Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guides To Care Your Sensitive Skin

Before you can help treat and adequately care for sensitive skin, you need to know whether your skin is actually sensitive. If your skin is breaks out in rashes, stings at the use of skincare products for normal skin, and is constantly irritated by skincare products and/or environmental factors, you probably have sensitive skin. If you do have sensitive skin, you may need to re-think your usual skincare routine.

Switching out the products that you currently use for ones that cater to the needs particular needs of sensitive skin is probably the most obvious place to start. Read the labels of skincare products carefully before you buy anything new. The label should read “for sensitive skin.” Also check the ingredients list. Stay away from products that contain alcohol; instead select a product that contains natural skin soothing ingredients such as aloe. Products made with sensitive skin in mind can be found in drugstores and department store makeup counters and just about anywhere else that you usually buy skincare products.

An adequate skincare regimen should include the use of a makeup remover prior to a person washing their face. People with sensitive skin should take particular care to choose a makeup remover that is soap-free. If the label says “gentle” or “for sensitive skin” then it is probably a good buy, but when in doubt ask a knowledgeable sales assistant who works exclusively in the cosmetics section of the store.

When applying the new makeup remover, use a cotton swab instead of a washcloth. A washcloth is harsher and tends to irritate sensitive skin more than a soft cotton swab or pad.

Washcloths are not the only harsh abrasive a person with sensitive skin should steer clear of. Exfoliating scrubs that contain granules of any size, large or small, are often too hard on sensitive skin. If your skin is acne-prone then you still need to exfoliate at least one time per week. As an alternative to scrubs containing abrasive granules, try using a product that contains salicylic acid once a week to keep pores de-clogged.

Toners are especially important products for people with oily skin. If your skin is too sensitive for a toner developed for normal skin, but you also experience trouble with oil control, try using a gentler toner instead of skipping that step altogether. Toners made with natural ingredients such as witch hazel are much gentler on the skin than a toner made for normal skin. Normal toners usually include harsh ingredients such as alcohol, which as you already know is bad for sensitive skin, so stay away from those.

An adequate skincare regimen also includes the daily application of sunscreen, but for people with sensitive skin, some sunscreens are so irritating to the skin that people skip this important step. Instead of allowing sun damage to ruin your skin’s future health, buy a sunscreen or a sunscreen-containing moisturizer that has zinc or titanium dioxide listed in the ingredients. These ingredients are not absorbed into the skin as are sunscreens containing the skin irritating chemical Parsol 1789.

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