Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great Hairstyles For Balding Men

Going bald isn’t bad -- it’s actually badass if you approach it from the right angle. A lot of guys worry about their hair loss; this is the wrong outlook. It’s these guys who should take a lesson from their balding counterparts who face the issue head on, with confidence and style. These are the men who work with what they have and it translates into enduring self-assurance. It’s these men who set the example for all of us -- balding or not -- on how to pull off a truly poised, unwavering style. So if you’re thinning on top and can’t afford plugs like Piven, here are some approaches for your lessening locks.

----Thinning Hair
Some guys just lose it all over, with no rhyme or reason. For these guys, there are a couple of great haircuts that are both stylish and sophisticated: shaggy layers or a crew cut.

*Shaggy Layers

Say your hair is thinning on top, but you’re just not ready to go short-short. Try shaggy layers. By tousling your hair and just sort of letting it “fall where it may,” you create a disheveled allusion that actually works in your hair’s favor. Look at Peter Sarsgaard, for example. He masks his thinning hair with unkempt cleverness. Sarsgaard’s longer layers, especially toward the front, disguise his hair’s thinness by falling in a random, purposefully out-of-order mess.

*Crew Cut

At the point when your thinning hair requires a shorter cut, you should consider a crew cut. The crew cut works its magic by blending the thinning hair in with the rest. Bono is a perfect illustration of the crew cut these days. By donning this buzz-like ‘do, taking the hair short on the sides and slightly longer on the top, he avoids the pitfalls of his lightening locks. His crew cut deceptively intermingles the thinner areas with the thicker areas, leaving a visual effect that more hair is present than there actually is.

----Bald Spot
There are some who have plenty of hair everywhere -- except the crown of their head. The bald spot is a common issue, and it’s one that’s easy to skirt with either a buzz or a close shave.

*Buzz Cut

The beginnings of a bald spot become imperceptible when you pull out the clippers and go for a buzz. The buzz works well to disguise the thin (or absent) hair on your crown, and since a buzz cut comes in varying lengths, it is a gradual cut you can employ throughout the balding process. Jason Statham has long been the master of this particular haircut. His buzzed-back locks work in conjunction with his bad-boy image to create a look that’s urban, edgy and sophisticated.

*Close Shave

If the buzz cut starts to fade, then guys with a bald spot can opt for the close shave. (This particular cut works well for those whose bald spot is quite expansive.) With a close shave, you leave a hint of hair on the scalp, just enough that everything usually all blends together. The overall effect is sleek, and you can look at Djimon Hounsou as proof. Making a truly bold move, Hounsou uses the close shave not to disguise his balding pate, but to define his style.

----Receding Hairline
Textured Crop

Most guys have plenty of hair toward the back and on the sides; it’s just that the hair in the front seems to be retreating from their face. If this becomes the issue, then use a textured crop. This stylish cut, like the one that Jude Law regularly sports, uses uneven layers, especially at the receding hairline, to blend everything together. It creates an unbalanced symmetry that looks both messy and modern all at once.

Au Naturel

If you’re balding and you know it -- and you do care -- then go for the au naturel look. Some guys prefer to let nature run its course, fully embracing what’s been given to (or taken from) them. They are the George Costanzas of the world, and they are to be respected for their adherence to their own rules and regulations. Hey, we all face shrinkage in some form or other.

Losing Your Hair, Not Your Cool
We have a lot to learn from guys balding gracefully. These are the men facing ordinary challenges with extraordinary technique. They take a simple approach to hair loss, finding ways to work with their thinning locks rather than work around them. These are the guys who prove that losing your hair definitely doesn’t mean losing your cool.

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