Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ways to get pregnant naturally - Tips and tricks you can do in bed

Women who want to learn tips for getting pregnant naturally be helpful tips below what to do during sex to greatly increase the chances of pregnancy.

First, time is of crucial importance. Sex on the day of ovulation is the standard recommendation, but some studies indicate that it is better to have sex about twelve hours before ovulation and again on day of ovulation. Sperm need this amount of hours to complete a process called training, during which travel through the female reproductive tract and fertilize an egg.

This implies that women should know for sure when your day of ovulation. You can use ovulation kits and techniques such as basal body temperature monitoring. There are online guides that explain in detail how to perform this control.

It is also often beneficial to use lubricants during intercourse to facilitate entry of sperm and increases sperm motility. However, most commercial lubricants are detrimental to sperm, and even saliva can harm sperm. A good egg substitute is as a sexual lubricant.

After sex, she should stay in bed and lay still for about 30 minutes. It should put a pillow under your hips to reduce the effect of gravity on sperm movement. which is a simple but very valuable tips on how to get pregnant naturally.

A fairly healthy women using these tips are found effective. To maximize your chances of getting pregnant, she should continue to see their health, exercise regularly, go without coffee, nicotine and alcohol, learning to relax and avoid stress and get enough sleep at night.