Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Tight, Sexy Legs With 3 Great Leg Exercises

Too often are the legs neglected in workout routines, leaving many women with tiny little chicken legs. Here are a few exercises to help you tone up your legs!

Calf Raises
Work out your lower legs with calf raises, probably one of the best ways to firm up your calves. Stand straight up, then slowly lift your body as if you are standing on your tippy toes. Slowly lower yourself and repeat. You should feel a strong burn in your calves within 20-25 reps.

Great for toning your thighs, squats can be hard to do if you're just getting started. Take it easy at first to make sure you don't hurt yourself!
Again from a standing position, lower yourself down as if you were going to sit down in a chair. Using your thighs, slowly return to a standing position. Keep your back as straight as possible the entire time.

Hip Swing
Another great upper leg exercise. This time, lie on one side, supporting yourself with the lower-side arm. Raise the high-side leg (if you're lying on your right side, raise the left leg) and point the toe away from your body. Slowly swing the leg forward until you can't move it without your hips moving, then slowly swing the leg as far back as possible. Repeat several times, then flip over and repeat with the other leg.

Like all exercises, the key to results is consistency. Even if you only do a few of each exercise, make sure to do them regularly and you'll soon notice firmer legs!

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