Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do A Simple Hatha Yoga Exercise to Calm Down

Need to relax? This Hatha yoga exercise can help to reduce tension. If you're studying for a big test, waiting for an interview, feeling uptight in the office, worrying about an audition or you just need to be calm, try this simple technique:
1--Inhale deeply. Count to five. Exhale and relax.
2--Inhale a second time. Breathe in a third of your lung capacity. Expand your abdomen so that it blows up like a balloon. Exhale and relax.
3--Inhale a third time. Breathe in two-thirds of your lung capacity. Expand your ribs and abdomen. Exhale and relax.
4--Inhale a fourth time. Breathe in your full lung capacity. Expand your ribs and abdomen. Elevate your shoulders towards your ears. Exhale and relax.
5--Repeat. Continue with this technique until calm.
6--Hatha Yoga is mainly involved with breathing and relaxation.
7--Find a quiet place without distraction. Excuse yourself to do this exercise in a bathroom, if needed.
8--Don't worry!

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