Saturday, June 13, 2009

Clear Your Skin Naturally With Honey

If you suffer from acne, or the occasional blemish you will try everything and anything to make that ugly red pimple disappear. Nature is the best remedy for your healing your acne and tightening pores. Honey is a simple ingredient to naturally clear your skin. You can clear your skin holistically, using natural products and healthy eating only. At the bottom of this page in resources you can read about Holistically clearing your skin.

Step 1 ----Go to your local grocery store and look down the isle that has honey. You will be picking out a honey "face wash". You should read the labels on the honey jars carefully when deciding which one you want to buy. Make sure you buy honey that is 100% pure unfiltered,unprocessed natural honey.

Step 2 ----Instead of spending tons of money on several different acne medications that contain harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, clear your acne naturally with one simple ingredient: Honey. Replace your current acne wash with a jar of unfiltered pure honey.

Step 3 ----Now its time to wash your face with your new uncooked honey! Take a warm wash cloth and place it over your face. This will allow your pores to open. Make sure your hands are clean, and open your honey jar and take a small quarter size amount out with your fingers. Slowly rub the honey all over your face using circular motions.

Step 4 ----For better results allow the unfiltered honey to sit on your face like a facial mask for 10 minutes. This allows the honey to seep into your pores and kill bacteria.

Step 5 ----Wash your face with warm water, and then finally with cool water to close your pores. Repeat steps 3-5 every day for as long as you want clear skin! Please see my resources at the bottom of the page to see how you can get clear skin in 3 days!

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