Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top 10 Fashion Colors for Fall 2009

A summary of the top Fall 2009 colors that make up the diverse color palette are:

1--American Beauty — this flattering true red is neither harsh nor over-the-top. Designed to suit all skintones, this warm but robust hue can be blended with almost any shade.

2--Rapture Rose — represents all that is new and fresh about this fall’s designs. With nurturing and feminine tones, this color plays upon the vibrancy of last season’s fuschia but is toned down a little with soft pink. This key shade transcends clothing into cosmetics and accessories.

3--Burnt Sienna — more a pinkish, earthy orange, reminiscent of Mediterranean terracotta roof tiles. Warm and comforting, probably the most-fall like of all the Panetone shades.

4--Majolica Blue — adding an exotic feel to the color group this cross between teal blue and navy complements oranges and purple hues perfectly.

5--Purple Heart — sitting somewhere between true purple and lilac, this refined tone is soft and sensual.

6--Warm Olive — a rich yellowy green, reminiscent of an olive in a martini, which, according to Pantone's Fall 2009 report “makes all other colors come alive.”

7--Honey Yellow — a warm and welcoming yellow with a hint of honeyed beige. A perfect partner to Burnt Sienna for a wintry feel.

8--Crème Brûlée — needs no explanation for those who love its namesake, the delicious French desert. Providing one of fall’s classic neutrals, this paired down mix of gray and ivory beige looks good enough to eat!

9--Nomad — another timeless neutral which falls between light gray and beige serves as an anchor for more robust colors

10--Iron — represents the “new black” of the season. Neither a true gray nor brown it falls more in the category of a cross between slate and gunmetal. This serves as a grounding color for all other tones.

How to Wear Colors for Fall Winter 2009/2010
With less emphasis on one-season wonders, you’ll find the color palettes for fall winter surprisingly versatile and able to transcend seasons. The secret for a stylish, sophisticated, timeless look is to choose colors in the same tonal palette, which also has a slimming effect.

Classic neutrals such as Iron and Nomad are fail-safe as they are classy and have an expensive feel. Go for quality over quantity if you want pieces to last. Express a little individuality by adding an injection of at least one of the season’s more robust, stronger colors, like Rapture Rose or American Beauty.

The season’s red and blue hues are surprisingly flattering to most skintones. Darker skins look fantastic in warm olive or honey yellow, but for lighter tones, this can make skin look sallow. Metallics can also be slimming, especially when it comes to shoes.

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