Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hairstyles For Women With Big Noses

Ladies fitting into these categories, may I first of all, in all sincerity, compliment you that you blessed with a beautiful big nose. After all, other women complain that they hate looking in the mirror to see their flat noses that do not make an imprint at all on their face! However, for you, the different planes of your face is clearly defined.

Listed below are a summary of do's and don't's of how to have you hair done (and a little bit about other parts of the face). After all, where would you have the time to read lengthy posts when guys are knocking down your door to date gorgeous you!

(i) Have long sexy textured, feathery or even heavy bangs that are swept to the side and slightly covering your eyebrows (creating volume at the crown);
(ii) Have a soft cut with layers with side parting; and
(iii) Blow wavy, billowy curls at the level below your nose and let it cascade down your shoulders with the hair at the sides pulled back;
(iv) Highlight your hair with gold or other colours that are happy colours (unique and edgy colours would be a good choice as well); and
(v) Highlight the sides of your nose with sheer foundation and blend well.

(i) Short hair lengths; and
(ii) Straight edges.

By the way, most superstar celebrities have big noses too and look how gorgeous they are! For example, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Anniston and so on!

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