocean waves are singing nature's lullaby as they crash onto the shore.

Life doesn't get much better than this, you think to yourself as you find a good spot to enjoy this tropical paradise. You have your man and your best friends by your side, and you are getting ready to order a frozen concoction to complete the surreal scenery. You put your towel down, take off your cover-up skirt and tank top -- you're ready to soak up the sun.

Then it happens -- you realize that everyone on the beach has directed their eyes on you. You immediately freeze, afraid to move a muscle. After what seems like lifetimes, you finally look down and realize that you are wearing a hideous, worn-out, unflattering bathing suit that's so outdated even your great-grandmother's grandmother wouldn't have been caught wearing it.

Just when you are about to shrivel up in shame, the alarm clock sounds and you wake up with a new mission in life. It's time to go swimsuit shopping.

If the thought of a tropical paradise vacation is giving you nightmares instead of dazzling dreams, then chances are you are in desperate need of swimsuit shopping support. The first thing you need to do is breathe deep and keep the thought of those waves crashing in your mind at all times.

The next step is to get rid of the old hand-me-down you've been wearing for way too long and relax. You are not alone. There are many places designed to help you shop comfortably while you find your perfect fit. Whether it's high prices, fluorescent lights, crowded stores or three-way mirrors you want to avoid, there is a swimsuit shopping solution for you. Here's a list of the top 10 different places and ways you can go about shopping for your swimsuit.

1. Check out stores that sell only swimwear -- these are great for specialized assistance.

2. Department stores offer plenty of choices, but the lighting can be harsh in the dressing rooms.

3. Buy them online. Find a site that asks for your specific measurements and body type.

4. Check out discount stores for great deals.

5. Surf the net for specific swimsuit sales at your favorite department stores.

6. Shop seasonal sales to get major discounts.

7. Fashion magazines and catalogs are great ways to avoid the crowded malls, but before you order make sure to take your measurements and buy the suits that best match your shape.

8. Specialty stores and boutiques near the beach often offer great sales but not much variety.

9. eBay.com often has brand-new designer suits just waiting for a bid.

10. Bring your best buddy with you. You can make the experience a bit more fun and get an honest opinion.