Saturday, March 21, 2009

Smart Ways to Get Waves With Straight Hair

Want wavy hair, but you are naturally straight? No problem! Just follow these steps and you'll have the wavy hair you've always wanted!

Step1 There are two ways to achieve wavy hair.
The first way is to braid your hair when it is wet. You want to french braid it in two pigtails. Start the braid as high up as you want the waves to be, and braid it all the way to the ends. Put a hair band on each end to keep it in place. Then go to sleep.

Step2In the morning, undo the braids and finger your hair out so that it fluffs. DO NOT brush it!! If you do, you might become more of a poodle than a beach babe. You can hairspray it if you want to make sure it stays put. Using the scrunch method with the hairspray as outlined below may help you get the look you want out of it.

Step3 The second way to get wavy hair is to start with just-washed hair that's been sitting in a towel for a while, or to wet it with a spray bottle. It needs to be damp, but not dripping. Towel-dried after a shower is fine, but will take longer. First, flip your hair over, so you are looking at the floor.

Step4 Next, set your blow drier to the hot setting, and turn it on high. While drying your hair, use your free hand to grab chunks of your hair starting from the ends. Open your hand palm up, and while it's right under your hair, push your hand up towards the ceiling while closing it around a bunch of your hair.

Step5Do this over and over, while blow drying, to each section of your hair. After you've scrunched each a little bit, turn off the dryer, and get your hairspray/scrunch spray (while scrunch spray is the best to use, you can get the same results with a strong hold hairspray as well).

Step6 Stand up and spray one side of your hair. Then scrunch all the hair you just sprayed using the same method as before with your palm up and pushing the hair up toward the ceiling while closing your hand around it. Then spray another side, and continue scrunching.

Step7Once you've scrunched all your hair again, flip back over, and repeat the blow dryer step over again. Then stand back up and repeat the hairspray step. *The amount of times you repeat these steps will vary based on how wet your hair is.

Tips & Warnings
  • If your hair is not fully dry when you are done, it may start to straighten out during the day. If it does, just hairspray and scrunch it some more, and it should stay. I recommend making sure your hair is fully dry when you are ready to go. That way, the hairspray will do it's job and keep your hair wavy.
  • When it's time to wash/brush your hair, it will hurt! Brush it out before you wash it to minimize knots when you get out of the shower. Beauty is pain!

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