Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valuable Tips For Thickening Hair Fast

Going through some type of hair loss problem or another? You can rest assure that it's not too hard or impossible to thicken your hair fast.

You can easily see more hair growing and end thinning hair without ever having to worry about using commercial hair loss thickeners or products. Sounds a bit too good to believe, but it's not hard and it's really within your reach right now.

Chances are you don't have a lot to spend on hair loss products, nor do you even care to waste your money or risk your health. Often times hair loss treatments of all sorts, especially those involving solutions, pills, and creams, cause side effects.
This is why many are turning to natural tips that help them thicken hair and regrow it.

Tip #1 : The first tip for ending hair loss and obtaining thicker hair is to avoid Sodium Laureth Sulfate. What is this you may wonder? It's a degreasing chemical used in shampoo to lift trapped dirt and oil.
The only problem is that it leads to hair loss and will soon thin your hair out with continued use. Aim for natural haircare products such as those containing healing ingredients.

Tip #2 : Eat more nutritious foods that contain hair-growing minerals and vitamins. Yes you need certain vitamins for healthy growth functions in the body, but you also need some for the healthy growth of your hair.
All vitamins do not benefit the growth of your hair. Go for the use of biotin, vitamin B, vitamin C, and even ginkgo biloba as an aid to restoring the natural growth of your hair.

Tip #3 : Fight off DHT. DHT is a hormone that's produced in the body by an enzyme. Once you have high DHT levels, then you can pretty much kiss your hair goodbye. A great way to fight this off is to drink four cups of green tea daily.

There are only but three tips that will help you. What do you think you could do if you had your hands on hundreds of them?

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