Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These 10 kind of foods let the meat completely grow on the chest

Present's girls are like eating while fear fat, can only suppress facing the delicious food. Actually so long as eat the right food, those fat completely association president in the proper place, for instance on your chest!
1st, lets the pawpaw, the fish, the meat and the fresh milk and so on becomes our host diet ,because they are rich in protein, is the high quality foods for healthy chest.
2nd, lets the soybean, the peanut, the almond, the peach kernel, the sesame seed and the corn and so on becomes the diet companion, because the seed and nut fruits food are the effective natural healthy chest nourishing foods.
3rd, lets the orange, the grape, the grapefruit and the tomato and so on becomes the supplies key point, because including vitamin C food, may prevent the chest distortion richly.
4th, lets the celery, the walnut and the red kidney bean and so on becomes the main vegetables, because containing rich vitamin E food, is helpful to the chest growth.
5th, lets the cauliflower, the cauliflower and the sunflower seed oil and so on becomes momentarily absorbs, because contains vitamin A food, advantageous hormone secretion.
6th, including the vitamin B beef, the milk, the legumes and the pig liver and so on, may be helpful to the hormone synthesis.
7th, drinks the fermented glutinous rice egg, specially take a bowl in physiological period , may simultaneously reach the cosmetology and the abundant chest's function.
8th, takes several month royal jellies continuously, then can reach with the abundant chest's function, because the royal jelly has the stimulation hormone secretion function.
9th, richly including sol food, like the tendons, the trepang and the pig's feet and so on, can increase the chest growth.
10th, eats marine product food, like shrimp shellfish and so on, because its contains the zinc is the important element to make the hormone.

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