Monday, December 29, 2008

Comb Hair to keep your mane intact

No one wants to go out looking like who did it and why so, here are ways to keep your mane intact.

Comb Hair

Step1 If you wear rollers, unsnap, unpin and roll down in the direction of the curl.

Step2 Take a feathered or fine toothcomb and sweep in the direction of the curl assuring that every strand of hair is in place the way you desire it.

Step3 Part hair with the tip of the biggest part of the comb, if you desire your hair in a certain style.

Step4 Using the remaining teeth of the larger end, comb the hair in the direction you desire or the direction of the curl.

Step5 If your hair is in a wrap style, take a feathered or fine toothed comb using the largest part of the teeth and sweep in the direction of the wrap left to right or right to left to avoid breakage. The wrap style is styled in a circular motion and when combed down it will be straight.

Step6 With a wrap, the hair will lay straight once combed in the direction you wrapped it.

Step7 The comb should sweep through the hair in a downward position, if the hair rolled in a downward direction. Any other way will cause the hair to look frizzy and not done.

Step8 Your curls will be tight when combed out with no bounce if the rollers are tight.

Step9 If the hair is loose, the hair should be easy to comb.

Step10 Spray for added effect and staying power.

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