Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Find a Bikini Diet to Get You Ready For That Summer Sun

Before you know it Summer will be here and you are going to want to show off that tan. But you realize to your horror that you aren't going to fit into that bikini hauling around that winter bulge. You can find lots of programs that are called "bikini diet", but the truth is you just need to use some common sense and reasonable eating habits.
Don't go on some drastic crash bikini diet program that will only help you realize a temporary weight loss but is only bad for your system and will not keep the weight off. You could try one of the many plans that provide you with meals and they probably will work, but they are very expensive and since they don't really provide you with any weight managment other than purchasing their meals, your only choice to keep the weight off is to continue buying the food. But of course that is the whole idea behind the program isn't it.

So here are a few ideas to get you into that bikini before the warm weather hits:
--Get on an exercise program right now. Nothing drastic! A light daily workout with some small weights and a brisk walk will work wonders with those unsightly bulges. Do something after meals besides flopping on the couch.
--Get off the soda pop and stay off it! Drinks like Mountain Dew and Coke are a bodies worst enemy. You can lose 10 pounds if you do nothing else than stop drinking sugary drinks. Substitute water or iced tea when you think about having a pop.
--Reduce portion sizes at meal time and do not go back for seconds. It may be difficult at first, but your body will adjust in time and it will become second nature. This is also a step in the process of long term weight management to keep it off.
--Change what you eat between meals. Snack on healthy whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits. Although fruit has sugar in them it is a healthy, natural sugar that your body will turn into energy.
--Lastly, find a quality weight management program that will keep you in bikini shape all year long. There are many good programs out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg, i.e. Jennie Craig, and will help you set up habits that you can control. I would suggest that you review as many of these programs as you can until you feel comfortable with one , and then get on it!

Try these suggestions before you jump into some drastic bikini diet and see if they don't help you get that body you want for the summer. Using these to get started and a good, quality maintenance program you will fit into that bikini again.

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