Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Tips To Choose Perfect Suit for Men In 2009

There is a basic rule out there that says every man need to own at least one suit. It is definitely the most important piece of clothing a man can have in their wardrobe. They are worn with the intention of making a statement. A good looking suit gives off a certain image of respect. You cannot succeed in the corporate business world without one and you will look silly in certain social situations too.

A suit sends out messages to people about your place in the company and the world. It shows power, position and mastery in your profession. Not only that but it also is used to show respect in special circumstances whether at a wedding, funeral, graduation or other important event.

A suit forces people to take you seriously and for obvious reasons too. Unfortunately, there are many men out there who don't know where to start when it comes to finding the best suit for them. The look at the price tag and make their decision there. Here are a few of the basics about purchasing a brand new men's suit.

1--The first thing you want to do is find out what your measurements are. Make sure you know your inseam, which is the inside leg length, shoulders, arms, neck, chest, and waist. Just because you need to know your measurements, doesn't mean you should be doing it yourself. You won't get an accurate measurement and that will affect the fit of your suit. Most places that sell suits have someone on hand to take your measurement for you.

2--Now that you know what your measurements are, decide what style or type of suit you want. The most common style is the single-breasted suit. The jacket has a single row of buttons that button up like a shirt but also are made with two, three or four buttons. You also have the option of going with a double-breasted suit if you're not a fan of the way single ones look on you. A double-breasted suit is made with two rows of buttons with one side overlapping the other when buttoned up.

3--At this point you should be thinking about what type of fabric you want to use. Suits are made in wool, linen, and believe it or not, still polyester. Wool suits are great because they are cool in the warm summer months and warmer in the winter than the other fabrics. Suits made with wool are available different weights too like light, medium and heavy. So no matter what the weather is, you're covered.

4--There are a few people who because of allergies, cannot wear the fabric wool and choose to buy a suit made from linen or polyester. Neither are a good of quality as wool since they don't hold up as well or breathe well but they are cheap enough to make people buy them. One plus about a linen or polyester suit is that they don't wrinkle easily which is why you see so many traveling salesmen wearing a polyester suit.

5--The last step in this process is to make sure everything fits properly. You don't want a suit which looks bad across your back and shoulders or is too tight around your arms. To ensure a proper fit, try the suit on and then have a tailor do some minor alterations to it. Most suit stores can do that in house so it shouldn't be an issue to find a tailor.

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