Friday, January 21, 2011

To lose weight you have to restart your metabolism

With a current epidemic of weight gain in our modern world is inactive wonder so many people want to lose weight so they can look and feel better about themselves. A word that is heard frequently used in relation to weight loss or weight gain metabolism, as it often is to blame, since it is the type of fuel your body burns.

When you hear someone say, "My metabolism has slowed down" probably right. Anyone over the age of 25 years in the inactive and sedentary world does a poor structured exercise program is definitely going to have a slower metabolism.

Your metabolism after all, is essentially the engine of your body. Throughout the day, if active or sleep is the burning of fuel (calories). It regulates the amount of food intake is burned for energy or stored in your body as excess body fat. If you have allowed your muscular system to become flaccid and no tones will be burning a lot less than someone who is strong and fit.

Therefore, the problem of overweight comes down to having too much fat for the amount of muscle they have. This is your body composition (muscle / fat) and not only caused by eating too much food, but in reality it is not doing enough muscle building and maintenance of the activity.

This is very easy in our modern world, as everything that looks like "work" so that our muscles have been removed to make our life easier "and" comfortable. " The price we are paying for this is that two thirds of our population is overweight to some degree or another.

The only solution that will correct this is to restore the loss of muscle tissue that is responsible for the slow metabolic rate and the only type of exercise that will do this is a strength training exercise. Only one or two pounds of muscle renewed increase your metabolic rate and start chewing on that excess body fat.

Will not even realize this, because it is buried deep in fat and that is your real enemy is not strong healthy muscle tissue that will help you to be thinner. As we return to restore muscle tone and burning fat for their weight on the scale can not change, but be sure that under the right fat side down on the base level of important changes happening in the motor metabolism to help you be more agile and slimmer.

Of course not "fix" for a moment, there is none of these when it comes to fat loss. But he is working on a long term solution and can gradually reclaim your body strong, lean, thin, healthy and restart revving your metabolic rate. This means that you burn more fuel per minute of the day and night to burn the fat that spoil its appearance and increases their risk of disease.