Friday, February 20, 2009

3 Things You Must Know When Choose Body Creams

Looking for information about body creams? By the time you finish reading this, you'll be armed with three key tips that will help you select the best body lotion and creams, regardless of your skin type.
I've been seriously researching skin care products for fifteen years. I've always had dry skin, and I've used dozens of body moisturizing creams in an effort to moisten those patches of skin that tend to get especially dry, like my heels, elbows, and knees. All of that experimentation taught me what to look for in body lotion and creams, and I think you'll find my little list handy.
Here are three things you must know about body creams.

1) It should contain Manuka honey.
This is a variety of honey unique to New Zealand. Manuka honey contains special enzymes that are scientifically proven to have a powerful restorative effect on skin.
If you have skin blemishes, or simply wish for your skin to look younger and feel softer, I suggest you try moisturizers that use Manuka honey. You'll notice this key ingredient used in the higher quality skin creams on the market.

2) It should use olive oil.
Olive oil actually is more compatible with human skin than all other natural plant oils. For this reason, creams that contain olive oil will deeply penetrate your skin, aiding in hydration and overall rejuvenation.
I currently use a body lotion that contains an extract of natural olive oil. I noticed dramatic effects in a short amount of time--smoother, suppler skin.

3) It should include vitamin B5.
Vitamin B5 is proven to repair skin tissue, and works well as a moisturizer. As an added benefit, vitamin B5 protects your skin from sunburn, and will alleviate the symptoms of existing sunburn, too.

Whether your skin is naturally dry or oily, if you try body creams that contain Manuka honey, olive oil, and vitamin B5, you'll witness a marked improvement in your skin's overall health and appearance. I'm confident of this because I've discovered a natural skin care cream that uses all of these ingredients, and it's worked wonders for me and many of my friends.

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Honeymark said...

Manuka Honey has the ability to not only repair damaged skin but also regenerate new skin growth.