Friday, February 20, 2009

Meaning of Moles on the Face

Having moles of the face can be seen as a good sign in some cultures and nothing to worry about. Some people have congenital moles also called nevi and they pose no threat and won't turn into skin cancer or melanoma. They may grow a bit bigger as you yourself grow, but they will remain as harmless as they were when they first started. Many people have asked the question, what is the meaning of moles on the face? Moles on your face or body may develop spontaneously without any clear explanation or may be caused by exposure to sunlight.

If you are a person who enjoys sunlight, there is nothing wrong about that provided you take the necessary steps to protect yourself. Avoid exposure when the sun's rays are strongest, two hours before or after midday. Also avoid sun burns. Make sure to cover yourself in sunlight and apply sunscreen with the appropriate UVB on exposed skin. Moles usually appear at sometime during the first twenty years of your life and may continue to develop for many more years but the majority will disappear just as they came, without any explanation.

If you spot a moles or two on your skin, there is no need to be alarmed. You should pay special attention however, if the mole becomes itchy and painful. Things such as increase in size, changes of shape and colour or if the mole start to bleed are signs that you need to consult with a doctor or specialist as fast as possible. Even though all the signs stated previously may only due to the increase of the number of pigmented cells, careful examination is highly recommended to eliminated any possible risk of a malignant melanoma.

The meaning of moles on the face, can be just that, a mole that develops at birth and continue to grow with you or a mole that may develop later in your life only to disappear just as mysteriously as it appeared. The ones that can be of a concern are the itchy moles that change in size, shape and colour. A visit to your doctor is a must to get all the details and take necessary measures if required.

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