Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Apply Artsy Eyeliner

Makeup is all about using your imagination to create something amazing. Take something you fancy and run with it. Let your makeup reflect your personality. Be daring - but be you!

  • Pick something you fancy, whether it be a colour, a shape or your grandmother's cat. It can be anything that you like and find appealing.
  • Nick someone else's idea. Ryan Ross from the rock band Panic At the Disco has applied bats and wintry trees with his eyeliner. Hayley Williams from Paramore and Amy Winehouse often wing their eyeliner and draw it past their eyes. Use their looks for inspiration.
  • Experiment. Look at different colors, shapes, textures and shadows. Think about why you picked a particular color or feature in the first place.
  • Examine your blank canvas. Really look at your eyes; are they almond shaped, wide set, or far apart? Individual features can make your designs unique. For example, your eyelid's crease; is it close to your eyebrow, Does it slope severely? Make your features part of your design.
  • Gather your tools. You can use your fingers or cosmetic wedges, for smudging and large effects. Look for soft brushes and, of course, for eyeliner and eyeshadow. Use an angled brush for liners and eyebrows. A few pointed brushes or makeup sponges can help with detailed work. Fine tipped brushes keep multiple applications looking neat.
  • Apply foundation, evenly, around your eyes and let this dry. This provides a base for your makeup, and makes it stay put for longer.
  • Replicate the colors or shapes of the item you picked earlier. For instance, say you chose green: you'd apply a base color of green on the crease. Then, you might apply a dark green onto your eyelid, followed by a bright or glittery green near closer to your nose. Finally, you could blend a soft green just below the brow. Let your imagination run riot. If you don't like the effect, you can always start again.
  • Finish off your look. Heated eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, and or brightly colored mascara can create dramatic effects.


  • If you decide to take the eyeliner out onto your cheeks, take it slowly. Your skin's texture will differ. Your cheeks may be more difficult to achieve smooth lines, so take your time, and remember, practice makes perfect.
  • If you are finding it difficult to scale or imagine your design, drawing the design onto paper first can help you to 'map' it out.
  • Decide whether you want your design to match your outfit or stand out.
  • Make sure that the rest of your makeup is quite neutral, or, at the very least, matching.


  • Think about how subtle you want to be and remember when applying. If you mess up, it's better to remove your makeup and start fresh than to cake more layers on.
  • It may be best to invest in a waterproof eyeliner - nothing could be worse than ending up with a black smear across a good half of your face.
  • Do not share eyeliner. Doing so can lead to eye infections and, in a worst case scenario, blindness.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyeliner (pencil or liquid- or you can just use some eyeshadow with a very fine brush)
  • Base eyeshadow, possibly a bright color that will stand out, such as acid green or purple, or a darker, more muted colur.
  • Try Nars eyeliner, its has many hours of staying power

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