Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diet Secrets of the Stars

Looking at the stars, you would think they were all born with perfect bodies. No one is born with a perfect body. How do they look so amazing? To saunter down the red carpet looking gorgeous takes some work. Well with their money, they work out with personal trainers and some go under the knife. For the most part, they watch what they eat. One of the biggest weight loss trends is to cut carbs. One huge diet trend is the “Zone”. Jennifer Aniston actually dropped thirty pounds on the diet. Friend’s stars like Matt Leblanc and Matthew Perry have also had success with the zone. It works on 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein and 30 percent-unsaturated fats.

Another popular diet is the low carb-high fat Atkins. How does this diet work? Isn’t fat the culprit here? It is meat and cheese rich. The plans philosophy is to cut sugar and carbohydrates in order to lose the weight. The body goes into ketosis, which is where the body is tricked into thinking it is starving. The body burns glycerin so there is a big amount of weight dropped quickly which makes it popular. Who wouldn’t want to drop weight quickly! After a few weeks, carbs are reintroduced but limited. This diet is not for everyone because ketosis affects the kidneys and muscle tissues. Of course, with any diet you should research it and talk to your doctor.

Well remember this is Hollywood. With Hollywood comes parties and with parties comes drugs. Some celebs use them to stay thin. One such drug is cocaine which is popular among some stars like Lindsey Lohan who was pulled over for drunk driving and had coke on her. A new comer in the world of slimming drugs is Adderall. The number of celebs getting addicted to it is rising. It keeps you awake and suppresses the appetite. These young Hollywood types fail to realize everything comes with a price. This drug can cause heart problems, psychotic episodes and depression. Well sounds great to me!

Of course, there is the popular fasting approach. This is typically a diet of liquids. A fast approach is to mix together water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Mmm, sounds yummy! Some go so far as to check themselves into a hospital. They are put on an IV just to stop eating altogether. Then there are the constant coffees, smokes and other so-called weight shedders who are obviously doing more harm then well. These are all the extremes that stars will go through just to be thin. They fail to realize that sometimes you can go too far. There is thin, and then there is unhealthy. Your body needs the nutrients that food provides and without it, your body shuts down.

Therefore, there is no real secret to the stars thin builds. We all would like to think there is. We have to remember they are just human like the rest of us. The answer to a healthy lifestyle is everything in moderation. Make sure you exercise and drink lots of water. The rest will take care of itself. No one is perfect and we should not kill ourselves to try to achieve that which is unachievable.

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