Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tips to Remove Facial Mole Safely & Naturally

“I often feel self-conscious when people stare at my face moles as though I am an alien from outer space. Sometimes, the words they say are irritating, and it will upset me for many days.”

“One day, out of frustration I decided to take action. In my mind, I wanted to get rid of my unsightly face spots. I spent hours doing research online for a solution. Amazingly there was plenty of information on how to remove a facial mole.”

To help you find the best solution, here are the most common methods you can use to get rid of your face moles.

1) Laser mole removal
This procedure is normally handled by a plastic surgeon. A laser device will be used to bombard laser beam at the selective spot on your skin in order to burn away the mole. The debris will absorbed by the body immune system during the healing process. Laser treatment
is a perfect solution for small and flat facial mole. When the mole is large and thick, more surgical sessions are required to eliminate the mole entirely, and therefore the treatment cost can be very high for most people.  Other drawbacks of laser surgery are pain, scarring, possible infection, partial removal of mole and skin discoloration.

2) Mole Surgery Methods
The common surgeries to remove moles are shaving, excision and cauterization. These treatments are carried out by a dermatologist. Depending on the condition of your face moles, your doctors should be able to recommend a surgery that is most suitable for you. The surgery will only take a short time with an outpatient visit. Sutures are performed to close the wound after the operation, and therefore scarring will normally be formed for all surgical alternatives.

3) Natural Mole Removal
There are plenty of non-surgical, natural remedies you can carry out at the comfort of your own home. These home remedies usually work on the same principle which uses natural herbs
to cauterize the facial mole. They are very safe and effective to use, and you should see great result within a few days.

To learn more about natural home remedies for removing unsightly face moles, please visit our site for more information.

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