Monday, April 27, 2009

All About the Gangster Tattoos

Gangster and prison tattoos are very popular recently. You will see lots of different types of gangster tattoos inked on the gangster's bodies as you walk along the street.
Among the members of gangs, the gangster tattoo is considered as the symbol of strong bond. It's the fact that gang members are devoted to their fellows even more than their immediate family members. Gangster tattoos symbolize the same devotion and loyalty towards the gang.
On the other hand, prison tattoos came to light after Japanese started use of them in order to differentiate prisoners from general public after they were freed. Prison tattoo is also frequently used by groups such as bikers, gypsies, bandits, and circus artists.
However, more and more people considered prison and gangster tattoos as nuisances nowadays. Despite growing popularity and more and more people are having tattoos, there are certain tattoos such as gangster tattoos and prison tattoos that are considered disgraceful.
In comparison to other tattoos, a prison tattoo or a gangster tattoo is far more eye-catching. Usually people wear these tattoos on more visible body parts such as faces, hands, and necks. Most of people who get these tattoos use them in order to convey their anguish against societies' restrictions. Unlike other tattoos that are usually worn as accessories, the prison and the gangster tattoo is used as an expression of pride.
Gangs distinguish their members by the help of the gangster tattoo. These tattoos are also used as status symbol. On the other hand, a prison tattoo is used to identify prisoners. Most of prisoners use them in order to survive in prison culture. As they symbolize their toughness. That's why people avoid arguments and fighting with a person who flaunts prison or gangster tattoos.
How a gangster tattoo or a prison tattoo does differ from other tattoos? Some of the gangster tattoo design even adds the Pachuco cross into their main design. Hispanic gangs often use this tattoo. There are three small dots on it. Most of the gang members have gangster tattoos on their hands. In its design you can see 'mi vida loco' in Spanish that means "my crazy life". These three dots are most frequently used by Southeast Asian gang members. The three dots mean "I care for nothing".
Unlike in the past, nowadays tattoos are used as an art. In today's world, having a gangster tattoo is not a symbol of bad characters anymore. These are used for fun and style as well. So, you need not to afraid with people who have a gangster or prison tattoos. They could be as acceptable as other people.

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